Terah And The Law Of Attraction Club

This is the story behind the Law Of Attraction Club. Terah would say there’s nothing unnatural about it, and as my partner Nina Ferrell and I watch our community grow from week to week, it certainly starts to feel normal and natural. And yet looking back at what has happened, it’s hard for both of us sometimes to comprehend everything that’s transpired. It’s an amazing story.

It begins in January 2008.

“God left you a message”

This was what my partner Eva said as she waltzed into my office one Saturday morning.

“Eh” I responded.

Eva went on “Marie wants you to call her back because Terah has some comments to add about the intro session”.

Terah & The Law Of Attraction Club – The Beginning

If you’ve been reading about me on this site, you’ll know that I’ve long been a student of the teachings of Abraham as translated by Esther Hicks.


In October 2007, Eva sent me a link to Law Of Attraction Talk Radio and the featured speaker, Marie Pellerin, was going to be translating the same group of entities. Well I’d always heard Esther say that anyone could channel Abraham, but somehow it never occurred to me that I would actually come across someone else who did. But I was intrigued.
Then I heard the show, and bells started going off. From the very first words, there was never any doubt in my mind that this was the personality that I knew. It turned out that Marie was offering 1on1 sessions, and I finally got around to committing some of my PayPal funds to a session. Well … long story short, in early January, Marie and I got together, and that was an exhilarating experience.

In our emails, we’d both expressed interest in perhaps doing some work together. From that point on, it’s felt a lot like an avalanche. The name Terah (the father of Abraham) was chosen for this non-physical group (vibrational personality), simply to avoid any conflict with the excellent work being done by the Abraham-Hicks group. Shortly after Marie and I started planning to make Terah available to a wider audience, Marie decided her course lay in a different direction, and into the breach stepped Nina.

Terah & The Law Of Attraction Club – Nina Steps In

From literally the opposite ends of the globe and through the access available in our networked world, Nina Ferrell raised her hand as wanting to make this translation her life’s work. For me this was a no-brainer and we started to build a community. Our intent was to provide totally new levels of access for those seeking to apply the Law Of Attraction to create success and abundance – however they choose to define what those words mean.

What had been a great experience for me was that first 1on1 session. I could ready myself in advance, collect my questions, and be sure that I was going to get into my own personal session. So now the question for Nina and I was – how can we expand this operation, keep those advantages, but reach a wider audience.

Because of my involvement with the work of my life partner Eva Gregory, I’d become somewhat proficient at organizing and recording conference calls, and editing and distributing audio files. Here was a chance to use those skills.

The Law Of Attraction Club – The Structure

We came up with the idea of the Law Of Attraction Club where you get:
* Access to 1on1 personal sessions with Terah
* Conference calls to ask questions in a group environment, plus
* A forum within which to get ongoing support and answers.

Nina and I are being encouraged every step of the way because “the number of people wanting this information is increasing enormously”. So we are making this our life’s work.

What I find truly amazing is – if you had described this scenario to me even as late as December 2007, I would have told you you were crazy. But now – well it seems as though my whole life has been leading to this point. The “supernatural” has become natural. Now that the avalanche has started, the trick is how to ride it. It feels like it’s going to be a wild ride.

The Law Of Attraction Club and Terah

Is Terah the same group of non-physical beings that Esther translates? For those of you who came to this work through Esther, this question is perhaps going to be as important as it was for me when I went into my first 1on1. Ultimately of course, the only true test of all of this is how you feel about it.

The answer for me is – yes … and no.

The yes is that for me, this is the same personality, the same intent to teach the Law Of Attraction, and the same perfect comprehension of the place where each of us individually is standing. And there is complete knowledge of all that has gone before with Esther coupled with a powerful intent to build upon that foundation and reach a rapidly expanding number of people.

The no is that this is not Jerry (and others of course) drawing through Esther. This is Robin and others drawing through Nina (and others now starting to channel). So the questions are in some part different. Certainly the channel’s toolbox – Nina’s vocabulary and experience – is different. And so too, the answers will be expressed with some differences.

But I would say to you, if you are typical, you will find with delight that you have come to a familiar place but with the possibility now of having a more personal experience and a level of contact that was not previously possible.

If the thought of that makes your heart sing, then welcome to the
Law Of Attraction Club.