Law Of Attraction Techniques – A Practical Guide To The Law Of Attraction

Let’s begin with a review of the Law Of Attraction so you can understand what’s actually going on. Then we’ll get to some techniques that work.  The foundation of any process of conscious creation is knowing who you are and the nature of the reality that seems to be your world.

Firstly, who are you? You are a part of the consciousness that is Source (or God, or All That Is, or the Universe). You are a component of Source, like a color is a component of white light. What defines you is your intentions. and your intention in this version of you is to experience this game of Life On Earth. What is obvious to you is that you are playing it. What is not so obvious perhaps, what you often forget, is that you are also creating your world, (Your World, unique to you), moment by moment. And not just a piece of it, all of it – including those “others” out there.

Secondly, how are you creating it? Well by Law Of Attraction, everything that flows into your experience is a match to your vibration. Your vibrational point of attraction is defined by your expectations – both conscious and subconscious. You can choose what to think about – your conscious thoughts. By what you have chosen to believe in your “past”, you have trained your subconscious. You can choose to override your subconscious expectations, and/or you can consistently choose new beliefs and thereby re-train your subconscious. Conscious always trumps subconscious.  The conscious YOU is the one making new choices.

How long does it take to create what you want? When your conscious and subconscious expectations are in-synch, you are in alignment and manifestation is immediate. For example, when you awoke this morning, you created Your World around you – instantly. And now as you experience life, with all the variability you have chosen to allow, new desires are generated. On any particular subject, you can choose what to believe. Then you can practice that belief into a certainty. When you have reached the point when your positive expectations on that subject are stronger than any contrary doubts or fears, then your reality changes to match that new point of attraction.

In these three short paragraphs, we have given you the foundation. You may have many questions that arise from those, and we will go into much more detail on all of that at other times as those questions come up, but while understanding the nature of things of course is a wonderful place to start, it is only part of the story. What you then want to be able to do is take that understanding and begin to consciously create what you want. And so now we come to tips and techniques and processes that will help

Let us explain firstly here that no matter what these particular processes are, they are all about two things – intervention and habit. Remember above we said you CAN choose what to think, but DO you? Conscious creation is all about interrupting that business-as-usual flow of your daily thoughts which is either one-thought-just-follows-another or an automatic reaction to something external. Also, these processes are all about changing habits of thought. How did your subconscious learn its habits? By choices you made and by repetition. New habits also take a little practice.

So these techniques are ways that you can intervene, and the purpose of all of them is to help you establish some new habits. There is nothing sacred or rigid about any of them. Don’t ever let anyone try to convince you that there are certain ways you should do things. There are no rules to any of this except those you choose to believe in. There is no one-size-fits-everybody, and some processes will work better than others for you at different times. Simply pick those that feel good and change them in any way that suits you. The important thing is that you decide to start to intervene. And always, always, pre-pave that this is going to be easy and fun. And it will be both.

We will go into all of these at length, but for now, let us give you a short description of some of them. And since we have mentioned it already, let’s start with …

This is taking the time to think about what is coming up in your next hour or your day or your week. As you do, notice what you expect. See where it is that your expectations are out of line with what you want, then allow yourself to expect differently. See each segment of your day, going as you want it to. Recognize that by your thoughts, you are creating it. Place your hands upon the wheel and steer in the direction you want to go.

This can be many different things. It can be stopping all thought (yes you can if you practice it). It can be as simple as choosing to turn off the mind chatter and focusing on something joyful. It can be listening to a guided meditation. It is all about getting to a place of peace.

“Letting Go”
(For more on this powerful process – video/audio/pdf –  see “Stay Connected” on the right above.)  Whenever you’re feeling negative, this 5-step process is a great place to start.
(1) Welcome that fear into your conscious thought.
(2) Recognize the lie that sits beneath it, that you are not in control.
(3) Simply let it go. Release it.
(4) Give yourself a pat on the back. This IS the “work”.
(5) See yourself in a world without that lie. BE in it.

The Prosperity Game
There are many version of this. For example, imagine you have a guaranteed income for life of $1million per month. There’s a matching fund for you to spend on others, but you can spend none of that until you have spent the first million on yourself. Imagine life. Get past the pay-off-the-debts place. Put yourself out a year. How are you living? What does it feel like? BE there.

What if UP!
Instead of spending time on what could go wrong (what if down), spend time on what could go right. What could go more than right? What could go fabulously right? Put yourself in the place where you can start to see those doors that are right in front of you but up to now have been invisible. The universe has millions of ways of bringing to you what you want. Of course, HOW is NOT your job. But a little imagining of delicious serendipity is a fun way to pre-pave.

Think back on occasions in your “past” when things went well, when you had an unqualified good time, when you felt really good. These are things that bring a smile to your heart. Collect these treasures and put them in your pocket. Get them out whenever you need them and treasure them all over again.

A Rampage Of Appreciation
Always a good standby. Spend time enumerating the things you appreciate – about you, about your world, about other people. Simple things. Mundane and ordinary things. Special things. Delightful things. Even on subjects that are not delightful, there are always some things to appreciate. You cannot spend time doing this without raising your vibration, and than means that you cannot spend time appreciating without creating more in your life to appreciate.

There are hundreds more processes of course, but they are all variations on the themes of the above examples. We will in future sessions be going into these in more depth, but you have enough information now to begin. It doesn’t matter which you pick. Try them all. What’s important is that you get one or two of them into your daily routine. What’s important is that you establish a new pattern of intervening in your default thought stream. And as you intervene, so your world will change. It is law.