Unhappy With Your Relationships? Change things!

Better Relationships – Method A – The Action Journey

If you’re stuck with no relationship, or with one that’s not serving you, you’ll probably be getting lots of advice on what to DO about it.
If you’re living with the DO-HAVE-BE approach to life, then your best bet is to work hard at finding the person(s) you want (and there’s a stack of web sites willing to take your money to help you out). And, by the way, unless a bit of Method B starts to creep into the picture here, Method A won’t work (as some of you will have already discovered).

Better Relationships – Method B – The Creation Journey

For a better way, you might want to consider the BE-DO-HAVE methodology:
BE – imagine what you want, envisage it, think about it a lot, then ..
DO – the things that you’re inspired to do, then you’ll ..
HAVE – the people and animals in your life that you’re dreaming about.

It turns out that, by the law Of Attraction, we attract into our experience that which we give our energy or focus.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently wrong with taking action, or in using the aforementioned web sites – as long as taking that action helps you to feel good – to feel more confident – and as long as your focus is (first and foremost) on what you truly want.
As Stephen Covey said – always “Begin with the end result in mind”.

A word of warning

If you visited the Law Of Attraction page, you’ll have seen the piece about “whether wanted or UNwanted”. Most of us have some bad habits of thinking about (creating) our lives. We tend to define what we want by what we don’t want.

Some stories

Consider the story of the woman, who when asked about the sort of partner she was looking for said “Well I don’t want a couch potato, I don’t want a smoker and I don’t want a sports fanatic”. This is a clear example of someone who’s dwelling on the parts of previous relationships that she did NOT want. Unless this changes, guess what she’s going to be attracting!

Another story I found helpful was that of a recently-divorced woman at an Abraham-Hicks seminar seeking advice. Abraham began by asking what there was about her previous partner that she liked. The woman responded “No – you don’t understand, I don’t want a reconciliation, I want a new partner”. To which Abraham responded, “Yes, but we need to start by finding out what you want, not what you don’t want”.

The same is true for those of us in existing relationships. If we continue to focus on (give energy to) what we want, then either our existing partner will deliver more of it, or they will vibrate out of our existence (and here’s the important part) without trauma and without fuss – and new relationships will easily form.

So here’s the choices
– use Method A – the action journey – the hard way – work at it no matter how you feel, or
– use Method B. Method B takes “work” also – but it’s focus rather than “work”.

Your “work” is to get to the place of feeling better.

It’s simple but it isn’t necessarily easy – because it means new habits of thinking – habits you’ve spent a lifetime solidifying. But it can be done.
If you’d like some help, come join us on our weekly calls.  Also check out our Create Your Life program where we engage with you through 12 months of building new habits – a chance to step into a new world.