Welcome. Today we‘re going to cast a wide net, and we’re doing that for two reasons. If you’re new to the idea of a Law Of Attraction, and new to this community, we’d like to offer you our perspective on, and some answers to, the two big questions each of you faces at different points in your life –
Who am I? .. and .. What am I doing here?
If you’ve been with us for a while, we invite you to reflect on the path that brought you to this point in space and time, and review (and perhaps reaffirm) the belief choices you’ve made.

Firstly let’s declare some basics. As we progress here, you’ll see that we will not be judging you or your belief-choices as right or wrong, or good or bad, because from our perspective, every belief-choice is valid. We submit that whatever you choose becomes your truth and defines your world, and therefore every belief-choice you make is self-reinforcing. However, as we respond to your desires to create more of what you want in your life, we always start by suggesting some logical and simple answers to those two big questions above, because knowing those fundamentals gives you the easiest path to peace and power, and fun and freedom. And if we can’t get to that place, then none of this matters.

Let’s look at those two words we used – logical and simple. At no point here are we going to ask you suspend logic or take things on faith, because the model of reality we’re suggesting cannot be disputed on scientific or philosophical grounds. However, it may be that it’s very simplicity is unsatisfying to you because you’ve been sorting through many complex ideas, and this therefore seems like an intellectual shortcut and you write it off as implausible. But simple it is, and if it can answer all your questions, then we suggest it’s worthy of serious consideration.

It’s simple but it’s also radical, because chances are, it’s going to upend all your conventional understanding of cause and effect. When this one was just beginning to learn about the Law Of Attraction, he heard us describe beliefs as simply habits of thought. “Oh no”, he thought, “that’s not right. There are some things I just KNOW to be true”. We understand how you can feel that way because many of your choices do not seem like choices. They just seem like discoveries, discoveries of the way things actually are.

So it may not be easy to wrap your mind around the idea that belief-choices actually cause things, and even if you do, it’s not necessarily easy to then apply that new knowledge and reverse a lifetime of thinking habits. But if that is your choice and your intent, then the mission of this community is to support you in making changes. We’re in the middle of a few weeks of focused discussion with our friends here developing some good techniques for creating new possibilities in their worlds, and as a part of that, we’ll be finishing today with a composite-version guided visualization that you might enjoy. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s talk about the big questions and about models of reality.