Jerry & Esther Hicks, In The Out Of “The Secret” – Then On To Oprah!

Esther Hicks, actually Abraham , had a major role in the original version of the movie “The Secret” – all about the Law Of Attraction. Through a somewhat tangled process, this has led to Esther and Abraham talking with Oprah. This is how the story has unfolded so far.

Much to the initial disappointment of many Abraham followers, after that original production, Jerry and Esther decided to withdraw from further Secret involvement. This has been one of those issues on which the human side of Jerry and Esther has become somewhat entangled with the Abraham message. At times on this issue, the two of them have been clearly heading against the current.
The New York Times, anxious to get some background on The Secret, attended an Abraham seminar, then interviewed Jerry and Esther Hicks (and Abraham!!) in the “Monster Bus” after the seminar. If you’re interested in the Times’ somewhat skeptical (understandable I guess for mainstream media) article, click “Shaking Riches Out of the Cosmos”.

In response to many questions, earlier this year they came out with a statement which included –

“We think that “The Secret” clearly and beautifully presents Abraham’s Law of Attraction in a way that is easy to understand. It is filled with stunning beauty and beautiful people, many of whom are our personal friends. We love the way “The Secret” moves us, and we feel joy rise within our hearts every time we watch it. We feel the power of it, and the clarity of it, and we love “The Secret”. It is our desire that, rather than being upset that our part of “The Secret” will be omitted in future offerings of it, that instead you enjoy the original Abraham version, as it is, at this time, and that you look forward to what other incredible things these talented people may bring to you. These are people who clearly care about the planet, who want to be of value, and who, in our opinion, are of tremendous value.” Click here for the full text.

In hind-sight, what a wise decision because The Secret message is starting to fray around the edges a little. Of course, a little guidance from Abraham probably helped with their decision. As Abraham says, if you’re living next to the creek, “It’s nice to have a friend upstream” who can let you know when it’s starting to flood.

At the Abraham-Hicks San Rafael California seminar in March this year (2007), the subject of The Secret came up. Of all the to and fro, and in and out, Abraham stressed one thing – above all else, The Secret was a fantastic example of one person (Rhonda Byrne) holding to a vision of what could be and bringing it into reality.

Esther & Jerry Hicks and The Secret Long story short, both versions of the DVD are great and available from And there’s a four CD set of the audio from version 2 – also great. In response and also riding the wave, the Abraham Hicks team has produced their own video set as shown here.

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