Why Is NOW So Important?

If you stop for a minute here and try to imagine an existence with no time, you will discover that while you are in the middle of this particular game, this space/time existence called Life On Earth, it is not easy to comprehend timelessness. So when you describe things outside of your experience in this now moment, you use time-based words like past, future, then and now. The closest you get to describing timelessness is when you think of no end to it when you use words like forever or eternity.
You see things flowing linearly. Even as a river follows a well worn and well known path across a landscape, you see events once set in motion, flowing in somewhat predictable directions. Thus you spend a lot of time thinking about the past because it seems to be the root of, the cause of, much of what is happening in your now or about to happen in your future. Some of those preoccupations (joyful memories) trigger positive emotions, and some (regrets) trigger negative emotions. You also spend a lot of time thinking of what the future will bring. Some of that (joyful anticipation) is positive, and some (worry) is negative.
For many of you, there is the belief that the beginning of the individual You was when your physical life on earth started. Some of you in the seeming absence of credible evidence to the contrary, believe that all of You and your consciousness ends when your physical body ends. Some of your religions teach that once you have begun, there is a part of you that lives forever – for all eternity. Others of you believe that you have existed in past lives on earth, and may exist in many more in future.
This is nothing right or wrong about any of those beliefs. But for many there is a desire to understand more completely how it all works, to understand what we mean when we say (as we often do) .. “of course there is no such thing as time”. For some of you that is because you are eternally curious and like to figure things out. For others of you it is because you sense that by knowing more about who you are and how you create your world, you can make your life more joyful. And so we offer the following.
Think of a movie. Each new frame follows the last frame in quick succession. Each scene is limited in scope – perhaps in a room or in a car or in a landscape. There may be background scenery and there may be background people as extras, but there is no attempt to cram all of the world into every scene. There is only as much there as is needed to make the scene realistic.
So it is with the world you are creating – Your World unique unto you. Consider how much of that world you are creating right now – your computer screen, your desk, the immediate surroundings in front of you, That is all that is needed to have you believe that this game is real. And that is all you are creating, frame by frame. You do not create the wall behind you until you turn around and look at it. As you switch from one scene to the next, and you share your movie set with people and things, the versions of everything that match your point of attraction, your scenes merge into one contiguous flowing world that has all the appearances of being that One World you have always seemed to live in.
But it is not. It is Your World created frame by frame. If you believe in the Law Of Attraction, you probably believe that you can affect your future by the choices you make. And you certainly can. Of that thing you call a past, we would say that memory is just another word for imagination. You can step FROM a different past in exactly the same was as you step INTO a different future. As always it’s an inside job. The only sense in which the past exists, be it an hour ago, a year ago, a decade ago or a past lifetime ago, is your creation of it by the thoughts you choose to think.
So nothing about your “past” predicts anything about your present or future except by the way you think about it. You are creating your present and your future right now. You are at choice in every moment. So we would encourage you to forget about every negative past experience and choose to believe and create a past that feels like joy. And if you find yourself hanging out in the future, make it a joyful one. Bring it into the present and experience it now. Create your life NOW!