Free Money Everybody Has Some – How To Find Yours

If you’ve ever wanted more prosperity, more wealth – then you too have some free money. It’s sitting for you in what you could think of as an escrow account – what Abraham calls “vibrational escrow”. That money you’ve been thinking about already exists for you. It’s piled up oustide your door.

To get hold of it, you need to understand some fundamentals:

Step 1 – Get a handle on the Law Of Attraction because the way we think about things affects what we attract into our experience.

Step 2 – Understand the BE-DO-HAVE principle – because you have to choose bewteen the Action Journey (the hard way) and the Creation Journey (the only real way).

Step 3 – Learn the Creation Process – it’s all about creating deliberately, not by default.

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We all have free money. To get yours, you have to choose to step into the reality than has lots of money in it – where your wealth is as great as you’ve ever had the ability to dream.

To step into the reality you want, you have tune your dial.
You have to spend time vizualizing that prosperous future.
You have to luxuriate in the joy of it.
You can even get to the point where you don’t even care if it materializes because you’re having so much fun in the vision.
Then it can’t fail to come to you.

“The opportunity to focus only on what we want (and allow others to do the same) is here in each moment for each person-and each of us is choosing, either deliberately or by default, where our thoughts will dwell.”
“Everyone lives the reality of what they expect.”
“I will see it when I believe it.”
Wayne Dyer

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