When Are You Not At Choice?

Terah –

When are you not at choice? Well … you can’t change your essential nature – you are a part of the stream of pure positive energy that is Source. And you can’t change the Law Of Attraction. It’s the way energy flows around you. EVERYTHING else is a choice. The life-mirror that is Your World responds inevitably and instantly to your beliefs and expectations, and they are all the result of choices you have made.

And since you are joy-seeking beings, you are always choosing that which will bring you the most happiness – right? Well .. not so fast! It turns out that when you can answer that question, you will have the answer to almost every question about Life On Earth, this game you are playing. We’re going to explore your choices from three different places in your time-stream – your birth and your childhood (your transition-in and your past), your today (your now) and your death (your transition-out).

Firstly, think about your day today. When were you not at choice? At no time. You were always at choice.

There were some conscious choices. You had a problem to solve and you chose a method of solving it. You looked at the lunch menu and you chose what to eat. In each case you chose what you thought what would bring you the best result – either for the short term or for the expected eventual outcome. You might respond that many of your conscious choices were not really much of a choice, they were dictated by circumstances. So what does that really mean? All that means is that you are making maximum-happiness / minimum-unhappiness choices within the context of Your World as it seems to be. So far so good.

You might respond that many of your choices are just habits. Perhaps you get up and go to work without even considering it as a choice. Yes – almost all of your choices are automatic (subconscious) habits. Herein lies the key to understanding it all. Even if your decision to go to work is conscious, you are still making that choice within the context of your subconscious expectations, such as, for example, that you expect that money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to “work” for it. The 300lb gorilla in the room is your subconscious background processor, and what you have trained it to do. It is choosing for you all the time – either outright choices, or confining your conscious choices within certain boundaries.

So let’s look at how you established those subconscious habits of expectation. Even though there is no “time” as you know it, for the purpose of this discussion, let us use the word “before”. Before your birth, your point of transition-in, you chose Life On Earth and all that that entails. You chose a limited foreground (conscious) processor, a much bigger background (subconscious) processor. You chose linear time.

Then you began the game. You observed and you made choices. As with your today choices, these seemed like maximum-happiness choices. You chose to believe things were a certain way. It may not have seemed like much of a choice. It may have seemed like you were simply observing what is and developing survival skills. Perhaps a parent told you it was this way or that way, and parents know everything so that must be right.
However you choose to describe the process, beliefs are all choices. Whether you think of them as made before you were born or after, it doesn’t matter. Everything in your belief system is a function of a choice you made. Practiced beliefs become certainties. From certainties grow expectations – some are conscious, most are subconscious. These are the habits of expectation that define your point of attraction and therefore Your World.

So now back in today’s world, where are you? You are still at choice in all of these things. Clearly it is not as simple as making a conscious choice. It is necessary to teach that subconscious some new habits. You don’t have to change the whole fabric. Most of it serves you extremely well. For example, you couldn’t walk to the door without it and you wouldn’t want to change that. There’s just a few old lies back there that need to be confronted and released. The good news is that it can be done. You can learn knew habits of thinking. Even as the old ones were developed by conscious choice, so can the new ones. Be confident. Be consistent. Practice. Apart from who you are and the Law Of Attraction, there is NOTHING that you cannot change.

Let us skip ahead now to touch briefly on your death – your transition-out. If it is your wanting, we will cover this subject more in what you would call a future newsletter, but for the present let us say the rules do not suddenly change when you are about to transition-out. You get what you choose to expect. Even though there are countless versions of what “death” is in different cultures and religions, there is no fixed process. Your experience will be unique to you. In truth, to be technical about it, in different versions of you, you will have an infinity of different experiences.

What do you expect subconsciously? Well your subconscious has been trained for survival, to keep you in the game. In addition, your society is all about how bad “death” is. Accidents are judged by the number of “deaths”. The worst punishment supposedly you can hand out is the “death” penalty. Death is persistently portrayed as an end, as separation. So added to that survival setup, are many well practiced negative perceptions of death (which really doesn’t exist at all since you are infinite and eternal), but, as with all your thought habits, this too can be changed.

Underlying it all, remember that your true nature is pure positive energy. Think about that. Is it likely that this transition is going to be anything but joyful? We promise you that it is not. We encourage you to start to practice yourself into a new set of expectations based upon the true knowledge of who you are. You are  part of God, as we are. You are a million times more like us than different from us. As always, there is great love here for you, and we look forward with great eagerness to your questions and our “future” interactions.