Types of Paranormal Phenomenon Examples of “Supernatural” Events

It is my intent on this page, from time to time, to list different examples of paranormal phenomenon and provide links to stories. They serve to remind us that there’s more to our existence than what we can see and touch.

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Paranormal Phenomenon – Telepathy / Extra-Sensory Perception

It’s become clear to me that much or our communication is non-verbal and non-visual. there’s an great example of this in the film The Wild parrots Of Telegraph Hill. This film is cute – right up to point when Mark Bittner starts talking about Tupelo, the first parrot he took inside to take care of. Then – the real story appears. It’s worth seeing.

Paranormal Phenomenon – Out-Of-Body Experiences

Paranormal Phenomenon – Alternate Realities

Paranormal Phenomenon – Spontaneous Remissions

Paranormal Phenomenon – Channeling


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