Are you really in charge of everything or are there some things you can change and others you can’t?
Answer. The belief choices you make result in expectations, and those expectations define everything about you and your world.
Are there others in your world making decisions that you have no control over?
Answer. Mixing it up with those others is a fun part of the game, but they will always show up within the possibility boundaries you have set – in general for people everywhere, and in particular for those more directly in your life.

The backdrop to all of this is, by Law Of Attraction, there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. There’s nothing you cannot change. You can change small things – how your day unfolds, whether you find your “lost” car keys, whether you get a good parking space, how good the service is at the restaurant. You can change big things – the well being of your physical apparatus, the amount of disposable income you enjoy, and the way in which that seemingly difficult person in your life shows up as loving and considerate. You can change “impossible” things – you can change the weather, you can go sit on the moon, you can have the sun rise in the west.

Be they little, big or “impossible” things, the mechanism of change is the same. A new expectation means you step into a literally new version of you, and that new version attracts a new matching context, a new version of your virtual reality. So let’s explore a little here today, the way in which you can change your expectations and your life. We see it as having four steps. All of these are important. Some of you will focus more on one than another – you each have your own path of course, but we offer these as a comprehensive picture of the change mechanism. Here they are.

Step 1 – Background awareness – of who you are and how it all works, because If you experience yourself only through activity, you miss the deeper silent part of you. Knowing who you are breeds confidence. Confidence helps you focus – helps you to stay consistent with the choices you make. Confidence helps you stay away from second guessing yourself.

This is the subject of course of many of our discussions, and we encourage you to find places like this community where you can ask your questions and get answers that make sense to you. We also encourage you to regularly visit that deeper silent place – with meditation or with guided visualization. Know who you are.

Step 2 – Foreground awareness – an ongoing present awareness of where you are right now, how you feel and how you’re responding to the world. Foreground awareness acknowledges that what you’re experiencing right now, is what you’ve chosen to expect.

How do you know what’s in your tapestry of expectations? Well for starters, look around. What you see is what’s in that tapestry. But there’s much more there than just your immediate world, and it’s possible to go within and explore. We’ll talk some more of that shortly.

Step 3 – Now comes the question – what do I want now? The answer to that question is your new choice. And here’s where that focus we talked about in Step 1 becomes important. You need to practice that choice into all levels of your consciousness until it just becomes part of the fabric of who you are. Abraham calls that “lining up” with your choices.

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make with the Law Of Attraction, is to think that just because they made a conscious decision today, that they now have a new vibrational set point. Well the truth is, if you’ve spent a lot of time practicing the thought that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, it’s possible, we’d say probable, that some ongoing focus is going to be needed to build a new story into that tapestry on the topic of abundance. Once again we’ll talk some more about that shortly.
Step 4 – Feeling good – being easy about it all, staying away from “it must be this way” because that can feel like desperation. Eager anticipation is high-confidence. Eager anticipation is wonderful. “Where’s my stuff?” is a low-confidence question. If you know it’s coming, and all-is-well, you don’t have to keep score. Nothing is more important than simply choosing to feel good.

OK so let’s explore these components a little more, and let’s begin by talking about your local library – the kind with books in it. If you’ve never been inside it, what do you know about it? As with many of the questions we are going to pose in this discussion, your first response might be, “Well until I’ve visited it and looked around, not much”. We suggest you know a lot about that library. There’s going to be a lot of books on shelves. It will be quiet. There’ll be a checkout desk, reading areas, and an Internet access area. Can you see that as you think about it, you know a lot about this place before you even step inside?

Let’s look now at the “building” in your mind, the one that contains the definition of Your World – what we have variously called your points of attraction, your blueprint, your screenplay, your tapestry of expectations. What do you know about this information store without ever looking into it? You built it and its contents. It’s the record of every belief choice you’ve ever made. It’s the store of information that describes everything around you. It contains the possibility boundaries that define everything you ever experience.

Now let’s go into that local library and explore. There are sections. There is Fiction and /Non-fiction. There are books of many shapes and sizes. If we ask you what you know about one of these particular books, once again you might say, “Until I read it, nothing”. But in fact you know many things – in general about books, about books in libraries and books in different sections of libraries. If you take that book down and begin to read, then of course you know more and more about it as you proceed.

Now let’s step into that record store in your mind. What sections are there? Well once again there’s Fiction and Non-fiction except that this time the Non-fiction section is very small. It has only two books –
1. Who You Are And Why You’re Here, and
2. The Law Of Attraction – The Organizing Principle Of Everything.
The rest is Fiction, and within that there are sections about physical stuff (Your World and the physical you), and about your non-physical world, and your non-physical you.

In that huge section labelled Fiction, there’s a book on every topic you know about. If you don’t know it exists, then in Your World it doesn’t. If you know it exists but know very little detail, then in your world, those pages remain to be filled in, and without them being filled in, there is no detail. As you go through life, as you attract and intersect with those others out there, you are filling in the pages of one book after another. But remember, all of these are in the Fiction section. And as with all of your “books”, you can create a new edition with a changed story about any of them.

Let’s go back to that local library of yours. Look around at the Fiction and non-fiction sections. Can you see that in reality, the most inaccurate description in this place is the label “Non-fiction” because this very library is itself one of the books on the shelves in your mind, and even right now as you are thinking about it you are creating it. You are writing in that book, and everything in it is fictional. So how do you know what’s written in your “books”?” You get quiet. You go within. You ask. You listen. You will know. If you truly want to know, if you’re committed to not kidding yourself, ask, listen and you will know.

So part of Step 2 is knowing that which has already been written. Then in Step 3, pick up the keyboard, begin a new edition and submit it for publication. And re-submit. And re-submit – until you get the sense that it’s deep, and it’s in-place. You expect it to be as you’ve chosen it to be, and you feel good about it. We recommend starting with little changes, then moving to big changes, and then by the time you’re ready for the “impossible” changes, you will have discovered at your core who you are. You will be an enlightened master. But then again, you always were, and you always are.

So how much can you really change your life? Well you must tell us, because as with everything else, it’s really your decision. We would just say that it’s limited only by your imagination, and that has no limits. The only limits that can possibly exist are those you’ve created for yourself by choosing to believe in them. In our longer discussion, we’ll expand on this even more, and we encourage you to bring your questions, and your books, and together we’ll explore that library of yours and see what we can find.