Doing and Being

Often times when you're not feeling so great, you go to the store and buy a new pair of shoes or you go to a funny movie or perhaps you eat something really yummy like chocolate cake. We have always recommended distracting yourself to help you take the focus off of what isn't feeling good and yet once the fun is over we say look for something else that's fun and more you can appreciate. It's really not about the doing. Keep going for those better feeling thoughts, in fact, when you're not in the feel-good space, do some letting go first and some getting into peace, THEN go to the movies or go shopping. You may feel like you don't need the stuff once you've gotten back in alignment, but you can still have it if you want it. Just remember it's all about how you feel and what you're thinking. It's not about the things and yet let all that be gravy. It's all an inside job. ~Terah

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