Money and relationships – how to manage them both


Money and relationships are two of the biggies – subjects on which most of us are looking for answers at some point in our lives. And often the two are twisted all together as one big problem – so we can’t solve one without making the other one worse!

If you’re like me, we weren’t exactly given much good advice on these growing up:

1.Money – do well at school, get a secure job, work hard, get promoted, make a steady income, save for a rainy day – “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

2.Relationships – be a good person and with luck you’ll fall in love and get married. If you work at the relationship and do the “right thing”, everything should work out.

There’s not much help in all of that. But what if there were Laws of the Universe that govern our lives, and what if within these laws lay the answer to both sets of problems? Well, there’s good news – read on because there is a path to money and relationships – the prosperity we seek, and joy and love in powerful relationships.

With money and relationships – you can’t get there by effort and you can’t get there without effort.
To explain – most of us feel that we have to DO something. But we don’t feel good about what we think we have to do, and we don’t feel good about doing nothing. In truth, our real work is to:

* figure out what we want,
* get into the feeling place of being there, and
* allow it to happen AND/OR be inspired to the right actions.

It’s a very different sort of effort, but it allows the Universe to orchestrate our world in ways that we cannot possibly achieve by struggle alone.

It sounds easy and in one sense, it is – in fact there’s no easier way to get what you want. In other ways, it’s tough:

Firstly, you have to believe it’s possible. I’m going to do my best to help you with that one if you do not already. Remember, I come from a nuts and bolts approach to life. So I encourage you to be skeptical but to read on.
Secondly, you have to break those old thought habits. Here it’s a matter of finding processes that work and people that can help.
If you look for guidance on these topics of money and relationships, you’ll get an enormous range of opinions and advice. My intent on this site, is to provide some information and resources that can help. I’ll be giving you my slant on each of them with special comments on those who helped me the most – those whose message rang true, which in the end is the only real guide we have. I’ll give you their stories and I’ll point you to more information if you want it.

So welcome and may you attract piles of money and those delicious relationships you’ve dreamed of. I’d say “good luck” – but there’s no such thing as luck. So instead – “good insights”.

To get started, you might want to consider how the Law Of Attraction plays into all of this. And while you’re there, pay special attention to the “wanted or unwanted” piece because most of us have a bad habit of defining what we want by what we don’t want – and that doesn’t work. Click money and relationships.

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