Jerry & Esther Hicks And The Secret Behind “The Secret”


With zero outlay on advertising — the DVD “The Secret” has sold over a million copies, well over a million books based on the movie, and a million copies of the soundtrack. And These numbers are still climbing as a result if the buzz generated by the TV and radio talk shows featuring the subject.

The major star of the first version of the DVD was Esther Hicks – actually Abraham. and is based upon the Law Of Attraction.

After the original production, Jerry and Esther Hicks decided to withdraw from involvement with the project.

Of the TV hosts, Larry King clearly didn’t get it – in fact he gave the distinct impression he was bored with the whole thing. Oprah and Ellen Degeneres clearly did – but it’s not easy to get this message across in sound-bite mode.

Even worse, some of The Secret speakers, and this is the really disappointing part, really don’t get it either. They (for example Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff, and, a surprise to me, Hale Dwoskin) wimped-out when hit with the tough questions like “What about babies?”, “What about tsunami victims?”, and “What about cancer?” (a Larry King question). Some even started talking about “luck”.

To be fair, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Joe Vitale in particular, presented the Law Of Attraction as it really is. But the whole “Secret” thing is starting to fray around the edges. Perhaps this is why Rhonda Burne seems to have gone underground.As might be expected, many many people have been asking questions as to why they withdrew. What follows is their statement.

From Jerry & Esther Hicks about The Secret
The DVD (both versions), and the follow-up 4CD set of audio of the same name are great productions and I highly recommend them. They are based around a structure of interviews with some of the gurus of our day on the nature of the Law Of Attraction and how to apply it on our lives. There’s no explicit reference to anything too woo-woo, so they are a fairly safe gift for that friend of yours who’s not into things spiritual. but perhaps could accept the principles of the Law Of Attraction as presented in this material.

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