The Law Of Attraction Tips – How the *#!? did I create that? vBook Chapter 15

How the *#!? did I create that? Many of your questions take this form, and then your next question is often “How do I change it?” That second question is of course where the rubber meets the road, but the first question comes from a deep desire that many of you have to understand, to know the back story about how it all works. So in this discussion on the Law Of Attraction tips, let’s talk about that.  Then we’ll wend our way back to how to change it.

Your World is defined in a huge data store. We have called that data store by many names. We have called it – Your Library Of Everything / Your Vibrational Set Point / Your Vibrational Soup / Your Vibrational Train / Your World Blueprint / Your Movie Screenplay / Your Tapestry Of Expectations. It’s that vast record of all those things you’ve ever chosen to believe.
It is as real as the physical you is.

Who is the “you” that made those choices? It is the consciousness that is hearing this. It is not the physical you. It is the thinking you. Is there any other consciousness or any other sort of entity or spiritual being that is making choices for you? No – it is you and you alone that defines everything. There is no guardian angel with its hands on the controls although of course you can create one by choosing to believe in it and imagining it into BEingness. And if you do, then that guardian angel is as real as you are. There is no inherently right or wrong way to do all of this. There are just your choices and your way of doing it.

What does that data store define? It defines every single thing you ever experience. It defines all of your physical reality – Your World and everything in it (including the physical you). It defines all of your non-physical reality – your vibrational world and everything about it. There is nothing or anything anywhere within your awareness that is not a defined by that data store. We want you to really get this and we challenge you right now to think of something that has not been designed by you. It does not exist.

It goes like this. You make a choice and you have an experience. From that experience comes a new desire and a new choice, and the cycle repeats. This has been your process. You could say it started before you were born but even that is a choice and therefore it’s also a part of your story. Even being born is a part of your story. You could say it’s been a lifetime of iterations – minute by minute, month by month, decade by dyecade. Think of it in any way that appeals to you now. The only thing that is absolute in any of this, is that all of this comes from your choices.

So what’s in your tapestry of choices? Well firstly look around you. What you see is what you’ve created. You didn’t consciously plan all that detail, but you did decide what is and what isn’t, and you also decided the boundaries around everything. What you know about trees (what you chose to believe about them) decided what trees will be like in your world.

Tapestry What you know about humans decided what humans will be like in your world. There’s nothing that exists in Your World that you haven’t imagined into BEing. You decided the certainties, the probabilities, the possibilities and impossibilities about everything.

Secondly, what about things you can’t see, things that are not right now in the range of your senses? Well pick a subject. Then ask yourself what you believe about it. What do you truly expect about it? ► Start looking at the detail of that part of your tapestry. You will know by how you feel whether this component of your creation is to your liking or not to your liking. If it feels good, allow yourself to revel in that. Go on a little mini rampage of appreciation. If it feels negative in any way, pick apart that tapestry a little in your mind and find the thread that needs replacing.

Now the “work” begins. We have arrived at the fork in the road – the place where new decisions can lead you literally to a new version of Your World. These forks are what you came for. These forks are where the juice is – you get to choose. Let’s explore with you making some new choices and some techniques that you can use.

The Law Of Attraction Tips – Making New Choices – The Five Key Steps
1. Make the first choice – set an intention to change something.
2. Be aware of how you feel about it.
3. Go within and discover what you expect about it.
4. Visualize Your World as changed – see it in your mind.
5. Give yourself permission to BE in that new world
Repeat often because ..
.. it’s not what you DO. What counts is where you hangout.