Improve Life Using Law Of Attraction – Is It REALLY About Serving Others? vBook Chapter 37

Abraham: “When you’re not happy, you don’t have anything to give.”
Bentinho Massaro: “If you’re not happy, you’re not helping.”
Bashar: “Being yourself .. is how you perform the best service to everyone else.”
We say: “You cannot intersect with the happy, connected versions of others until you step into the happy, connected version of you.”

Let‘s be clear about something here before we begin this discussion on how to improve life using Law Of Attraction. Without exception, this one and all of those within this community just love helping others to find their way into alignment with who they are. It’s right up there on their list of the most fun things to do. But serving others is not their primary purpose in life. It’s not the primary purpose of any of you. You (yes YOU) created this leading-edge space/time virtual reality of yours for the fun of experiencing what you can do, and create, within it. Part of that fun is mixing it up with the others you attract into it. They are all a match to you, and as you choose new beliefs, you change you and you change them.

You see, at your core you are a timeless consciousness, an extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You have experiences and you make choices. With each new choice, you step into a new version of you, and the context that surrounds you immediately changes to match that new you. That’s what you call the Law Of Attraction. That context seems like a shared, solid, continuous One World that’s external to you. But it’s not. It’s all an inside job. It’s your own personal creation, and there’s no-body and no-thing in heaven or earth that can assert anything into it that isn’t a match to those choices of yours. What you believe, becomes.

Let’s also be clear about what your emotions are. They are not just some sort of feelings you have that are internal to you and mean not much. You are always creating, and in terms of what you are creating at any moment in time, your feelings are always an absolute indicator. If you’re heading towards what you want, you feel good. If you’re heading away from what you want, you feel bad. That’s it. Think of your feelings as your emotional guidance system. They are your creative GPS. They tell you if you’re heading in the right direction, or if it’s time for a U-turn.

So what is it that you want? At this point you might be thinking .. I don’t really know what I want, so how can my feelings be so precise? Well of course there are always things that you want. Your desires are a part of you. Without them you wouldn’t exist. Think of those absolutes we just spoke about. At your core you are all freedom-seeking, joy-seeking, creative beings, so anything that heads you in those directions is going to feel good. Then there are all those things you’ve desired throughout your life and maybe forgotten or given up on. They’re still there. They’re still a part of you.

And now we’re going to get to the heart of this by making two statements we’ve made many times before, but we really want you to “get” this because there are no “if”s “, and”s, or “but”s about these. Firstly (and we hope you are beginning to see how this flows from what we have said before), nothing is more important than feeling good. You chose to create and inhabit this world of yours for those very good and very particular reasons we described earlier, and there is nothing, and can be nothing, more important than doing what you came here to do. Nothing. Secondly, how you feel is a choice. It never is and never was defined by circumstances. It’s how you choose to think about those circumstances that determines how you feel about them.

For example, let’s say something “bad” happens to you like an “accident”. Because perhaps you have trained yourself to feel bad in those circumstances, your default automatic reaction will be negative, which means you are in that moment creating more of what you do not want and there will be more of those “accidents” in your future. But if you intervene and interrupt that status quo reaction, you could choose to feel good, and thereby be creating more of what you want. You might say that that’s impossible, and as is true for all of your belief choices, then impossible it will be. We say, it’s a choice.

It’s always a choice, and we encourage you into making less automatic default choices that maintain your status quo, and more conscious choices that have you feeling good. (And of course, now you know where feeling good inevitably takes you. The better it gets the better it gets.) With each choice you step into a new version of you. You can think of the old version as carrying on in a parallel universe, but this new choice has transplanted you. Now you’re in a new matching world and now you‘re intersecting with new matching versions of everything and everybody. You and everybody else exist in infinite versions, but it is only the matching versions that meet.

So there you have it. This is the basis of all existence. Once you get your mind around all of this, you begin to see that the world is not perhaps as you assumed it was. Are you also beginning to see that what you DO in this world doesn’t matter? How you think and how you feel is everything. Now if DOing helps you feel good, helps you to believe that something positive is going to result from your actions, then DOing is wonderful. (You are after all, physically-oriented, action-oriented beings.) But it’s not the DOing that causes the result. It’s the belief about it.

There can be no action that truly feels good that could be described as bad. Nobody in alignment with who they are would ever choose to harm another, while in this one’s world (yours may be similar), it seems that laws and justice, and morality, and religion, and righteousness are the banners under which much unhappiness is created. No matter how important, no matter how moral or just, or ethical or compassionate or caring an action would seem to be, unless it feels good, it is not serving you or anyone else.

Can you also see that if there are people in Your World that have questions you can answer, or needs that you can satisfy, or problems you can help them with, they are there because you chose to believe that they would be. They are part of your expectation matrix. The versions of those people you encounter are a match to you, and the more you focus on people who need you, the more needy people there will be. Of course, none of this is inherently “good” or “bad. Those are human judgments. It’s just the way you’ve created it. Is this the right game for you to play? It’s your choice. Everything is. If it feels good, we say play on, and have a joyous creative time of it all.

Will you be successful in helping them? The question is .. what are you expecting? If you are certain your actions will really help them, then they will, which is to say, you will intersect with the version of them that actually benefits from your help. If you are doubtful or gloomy about their prospects, you will match up with versions of them that you are unable to help. In a very real sense, it’s not up to them at all. In Your World, it’s all up to you.

We will finish here by saying if all of this discussion on how to improve life using Law Of Attraction brings a small sense of unreality to this world you are in, then we have achieved some of what we set out to do – not because we are trying to talk you out of that wonderful creation of yours, but because we want you to have perspective. We want you to see that the real juice in this comes from knowing the power that you have, from forgetting all notions of right and wrong, and by freeing yourself from the seeming inevitability of things. You’re creating it all. Step forward with confidence. Live life as you would have it be – whatever that is. It is yours to choose.