Welcome. Today we‘re going to cast a wide net, and we’re doing that for two reasons. If you’re new to the idea of a Law Of Attraction, and new to this community, we’d like to offer you our perspective on, and some answers to, the two big questions each of you faces at some points in your life –
Who am I? .. and .. What am I doing here?
If you’ve been with us for a while, we invite you to reflect on the path that brought you to this point in space and time, and review (and perhaps reaffirm) the belief choices you’ve made.

Your inclinations about the Law Of Attraction may be positive or negative. You may be inclined towards believing in it and so you’re looking for ways to reinforce that belief, or you may be inclined to disbelieve it and looking for ways to debunk it. Well, nobody can prove anything to anybody. All you can ever do is make decisions for yourself about what to believe or disbelieve, and once you’ve decided, you’ll come up with all the proof you ever need to support that choice. From our perspective, belief-choices are not right or wrong, or good or bad. Every belief-choice is valid, because whatever you choose becomes your truth.

We would further assert, that by Law Of Attraction, what you choose to believe defines your world, and therefore every belief-choice you make is self-reinforcing. In other words, belief-choices establish their own positive feedback loop, so if you’re locked into a particular belief, the version of the world you’re in will support that choice, and nothing in this discussion is likely to change that.

But then there’s those two big questions we started with, and if you’re on a genuine quest to discover a model of reality that provides simple and fundamental answers to those (and any other question you might have about the nature of things), then we’re going to describe such a model. And here’s the really good news. Knowing those fundamental answers can open a doorway for you to a place of peace and power, and fun and freedom. And if we can’t get you to that place, then none of this matters.

We’re not going to ask you to suspend logic, because this discussion is going to be as scientific as it’s possible to be. And we’re not going to ask you to accept anything on “faith”. However, whether you’re inclined to believe or inclined to disbelieve, we ARE going to challenge you to examine your assumptions, because where you’re starting from determines where you can go.

Let’s look first at the world of the materialists – those who believe in a physical-only world. This one got into a lengthy exchange some time back with a self-described atheist who proudly declared that he made no assumptions. But the truth is that you all start with assumptions, and if you’ve been practicing them for a while, you may be so invested in them that they’ve faded into your background tapestry of beliefs and expectations. You’ve locked onto them, and they confine you within a limited range of possibilities.

When asked once if he was an atheist, astronomer Carl Sagan, who co-authored the original “Cosmos” television series, said, “An atheist has to know a lot more than I know. An atheist is someone who KNOWS there is no God.” We call that a truly scientific answer. It avoids the assumption most people (and certainly most atheists) make, that there’s One World out there, external to you, and physical and continuous, and if anything non-physical or spiritual actually existed, you’d be able to observe it and prove it in the physical world. That’s a huge assumption, and once made, it effectively closes off the possibility of logical discussion about concepts like consciousness, and it dismisses as irrelevant those big questions we started with.

Then there are those who choose to believe in an all-powerful God as creator of everything, and many of you find comfort in that belief. But when you superimpose the concept of an omnipotent and loving and forgiving God onto a physical world, a world containing every imagined sort of behavior, then the theology becomes very complex, and the answers to life’s big questions end up in the realm of .. only God knows.

There are also Law Of Attraction advocates who seek to “prove” it by various means. For example, they propose aspects of Quantum Physics as Law Of Attraction proof, but to do that, like the atheists, they have to start from the place that there’s a One World out there. But logically you can’t do that, because if you believe that by Law Of Attraction you can change your world, then so can every other person on the planet, and so you now find yourself constrained by the creative desires of everybody else.

But what if the physical world is an illusion? What if this so-called reality that surrounds you is actually a self-created virtual-reality? What if there’s not One World “out there”? What if it’s Your World, the one you’re attracting by your belief-choices? What if it’s simply the stage on which you are playing out your story and having your experiences? What if everything is an inside job?

And if this is so, can you see why we say your belief-choices are self-reinforcing. Whatever decisions you come to, become “the truth”, and your world lines up with it. You can’t conduct studies to prod and poke at “reality” as if it’s fixed and external to you, because it’s a moving target created by your thoughts. It IS an inside job. Can you see why we said at the start that nobody can prove anything to anybody? The whole notion of “proof” is not logical because the only person you can “prove” anything to, is yourself. And we’ll get to more on that shortly.

So how do you decide what to believe? Only you can answer that for you, but we suggest the important personal criteria are –
(1) does it give you a basis for answering life’s important questions, and
(2) does it make sense to you, and
(3) does it feel good.
Try this on for size.

This is our description of everything fundamental and unchangeable about you.
These are the things you are NOT at choice about.
You’re not a physical being in a physical world. You’re a time-less space-less consciousness. You’re an always-connected extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You are born out of (individuated by) your intentions and choices. When you make a new choice, it steps you into a new individuation (a new version of you). Every version you inhabit comes with its own matching context (you and the world around you).
And here’s our description of what you ARE at choice about:
Everything else. EVERYTHING else!

That’s the fundamental truth about who you are. It’s logical and simple. However, it may be that it’s very simplicity is unsatisfying to you because you’ve been sorting through many complex ideas, and this therefore seems like an intellectual shortcut that you may want to dismiss out of hand. But if this model can reasonably explain everything in your experience, and answer any question you have about the fundamental nature of everything, then we suggest it’s worthy of serious consideration.

Let’s talk a little here about how you feel, because in this model we’re proposing, you’re feelings are all-important. In our version of reality, when you’re feeling good, you’re moving creatively TOWARDS what you want, and when you’re feeling bad, you’re moving creatively in the opposite direction because you’re pinching off your connection to your Source.

How does it feel to know that you are an always-connected, “in-love”, part of eternal Source?
How does it feel to know that you can choose what to be, where to be, how to be, what to do or and what to have?
How does it feel to know that the world around you conforms exactly to your tapestry of beliefs and assumptions and expectations?

How does it feel to know you can change your tapestry and your world will always mirror those changes?
How does it feel to mix it up with those other time-less consciousnesses you’ve attracted into your world?
How does it feel to have leading-edge experiences, get new rockets of desire, and create new things? How does it feel to know within you what our friend Bentinho Massaro calls Presence – the awareness of who you are at your core.
Pretty damn good we’d say.

From Bentinho: “If proof of Presence is what you seek, seek no further than to look closely at your every single experience, for every moment’s very ability to appear to you confirms the crystal clear existence of an all-pervasive Presence – you. Without Presence, no experience could arise. Experience, therefore, implies, proves Presence. Now experience happens all the time, so proof of Presence is always present. When you get this, the direct teacher of Presence is always with you. Do not look far away when proof of what you seek confirmation of is right here, every billionth of a second, appearing right in front of you, showing you over and over again what is already obvious to itself.”

Now we know these are profound statements we’re making, and in the meantime, here you are in the world with those other people, and you’re dealing with it and with them, and all you wanted to get perhaps when you came here was a little reassurance that you were on the right track and a few pointers at the truth of it all. Well the “truth” is we can’t answer your questions completely or even adequately without building a foundation. So we encourage you to think about the ideas we’ve been discussing, and then here’s how you get the reassurance. Here’s how you “prove” things to yourself. As we said above .. try it on for size.

In general what all this means is, first – understand it. Then be aware of the implications (and they’re enormous). Then be aware on a more ongoing basis of the pattern of your thoughts, because those thoughts create everything, and of that Presence that Bentinho refers to. Then, find something you want to change. Choose some new beliefs about that thing. Let those flow into expectations until they become part of your background tapestry. Then watch what happens. If the changes don’t show up, that simply means your background is not yet aligned with your foreground thinking. Practice more flow. When the changes do show up, pat yourself on the back, appreciate yourself, feel good. And then .. on to the next creation.

In particular what that means is probably something like this.
Find some processes that help you develop new habits of thinking. We’ve proposed many of them in this community. Glom onto them. Adapt them. Make them your own. Make a commitment to using them. Start to develop new thinking habits. Start to live life from this new place of knowing. Will you have doubts? Probably, but if you set yourself the intention to really give this your focus, you will begin to experience the Presence of which we’ve been speaking. And then you move from doubting to knowing. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Here’s a daily set of affirmations you can use. Get quiet right now and follow along with us here. . Ready .. here we go.

Each day as I speak these words to myself, I allow myself right now to know the truth of them. As I practice acknowledging who I am, I’m accepting it at all levels within me. I treat myself with enormous generosity of spirit, and even as my mind wanders through many different rooms, I return always to this core intention – to know myself as I truly am. Each moment of conscious awareness I spend acknowledging the truth of who I am, enrolls my subconscious self as a powerful partner in this new game we are playing together.

I’m a consciousness that is part of the Collective Consciousness of Source. Source is a river, and I’m a tributary that feeds into and flows from that river. I’m a part of the endless stream that is God. This is the ultimate truth of who I am. This is the only thing that’s fundamentally true about me in all realms across a timeless Universe. This is the only thing that I am and can ever be, and yet it is everything. With these words I experience my connection and my oneness with infinity. I am allowing myself right now to be aware of who I am.

Each day I’m raising the bar .. because I expect more from this game of life on earth. I’ve committed to myself to move beyond the status quo to engage more creatively and more joyfully in this adventure I’ve stepped into.
I’m wanting more and more to feel good, because that’s how it feels when I drop those old limiting beliefs of mine. I’m moving beyond old habits, and into excitement, and then into power, and then into ecstasy.

I’m living today, and from this day forward, within the question .. How do I feel? and What do I want now. These questions are becoming part of our ongoing and ever-present awareness.
I’m learning to be generous and loving to myself. I’m learning to dance with the gods as the equal of all beings, because that’s what I am. I’m learning to be me.

I’m beginning to know at all levels within me what is truly “real”. If I step into a hole, I see more and more clearly the steps that lead up, and out, and forward, and I shine my light and I take those steps into peace, and fun, and freedom, and adventure.

I exist as a thought. What I choose to think creates me and my worlds. Everything is as I choose it to be. My desires and intentions, and my chosen beliefs and expectations, shape the individuation that is me, and the context that surrounds me is a mirror of those beliefs and expectations. I exist as a thought, and everything that exists around me, exists as a thought. It is my thoughts that create the physical me in this physical world, with all of its actions and sequences, and beginnings and ends, and time that marches on. And so even as I acknowledge that I am an action-oriented being in an action-oriented world, I also acknowledge that what shapes my existence is simply my thoughts.

Every time I choose a different thought, it makes a difference. Each small choice, each deliberately different thought, creates movement in the fabric of my existence, and as I BE here and now in this place of playing with new thoughts, I can feel within me that I am now different than I was just a moment ago. Each new thought makes a huge difference. This new thought right now has made a difference. I feel within me the power of that new thought. I see stretching before me a world that has shifted, and I can feel myself emerging into that new version of me and my world.

Everything can change in an instant, and I know that my Story changes as soon as I let go of all resistance. Resistance is a part of my old Story. This is my new Story. As I practice here and now this awareness of me and my power, I know that ABnormal is my TRUE-normal. There is nothing I cannot be, do or have. There is nothing I cannot change. This is my new Story, my true Story. It’s my new, true Story, and I’m letting it sink in right to the very core of me. I’m learning to be me.

And here’s another recommendation. Stay in touch – by taking advantage of the facilities of this community, and/or, by going inside into that Presence, that place of inner peace because that’s where we are. You have attracted us into (created us within) your world even as we have created you within ours.
When you reach out to us, we are with you.
And now we move to our longer discussion, where we’ll talk some more about doubts, and possibilities, and certainties, and we’ll answer your questions.