Positive Affirmations For Success – What ARE You Saying! vBook Chapter 29

Let’s discuss the relationship between what you’re saying and what you’re thinking, and let’s talk a little also about creating and using, positive affirmations for success.

Here are some of the declarative statements we’ve heard recently:
“Some people can pivot away from negative feelings but I can’t”.
“Meditation (letting go / releasing / visualizing) doesn’t work for me”.
“Whenever (that particular person) does (some particular thing), I always react badly.”
“I’m an (early morning / late night) person”.
“I’ve messed up my life so far and there’s no way of undoing that”.
“It takes years of work to get to the place of being able to create (some particular thing).”
“We all need to rally together to (save the world / bring peace / help the homeless).”
“If I can just find my true purpose in life, things will be different for me.”

These words of course indicate the underlying belief being held. So what’s a belief? Simply this. A belief is a habit of thought. Period. That’s it. Even those so-called core beliefs of yours are choices you made way back when, and practiced into your tapestry of beliefs and expectations. Let’s pick this apart a little here and see if we can help you find a new way to see those beliefs of yours for what they are. And then we’ll get into some processes you can use for changing them. We do not mean all of them of course. Most of them are serving you well. We mean just the ones that are holding you back from where you want to be.
Let’s start from the Absolutes here – because there is no other place to start. The Absolutes are the foundation that sits fundamentally beneath everything. The Absolutes are unchangeable. They are not a choice. They are independent of any of your Stories. We describe them as three things:
1. You are a consciousness – an always-connected part of the collective consciousness of All That Is.
2. What you believe causes a matching realm (or context or world) to surround you.
3. Everything beyond 1 and 2 is a choice.
Let’s be clear about 3. By everything we mean EVERYTHING, and yet as soon as we say that, we find that many of you immediately scale that back to just some of the options you have.

So we challenge you here to think of something you’re not at choice about. Let your mind go wild here. Think about aging, being born, the sun rising in the east, who you are, how old you are, time, gravity, extraterrestrials, atoms and molecules, the price of eggs, your next paycheck, global warming .. you can see where we’re asking you to go .. to EVERYTHING .. except Absolutes1 and 2. You have beliefs and expectations about all of those things and it is those beliefs, and only those beliefs, that attract the matching context that appears around you by what we call the Law Of Attraction.

Let’s take say aging as an example. Think about everything you know about it. In Your World, aging is a process defined by just those beliefs of yours. It’s nothing to do with what any other consciousness thinks about it. If you don’t know about it, it doesn’t exist. Now you may choose to read and “discover” something about Your World within the range of possibilities you have set, and you may as a result choose to believe something new. All that means is that you have now colored in some more of the details in that world of yours. But until you do that, those details do not exist.

You do not share One World with everybody else. You attract into Your World, matching versions of everything and everybody. It’s not a physical world that’s “out there” external to you that you have to live in and deal with. It’s a movie playing in your mind. So can you see that the only thing that keeps anything in Your World the same today as it was yesterday, is that you have not changed your beliefs about it.

Now in none of this are we suggesting that there is any particular thing you need to change. We just want you to really “get” how powerful you are. Nor are we suggesting that you have to keep focusing on changing things – you are here after all to enjoy the show. Here’s what we ARE suggesting. Now that you know the extent of what’s under your personal control (let’s hear it again, EVERYTHING except those two Absolutes), we’re encouraging you to develop an ongoing and ever-present awareness of who you are. Be in the stands at the same time as you are on the field. Start to catch yourself making those declarative statement and begin to soften them.

Give yourself some wiggle room. For example, instead of “Some people can pivot away from negative feelings but I can’t”, how about “Some people pivot away easily from negative feelings, and so I know it’s possible for me. I’ve declared myself into a place that’s not the true me, and with these new words and new thoughts I’m beginning to declare myself into a new improved version.” The promise of the Law Of Attraction is that there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, and nothing you cannot change. Start to see this world of yours from the awareness of that truth.

It takes some focus. But can you see that knowing the underlying truth of the nature of your creation, does not help you to create the life you want if you allow yourself to persistently fall back into those old declarations. You are sort of saying “Yes I know how it works but let me just stick with these old thought patterns”. You can do better than that. Start with some simple things. Resolve to think last thing every night, or first thing every morning, about the day ahead. What do you expect? What would you like to expect? And if those old doubts emerge, see them for what they are. And just that act of seeing them clearly begins their inevitable decline.

So what ARE you saying? And why on earth would you declare yourself as powerless? Watch your language and you’ll see how it is that you’re perpetuating those difficulties and problems. Start now. We’ve often said, “The better it gets, the better it gets. This new way of creative thinking can be really habit forming if you’ll just give it a chance to develop. As you stick with it, allow yourself to appreciate the little differences you can make. A little difference here and a little difference there, and soon you’ve stepped confidently into the role you came here to play. There’s no single thing in heaven or earth you cannot change .. because you’re creating heaven and earth, and everything in both places.

We encourage you to collect, and adapt, and create, and use, your own positive affirmations for success.  Make them first-person and present tense.  “I am …”.  Just remember it’s not the words that you say or repeat that make the difference.  It’s ingesting the meaning of those words into every fiber of your being.  In having these words truly describe the tapestry of your conscious and subconscious expectations.  That’s the key.  Here’s a suggestion from us.

I am an always-connected part of Universal Consciousness.
By what I choose to believe, I am the creator of my world, my life, and everything I experience.
Each day I become more aware of who I am, and I step more easily and confidently into that place of
  Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom, Connection and Connectedness.
Today is a new day, and the beginning of new adventures.
This is the truth of me.