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Since I’ve started to get a few questions, I got inspired to add this page on which I’ll put a few of them and my responses.

I have read The Law of attraction and Ask And It Is Given. I have also researched The Secret. Now, I am confused. Proponents of The Secret speak of action before expecting things to be given: if you do nothing, you will receive nothing. Yet, Abraham seems to say that all that you request is granted, but, you must have an open heart to receive. I am having great difficulty reconciling what I am hearing in the media (Oprah) and what I am reading in Abraham’s books. Can you help me straighten out my thinking.
Thank you, Robert
Robert, I agree it’s a little confusing. Some (not all but some) of the gurus connected with The Secret do not fully understand the Law Of Attraction – at least not as an absolute truth.
So some of them still talk about “luck” as if there is such a thing.
And some, as you describe, say you have to get into action.
And some say you can’t just sit around visualizing money while they come to take your furniture away.
And some say you can’t just quit that job you hate without taking some other action to make money.
Well the truth is as Henry Ford said
“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”.
Let’s take that last one above as an example. Let’s say you hate your job, so how do you “follow your bliss” (Joseph Campbell) and still pay the mortgage? You have to do what feels good. Would it feel good to quit your job if that leaves you worrying about how to pay the bills? No – so then don’t quit your job because if you’re worrying about no money, you’re creating more of … no money.

So then your “work” (the action needed) is to get yourself visualizing what you do want. Visualize it to the point where you can
– see it,
– taste it,
– smell it
and revel in it – “before” it seems to “exist”.
(“before” and “exist” are in quotes because as soon as you do this, these things do exist in your vibrational escrow).
Then (to complete the Joseph Campbell quote from above) “doors will open for you where none existed”.

So the question is always, “which feels better” – taking action A or B or C. If going to work doesn’t feel good but it still feels better than the seeming impending doom of quitting your job – then go to work.
BUT also take the time to open some new doors – then you’ll be inspired to the right action.

Ultimately, action should never be a “should” or a “have to” – it should be something you can step into with joy.

If you’re like most of us, you got thoroughly trained out of following your instincts – what Angeles Arrien calls “instinct-crippled”. In my experience, it sure helps to be able to bat these things around with a like-minded and supportive group. If you’re having trouble locating one, my partner Nina Ferrell and I have started the Law Of Attraction Club that might be just what you’re looking for.

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