How To Succeed In Life Without HAVING To Do Anything

Terah – There are many ways you can play this game of Life On Earth. There is of course the obvious way – treat everything as if it is real and deal with it accordingly. Many of you spend almost all of your lives in this mode. Last week in your time we spoke of “conventional wisdom’ and some of the well intentioned and seemingly sensible ideas about surviving and maybe even thriving in a solid world.

But then, for many of you there are those pesky questions that keep popping up, that you ask of yourself, or others, or want to ask of some greater source of knowledge. These questions arise because you have an inherent knowing that there is more to it than your senses would indicate. For others in your scientific community, delving into Quantum Physics has taken them right to the edge of the Holodeck and to the discovery that this seemingly solid world is not so solid after all.

Well we are in this community and in your reality here and now with these words because we are a match to you and your questions. You have created us as we have created you. This is to say that of all the possible versions of you and of us, this intersection is by the Law Of Attraction, a match to us both. So if it is your wanting to know which rules of this game you can change, we say there is not much you cannot change.

You cannot change the essential nature of your being – that you are a spiritual being, or if that word spiritual has too much baggage for you, you are an energy being – part of the pure positive consciousness of All That Is, or Source, or God. The greater part of you exists as we do in a realm without time or space even as you simultaneously exist in many “physical” realms.

And you cannot change the Law Of Attraction which delivers to you, in all realms, that which is a match to your vibration. All energy flows by this rule. But, everything else, as this one says, is up for grabs. So we recommend that you start to regard yourselves as creators and see the huge range of choices that you have.

Throughout your life you have thought about things and decided what you will believe. As you practiced believing things, many of them evolved into what you know – things that graduated beyond beliefs into certainties. And from this vast tapestry of knowledge, you developed expectations about everything. These expectations are your point of attraction. It is from these that Your World springs into being around you second by second.

So yes your thoughts are important but it’s not about to trying to monitor and correct your thoughts all the time. There’s another piece to this and that is your alignment. When you are in alignment, that is to say, when your expectations (sometimes conscious but mostly subconscious) are a match to your desires, then you are in joy. When you are feeling negative, it is simply because your desires at that point in time are out of alignment with your expectations and you are busy attracting a world you do not want. So your feelings are also important. They are the key to this game. Nothing is more important than that you feel good.

It’s all about thinking habits. We are encouraging you here as always to develop the habit of catching yourself feeling negative. Then using whichever of the myriad techniques work best for you, begin the reprogramming of those old misaligned expectations. All of the words we have used over the years, and all of the processes we have suggested are all in service of this one thing – learning when and how to change your point of attraction. When you have that mastered, then you are set to play this game in the way you always intended – as magnificent creators. And that is when the fun really starts.