Through an infinity of choices, here you are, and what do you perceive yourself to be? And where do you perceive yourself to be? If your awareness of you begins and ends with the idea that you’re a human being engaged in Life On Earth, then your choices appear to be very limited. And they are not. Let’s look today at the choices you make, consciously, subconsciously and superconsciously. Let’s look at what your options really are, and a new way of playing the game

Here’s what we see from our perspective. You and we exist timelessly across all realms. Just as we are, you’re an idea. You’re a thought form. You’re an awareness. You’re a consciousness.
What do you do? You think. You have desires. You make choices. You think a new you and a new matching context into existence. You have experiences. You make new choices, and new experiences lead to new desires, and so on. Your choices are limited only by your thoughts, by what we called last week your imagination. And imagination has no limits.

So what does it mean to be limitless? When you’re engaged in the details of daily existence, you might say surely it’s more useful to be focused on making just a few small changes in your world. And we can’t disagree with that as a concept, it’s just that to make even so-called small changes, you have to understand the mechanism of change, and once you understand that, the size of the change becomes irrelevant. So stick with us here and let’s see if can open things up for you.

In the realm of thought, there are no boundaries or borders and therefore when we talk of you in three components, a consciously you and a sub and superconscious you, just bear in mind that we’re doing so to have you understand the concept that there’s much more going than the conscious you usually thinks about. Think of the borders between these components as being completely are fluid and permeable.

Today in Part 1 we’ll look mostly at the conscious and subconscious components and next week we’ll explore the outer galaxies of your superconscious, all of this of course being in service of helping you to see this adventure of yours in a new light, and playing this game in new and exciting ways. Let’s begin.