Should You Forgive Or Forget .. Or Neither?

Terah …

As always, when you understand how this game of Life on Earth actually works, conventional wisdom may be conventional, but not what you would describe as wisdom. Let’s look at the subject of forgiveness. Forgiveness is usually seen as a good thing, a compassionate thing and an important thing to do. So when someone has done you wrong, should you forgive or forget? Actually in a sense neither, and by that we don’t mean hold that grudge forever. Let’s pick this up from the start and work our way back to this “neither” point.

You may have heard words like “I will never forget what they did, but I have forgiven them”. What then is the nature of such forgiveness? It is an internal decision perhaps to not think too badly of them. Perhaps it is simply to not get angry at the thought of their actions. And yet we submit to you that as long as that grievance can be called to mind, your relationship with them will always be qualified. When you think of them, you must go through the forgiving routine all over again – which means one more time you will recall and recreate the event.

Can you see therefore that forgiving inevitably becomes a struggle, and as you wend your way through life, you will find yourself with a collection of people on your I-have-forgiven-them list, and the memories of those injuries to your body or mind remain alive. This is to say, they remain active in your vibration, and by law Of Attraction, that which persists in your vibration will continue to appear in your experience. Thus you will find that the more you strive to practice forgiveness, the more you will run into people or groups that injure you and require your forgiveness – which is the opposite of what you seek. It turns out that truly forgiving simply means .. truly forgetting.

So how do you forget? Let’s look at this firstly from a space/time perspective.

Clearly you cannot forget by focusing on that thing whatever it is and attempting to erase it. That’s reinforcing it, not forgetting it. As with all thought, you cannot diminish things by fighting against them because your focus determines your reality. You must simply crowd out the not-feel-good thoughts with feel-good thoughts. You must choose to think differently until that thing has faded into non-existence. You must ignore it until there’s nothing left to ignore.

You might be thinking that it’s easy for us to propose this, but not so easy to do when those people are still in your world and their presence keeps reminding you of the injury. So let us now dive down beneath the space/time level for a more complete answer.

By Law Of Attraction, everything in your reality is a match to your point of attraction. Your thoughts determine your point of attraction. You choose your thoughts. You choose what to believe, what to ”know” and what to expect. So your expectations define Your World and everything and everyone in it. Do you get that? Can you see therefore that you can never be a victim to anything or anybody because you are the one writing the screenplay of Your Life On Earth. Those people and things out there are simply a mirror. They are playing back to you the movie you are creating

Now there are many many words we have used on this subject, and there are many many more we will use. But for now, if you can get the essential truth of things here – that you are the one in charge – then can you see it is not logical to see those supposedly ornery or hurtful people out there as doing things to you beyond your control. They are simply the actors you have chosen, faithfully following the screenplay you are handing out.

We understand that what you see around you looks like a continuous One World you share with everybody. It seems as if that person is this way or that way – that’s just the way they are – they’re never going to change. But there is not one version of the world. There are infinite versions and you are inhabiting moment by moment the version that is a match to you in each of those moments. That is why we call it Your World. It’s unique to you. And there are infinite versions of that seemingly ornery person, and you can intersect with a version of them that is pleasant, and helpful, and loving. The choice is yours. It always was and it always is.

Let us look even further at the true nature of space and time. If you understand the Law Of Attraction, you know that your future is yours to determine. You may even have grasped the concept that NOW is the only place you can have an experience. Now is the only reality. So consider this. Your past is actually as malleable as your future. You might think the past is past and solid, and you have the scars and pictures to prove it. But we say to you that memory is just another word for imagination, and your so-called past is as much your ongoing creation as your present and your future. So if someone injured you in that so-called past, you can literally choose to come from a different one.

We know we have delved a little deep here and used just a few words to convey some big ideas, but we want you to get that there is never any point getting angry at anyone. There is nothing for you to forgive because you created it. Similarly, nobody is ever a victim to your actions, and you are not in need of forgiveness for all those things you did because all versions of the movie are a perfect match to every actor on the set.

Many of you will get this. Some of you will have questions and of course we welcome your questions. For now we will leave you with this. Forgiveness is really forgetfulness. And forgetfulness is a wonderful thing to cultivate for every part of that fabric of you that feels not-so-good. Nothing is more important than that you feel good – nothing in this world .. or out of it.