It’s ALL An Inside Job!

Terah –Let’s look once again at some of the ways you can choose to play this game of Life On Earth. You can take what seems to be One World at face value and deal with it as best you can. Many of you are in this camp. You take what seems to be a simple, common-sense, no-nonsense approach and see all of this as a solid place of time and space. Of course even your scientists studying Quantum mechanics are now seeing the wrinkles in that approach, but the implications of their discoveries have yet to make much of a dent in your mainstream thinking.

Or you can see it as One World but also recognize that there is more to it than just your physical space/time reality. You play the game from the perspective that those of you who understand your spiritual nature can rendezvous with the good stuff and rise above the political and physical turbulence of this One World. Some of you see possibilities to change this One World if you gather together and align your collective energies to shift

All of these belief systems are valid, because there is no right way or wrong way to play this game. In truth, in different versions of you, you are playing in all of these versions. The important thing is to be in joy – to be having fun, to be feeling good, and you can do that in any of these roles. Many of you are in that place and we say to you – play on and enjoy the ride.

But some of you feel uneasy. You feel trapped inside the version you have chosen. The task seems daunting and the game is not fun. If that is you, perhaps you will see new possibilities in understanding that all of these beliefs are choices. In those words above (“in different versions of you”) we have already started to give the game away, because there is not One World, there are many versions of this seemingly solid and contiguous thing you see as a world.

By your point of attraction, you are choosing which version right now is your point of focus. And in a very real sense this is Your World unique unto you. The other players and places and things on your stage are also selected by you from an infinite number of possibilities by your point of attraction. You create Your World second by second. It is ALL an inside job. It is the mirror image of your expectations.

So all of this talk about movements on the planet, about 2012, about political upheaval. climate change, tectonic shifts, tsunamis, planetary alignments and spiritual awakenings, these are all belief systems and are choices. They are of course real to those who choose to believe them. They will rendezvous with a version of Their World that is a match to those beliefs, with people who believe similarly and there will be ample evidence in Their World that their beliefs are valid. This is the nature of the game and the Law Of Attraction.

But if it is your desire to be in a place of new possibilities, then recognize that throughout your life you have chosen to believe many things. You practiced those beliefs into certainties and you stored them away in your mind in that subconscious place of all knowing. From this fabric of knowing, you have expectations. Most of these you seldom ever surface into consciousness (although of course any of them may be any time you choose to do so). The mirror that is the Law Of Attraction reflects back to you, instant by instant, a true image of the sum of those expectations.

When your conscious expectations are in line with your subconscious expectations, the image is clear.
When those
conscious expectations, and
subconscious expectations, AND
your wants,
are all in line, we call that true Alignment and you are creating by choice.

The only reason the world you wake up in seems to be the same as the world you went to sleep in, is that you expect that it will be. You probably have no conflicting expectations about the bed, the floor, the walls, time and gravity. So That World, Your World, when you awake is there immediately.

So what ingredients would you like to add to Your World. Would