Let’s look at three choices you can make.
A. The only thing that exists is the physical world.
B. The physical world coexists with the spiritual world, and
C. Thoughts create everything including the virtual reality called Life On Earth

These three choices are how everything works – making the case that just because the physical world seems to surround and constrain us .. there is a more logical way of seeing it.

A. The Physical-Only Model
1. In the beginning was … the Big Bang (or something similar).
2. Physicalness is .. what formed after the big bang – chemical and physical rules apply.
3. Life is .. what somehow emerged initially as a single-cell life out of the randomness and chaos.
4. You are … the result of a gazillion lucky genetic mistakes as human beings evolved, and somehow and somewhere along that trail, consciousness emerged.
5. Your purpose is .. nothing. You’re an accident.
* It’s logical. It has going for it that physicalness is self-evident and obvious.
* It’s simple – what you see is what you get. The assumption is that if anything non-physical did exist, it would be verifiable by physical observation.
* It does not explain life.
* It does not explain consciousness.
* It doesn’t account for non-physical phenomena that you can experience.

B. The Hybrid Model – an overlay of Spirituality onto The Physical Model
1. In the beginning was … a great spiritual creative power – God or The Universe.
2. You are .. a duality – a composite of a physical being in an external physical world and a soul or higher-self.
3. Physicalness is .. what formed during the creation – be it after a big bang or some other process.
4. Life is … the time or times you spend on Earth in a single of multiple incarnation.
5. Your purpose is .. follow the will of your creator – perhaps to serve God or serve your fellow humans, or grow in awareness of yourself or pass a worthiness test.
* It has going for it that it accepts that physicalness is self-evident and obvious and the world is external.
* For some, it’s provides a way of understanding duality.
* As you might expect from a hybrid philosophy, it’s complex.
* It offers empirical stories but no complete answers.
* It can support only watered down version of the Law Of Attraction because in a shared world, you inevitably compete with the desires of others.

C. The Thought Model
1. In the beginning was … well there is no “beginning” in a time-less realm. The Source of everything is a time-less/space-less Collective Consciousness.
2. You are .. a consciousness – an extension of Collective Consciousness.
3; Physicalness is .. an artifact of the virtual reality we call Life On Earth. It is created as a function of the belief-choices you make about you and the matching context that surround you. It is not external to you. It is an inside job. It is a movie playing in your mind.
4. Life is … an invalid concept. Consciousness has no beginning or end.
5. Your purpose is .. to experience desire and contrast, and the joy of creating new things. You are Source experiencing itself.
* It’s logical.
* It’s simple.
* It explains everything including the power you have by Law Of Attraction to create whatever you want.
* If you’ve long-practiced the belief that the world is real, and self-evident, and obvious, and external to you, your first reaction may be that this model is radical and confusing. It takes time to ingest because it’s a new way of looking at everything.

We say .. go with C