Law of Attraction Relationships

The simple definition of the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like – whatever you put your focus and attention on, whether wanted or unwanted is what you will manifest in your reality. So if you understand the Law of Attraction, then you know that all relationships are Law of Attraction relationships. Whether seemingly “good” or “bad”, every relationship, indeed every experience, is a perfect match to what you’re thinking, believing and expecting.
You can tell what kind of thoughts you’re thinking, what you’re expectation is, by how you feel. If you’re feeling basically good and loving yourself most of the time your relationships will match that vibration you emanate and they’ll feel good, loving and fun. If you’re not feeling so great, perhaps angry, fearful, blaming others, then those others are going to show up in your experience with similar behavior toward you.
The phrase, “What someone thinks about you is none of your business.” has been used in Law of Attraction circles and of course we recommend that you don’t take another’s negative judgement about you to heart. Rather, we suggest that being mindful about how you react to that person goes a long way in helping to uplift and improve the relationship. However, everything in your experience, including how others show up, really is your business in that EVERYTHING you’re experiencing is a match to you. So, if you have a relationship with a longtime friend or spouse, for instance, and that person is giving you a so-called hard time in some way, it IS your business to check out how you’ve been feeling and if you’re not feeling really good, that’s you’re indication that your thoughts are not in a very happy place, not in alignment with a feel-good relationship.
We have seen many of you decide to just leave a relationship, whether a short one or one of many years and that is your choice. However, remember to really clean up your vibration about that other person and yourself, otherwise you’ll just attract other similar relationships that don’t feel good. Wherever you go, there you are. There’s no getting away from your own vibration, but there is the choice to raise it.
It’s not the other person’s fault, in fact it’s no one’s fault. It is however, from your point of view, your responsibility by choice, if you want to feel better and have a better connection with that other person, to pay attention to the habits of thoughts you’re running. What is it that you’re expecting from others? Are you seeing others as responsible for your happiness? Are you blaming them for your unhappiness in some way? If so, it’s not about beating up on yourself, ever, but just realizing that you’re focusing on what you don’t want, rather than on the unfolding of the relationship in a lovely way.
When you’re not feeling great about that other person, you are in fact holding on to the past and that continues to color the relationship on into the future. In other words, holding on to the past is how you continue to hold the same old expectations of that of that other person and so of the relationship. You could choose instead to focus on the present, raise your vibration and get into joyful, more loving, better-feeling thoughts and expectations about yourself and him or her. Blaming someone else for what seems to be going wrong in a relationship is focusing on the not-feel-good and on what really is not true. Remember, you’re choosing to see what you see. Know that you and that other person are truly magnificent parts of Source and as you choose to see that way, everything changes.
Owning that everything in your relationships, indeed everything in your experience, is all up to you is really a wonderful thing. This is not to encourage you to judge nor criticize yourself, but rather quite the opposite. Learn to tell yourself, to accept and believe, to know that you are a powerful manifestor. Every thought you think manifests somewhere in some way. That doesn’t mean you need to be hyper-vigilant about your thoughts, but do choose to gently pay attention, to be mindful. What your thoughts are about that friend are really your thoughts about you. You see these uncomfortable aspects about yourself (which are no more true about you than they are about another) and without realizing it, choose to put them out there onto others.
Relationships need love and care and fun to be what you want them to be. When you begin to let go of your old habits of thought and expectation and develop new thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your relationships get better and better. When you see that who you are is a powerful being of love and joy, you vibrate from that place and what happens? Of course, you attract to yourself wonderful, happy fulfilling relationships. New ones come along and old ones are transformed or just quietly slip away.
Do you want loving relationships? Then see that, expect that. You get to decide how you want everything to be in your experience. Now allow what you want by choosing to feel really good. Remember, all relationships, whether wanted or unwanted, are Law of Attraction relationships. What are you attracting? You are manifesting what’s in your reality all of the time. Law of Attraction is always at work. It’s all in your power. It’s all up to you. It’s all an inside job.