Now .. a 12-Month Program


  • It’s time for you to begin consciously creating your life.
  • Perhaps you know about the Law Of Attraction, but you still have some questions.
  • Perhaps you’ve been using those processes but with limited success.
  • Perhaps you’re looking for some help in applying all of that and making a REAL difference.

This program is unique. Look at what you get:

  • Three Q&A conference calls each week – plus access to the recordings.
  • A Personal 50-minute 1on1 with Terah.
  • Tips / techniques / processes – ways to help you create what you want.
  • Two small-group conference calls each week- not just to show you the processes but to stay with you as you learn to use them.
  • Practice new habits – DAILY contact.

You get all of the above in 3-months of engagement with us

because it’s all about establishing NEW HABITS of thinking – and that takes practice

  • PLUS 9 months more of support, practice, getting new habits locked in .. with an affordable 12-Pay option
  • Two small-group conference calls each week with fellow graduates
  • Three Q&A conference calls each week – plus access to the recordings

Janice T. UT “Wow, this really does work. I really am excited about my life now. I’m in a different state of mind, a different place, a different vibration. I’m excited that I’m learning to pay attention, to be in control of my thoughts and to shift. I’m recognizing that I’m free. I’m so appreciative of myself for being present and observing what’s happening around me. I’m relaxing more and letting go of the fear instead of going into it.”

Kara A. CA “I recognize that I have all the choice in the world and that is empowering. It just makes me feel lighter. I really see things from a different perspective. I am a different person and I’m sitting back in wonder and awe about that and appreciating myself. I recognize that I’m allowing my emotions. I’m not afraid of them and that’s such a pleasure.”


When we first started The LOA Club we had a simple plan – one channel channeling one group of entities and doing Q&A conference calls. Well we’ve expanded a lot since then. Our mission evolved from simply answering questions to getting into the trenches and really helping folks apply this stuff in their lives. This program is the product of that evolution. It packs all the ingredients for success – learning, tips and techniques, and practice, practice, practice.

PROCESS #1 – Our first iteration of this program grew out of the phenomenal results we were getting from simple daily calls in which we asked people in the space of a few short minutes to imagine what they wanted. Terah called this “the most effective process yet”. From their vantage point they could see the vibration rising.

PROCESS #2 – Right along with this, Terah has been encouraging us in the area of “struggle is optional”. This is all about getting you to the point where you never, ever, ever, ever, (you get the drift) again feel you have to push yourself through something you don’t want to do because you think that will get you somewhere you want to go.

PROCESS #3 - ”Letting Go” – Our Release Process: Recognize your fears – Welcome your fears – Release your fears Then refocus your attention on what feels good (What If…Up). This takes your limiting beliefs out of the driver’s seat so that you can take control of your life. Of course in all of this, you have the advantage of Terah looking over your shoulder and giving you feedback.

Matt M. CA “I have lots of clarity, I know where I’m going and I’m excited about getting there. I’m more confident, definitely oriented toward the positive and paying attention to when I’m not in it.”

Originally CREATE YOUR LIFE was a 90-Day program, but we extended it to a 12-Month program because we foundthe longer time period is particularly effective as we build these new thinking habits.


  • 60-Minute Group Calls (2 calls per week)
  • 10-Minute Daily Calls – short personal calls on your schedule
  • A Personal 1on1 scheduled at your convenience.
  • Complimentary access to The LOA Club Q&A conference calls (3 calls per week)
  • Audio Downloads – all calls recorded and available All of the above for the first 90 days


Then continuing on for:

  • Two group calls each week with fellow graduates
  • Three LOA Club Q&A conference calls each week
  • Audio downloads
12 Month Program
12 Month Program
Do it With A Friend - 1 Pay
12 Month Program
Do it With A Friend - 12 Pay
12 Month Program
Combo LWS-CYL - 12 Pay
12 Month Program
Combo LWS-CYL - 1-Pay
12 Month Program