Make Money – Something Almost Everybody Wants to Do More Of!

How to make money is the question we all get lots of input on from the moment we can talk. If you’re like me, none of that advice was in line with the Law Of Attraction whch says:

“We attract into our experience that which we focus on”.
What my advice was aligned with, is what I call the DO-HAVE-BE Method.

Make Money – Method 1 – DO-HAVE-BE

This method centers on getting out there and doing things. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy school – study hard. It doesn’t matter if you find your job boring, demeaning, stressful … you have to earn a living.

OK – a quick test here. What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think of .. MONEY. If the answer in any way contains the thought “not enough”, then that’s your point of resonance. And all the doing/striving/grinding in the world isn’t going to change your level of abundance. Method 1 just doesn’t work UNLESS it helps you get to Method 2.

Make Money – Method 2 – BE-DO-HAVE

For a better way, you might want to consider the BE-DO-HAVE methodology:
BE – imagine what you want, envisage it, think about it a lot, then ..
DO – the things that you’re inspired to do, then you’ll ..
HAVE – the abundance in your life that you’re dreaming about.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with taking action – as long as taking that action helps you to feel good – to feel more confident – and as long as your focus is (first and foremost) on what you truly want. As Stephen Covey says always “Begin with the end in mind”.


A word of warning
If you visited the Law Of Attraction page, you’ll have seen the piece about “whether wanted or UNwanted”. Most of us have some bad habits of thinking about (i.e. creating) our lives. We tend to define what we want by what we don’t want.

So we have to get ourselves to the point where we can dream of things without immediately cancelling our creation with a negative thought. i.e.
– dream of that car you want without “I can’t afford it”.
– dream of that house you want without “I don’t deserve it”

So here’s the choices
– use Method A – the action journey – the hard way – work at it no matter how you feel, or
– use Method B. Method B takes “work” also – but it’s a different sort of work.

Your work is to get to the place of feeling better.

It’s simple but it isn’t necessarily easy – because it means new habits of thinking – habits you’ve spent a lifetime solidifying. But it can be done.


One way to make money is to get some of that money that’s already yours. It’s piled up outside your door waiting to be claimed!


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