June 23, 2017

Chapter 73 Is Joy Really #1? And If So, How Do You Get There?

Is joy really #1? And if so, how do you get there? Let’s examine these questions, and because there’s simply no way to answer them unless we start from the fundamentals of who you are, let’s begin there. As we talk here today about the “Absolute You”, see if you can, for just a short time here, allow your ideas about yourself to expand beyond the now-version of you in the now-version of your story (and as we’ll be discussing […]
June 16, 2017

Chapter 72 – Let’s Look At Beliefs And Virtual Realities, And Discover Who You Are.

Welcome back to our discussions in which we bring our non-physical perspective to bear on your questions about how the Law Of Attraction works and how you can align your thinking in ways that will create more of what you want in your life. Because we are standing in a different place from you, we see things a little differently, and from that vantage point, we offer a new way of seeing things. As always we say, choose only that […]
June 9, 2017

Chapter 71 – The Role Of Relationships – Excerpts From A Users Guide To Life On Earth

Welcome to Day 29, and the Final Call #13 of our 4-week Challenge – Creating The Relationships Of You Dreams. Once again for a bit of fun, we’re going to explore some excerpts from our instruction manual – A User’s Guide To Life On Earth. As we usually do, we’ll begin with some excerpts from the Introduction which will serve to remind us all of who we are at our essence. And yes we know there are some of you […]
June 2, 2017

Chapter 70 – When To End A Relationship, And How To Go About Doing That!

Welcome back to our discussions about Creating The Relationships Of Your Dreams, and as you set about doing that, it leads inevitably to a reevaluation of your existing relationships. And if some of those are troubled, then you end up with the question we posed last week .. is it ever appropriate to just give up on someone, and if so, how do you go about ending it? Let’s look at that question again, and let’s recognize that there’s much […]
May 26, 2017

Chapter 69 – Relationship Challenge Call #7. How Do You Create The Relationship You Want?

Welcome back to our discussions about Creating The Relationships Of Your Dreams. When we came together to think about our call, the topic that was listed in the program was the last subject on earth this one wanted to talk about, because the very engaged relationship that has been challenging him recently was once again causing him angst, and he was reaching the point of saying enough is enough .. and goodbye. And so of course it’s a perfect subject […]
May 19, 2017

Chapter 68 – Relationship Challenge Call #4 .. Who Or What Are You Really “Relating To”?

Welcome back to our discussions about Creating The Relationships Of Your Dreams. These four weeks are literally about changing planets, or more precisely perhaps, about moving onto a new version of this planet where all of your relationships are positive and supportive, where you’re entwined in loving and exciting partnerships as you step day by day into this adventure of yours – the dance called Life On Earth. Let’s look at these dance partners of yours, these special people, or […]
May 12, 2017

Chapter 67 – We Begin Our 4-Weeks With .. Who Are These Other people In My World?

Welcome to our 4-week challenge on Creating The Relationships Of Your Dreams. Let‘s begin with these questions. What would life be like if all your relationships were .. relaxed, and supportive? What would life be like if your special partner and you were closely entwined in a loving and exciting adventure? As we start this 4-week challenge, it’s an opportunity to focus and commit to getting more out of life by creating a new and evolved relationship with yourself, which […]
May 5, 2017

Chapter 66 – Relationships Are Yours To Create. Start By Knowing And Loving You.

Welcome to this open call, and an opportunity to hear three slightly different versions of us collaborating through these three dear friends of ours. Next Saturday, we’ll be starting a new 4-week challenge to you all – Creating The Relationships Of Your Dreams, and it will be an opportunity to focus and commit to getting more out of life by creating a new and evolved relationship with yourself, and thereby creating new and evolved relationships with everyone else in your […]
April 25, 2017

Chapter 65 – In Life Or “Death”, The Rules Are The Same!

Welcome back to our discussions .. about physical things and about non-physical things, and about the move from physical to non-physical that you call dying. So let’s explore a little here what dying really is, because although many of you are beginning to understand who you are and how you create your destiny, what happens when you throw that switch and transition into a new realm, often looms as a big mystery. Many of you have settled into the idea […]
April 22, 2017

Chapter 64 – Do You Really WANT To Be In Charge Of Your Life?

Welcome back to our discussions, and here’s the question of the week. What is it that holds you back from embracing who you are, from stepping away from what is ordinary and into the spectacular world that awaits you? For some of you, it is that you do not really understand who you are – at least in the way we would describe you. But some of you see the logic of what we are saying, and yet there’s something […]