Law Of Attraction And Death –Ten Things Dead People Want You To Know! vBook Chapter 35

Let’s talk about Law Of Attraction and death, and as a way of doing that, let’s talk about the way dead people see things.  It gives us a new perspective on life.

1. We’re not “dead” and neither will you ever be.
We could use words like everlasting and eternal, but these words are approximations from a time-oriented perspective. In truth you and we are all at our core, time-less entities having experiences in realms of our choosing. You have chosen a time/space world, and so it’s hard to imagine a realm without familiar concepts like beginnings and ends, and boundaries and shapes, and things happening in sequence. But these concepts are relevant only in that virtual reality you see as a physical world. There is always fluidity and there is always change, but there never was a beginning to you, and there never will be an end to you. In all of your infinite versions, you just are.

2. We are all conscious entities, none more exalted than any other.
We are a consciousness. You are a consciousness. We are all part of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You might think that we are disembodied and ethereal and you are physical. What could be more different than that? But you and we are 99% the same. It’s just that our points of focus, our contexts and our perspectives are different. The essence of who we are is the same as the essence of who you are. We are no more exalted or worthy or divine than you, and there is no other entity that is. There are no hierarchies. There’s no-body and no-thing sitting in judgment. There’s nobody in charge of your creation but you.

3. You can’t understand death until you understand life.
The individual consciousness that we are and you are, is formed by our intentions and desires and belief-choices out of the collective consciousness of All That Is. As we form, so does everything around us as a matching context. We have experiences, we form new desires, we make new choices, we step into a literally new version of ourselves, and a new matching context wraps itself around us. Through an infinity of other choices, here you are in this space/time world playing the game of Life On Earth in the year 2014. Although you are aware of only one version of you, you exist in infinite versions.

4. You change you and your worlds by what you choose to believe.
We call them belief-choices but we could equally call them creation-choices, because as you start to settle into the surety of knowing who’s creating that world around you, you begin more and more to be aware of the power that you have. New experiences and new choices continue, and you, and the physical you, and the physical world, and the non-physical world, and everything and everybody in those worlds around you, match your expectations. No-body and no-thing outside of you has any power to assert into your experience anything that is not a match to you . Your virtual reality and our virtual reality are each our own realms to create. They are the stage for our experiences.

5. Death is no big deal. It’s just of the infinite ongoing choices you make.
So death is not an end to anything. It’s a transition. It’s a shift in your consciousness from a space/time focus to a new focus. In the same way as your world is a choice, your transition out of it is a choice, so you could say that all deaths are suicides. You may or may not be choosing it on a conscious level, but like everything else in your experience, it’s a match to your tapestry of expectations. When you further consider that there are an infinity of versions of you having an infinity of versions of lifetimes, can you begin to see, in the cosmic scheme of things, that your transition out of this particular version is not the big deal it’s made out to be. It’s just another choice.

6. Death is not black and white. It will be what you expect it to be.
What actually happens? Well we could particularize and tell you a story of white light, or a welcoming committee with previously transitioned loved ones, or pets, or loving creatures of various sorts, or a limbo place where you are prepared for change. But in truth we have to say .. you tell us, because this experience, like all your experiences, will play out on a stage of your making. This will be a new virtual reality that will conform to your expectations just like all the others. There’ll be a lessening of your grip on space and time, and there may be a bit if a whoosh as your consciousness opens up, but the good news here is that you can have it be whatever you want it to be.

7. When your perspective changes, you will want different things.
You may have some strong desires for your transition experience, and that’s OK. And as we said, you can have it any way you want it. We would just remind you here that those desires are a function of your now-context, and things are going to change .. a lot. And as they do, what you want now may be dwarfed by a whole set of new options. The sky’s the limit here you see, or perhaps we should say that the limit is going to be very obviously way beyond any sky you ever imagined. What if you become aware of every version of you. What if you are able to see and inhabit them all simultaneously? Are you getting a sense of your possibilities?

8. You can experience Source, and still know it is you who creates your worlds.
If it is your desire and expectation to meet God, then you will create that experience, but in this place of expanded awareness, in this place of intense connectedness with everything in All That Is, you will come to the awareness that there is no all-powerful entity deciding things for you. You will settle more into the knowledge of your own power and freedom. You will start to see that what you imagined God to be is starting to look a look and feel a lot like you. Then from this place you can step in any direction you choose to go, or even in many directions at once. There are no limits here.

9. You can create the illusion of bad things, but you are creating from Source, and that is pure positive energy.
You are so free you can choose bondage. You are so powerful that if you choose to believe in a devil or in a hell, or in dark and evil forces, or in all manner of negative things, then you will create the semblance of those things. But in All That Is there is none of that. There is only pure positive energy, and the only reason we add the word positive there is to emphasize that there truly is nothing fundamentally evil that exists. And as you step more and more clearly into the glorious awareness of the true nature of Source, all of that will drop away until you are left simply with who you are and the intense love and connection you share with everything.

10. Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom, are always yours to choose .. no matter what realm you step into.
In the end we come back to the Absolutes as we call them. You are an always-connected time-less extension of the pure energy of All That Is. And you and your context are always a matching set – we call that the Law Of Attraction. Apart from those two fundamentals, you are always at choice in everything.  When we look at Law Of Attraction and death, we discover once again that here is truly nothing you cannot be, do or have. As you settle more easily into the awareness of all of this, as you allow yourself to know more constantly who you are, then you can step more easily and confidently through each new doorway and create new things. Remember that you are the creator. That is why you are here. That is why you exist.  Death is just one more new decision and new creation.