Law Of Attraction Miracles – Do You Want To Create One? Vbook Chapter 41

What do think of when you hear the words Law Of Attraction miracles? For many of you it means something you couldn’t expect to happen under “normal” circumstances, or something not possible without the intervention of some powerful entity, and then along we come telling you that you create everything. So perhaps we need to rethink this idea of “miracles” and in the process perhaps we can once again remind you of the truth of who you are, what you’re doing here, and how the Law Of Attraction works. Here’s some words from our friends about this.

Abraham: Miracles are just (the) logical response of Law Of Attraction to your logical defined deliberate intention. Expectation is the most powerful word .. because expectation includes what you want and your belief about it.. When you’re desirous of something and expecting it and believing it, now your expectation is in a place where you’re in there where the movement is .. and you’re in on, in on, the creation.

The Universe (Mike Dooley): In spite of the euphoria [you feel] upon entering paradise, cloaked in miracles, surrounded by angels, love, and unimaginable beauty, it gradually becomes all [you] know, commonplace, ordinary, and then, shockingly… invisible.. [We’re] talking about life on earth.

Bashar: Miracles are not the exception to the rule.. They are the natural, true order of the things.

Bentinho Massaro: All things that show up in your life are derived from your state of being.. Choosing joy/connection/bliss/freedom/trust is an act that contains all solutions to all possible situations. You become a living, breathing, walking, flying miracle, inseparable from the delicious miracle that is All-That-Exists.

By Law Of Attraction, you attract into your experience, wanted or unwanted, moment by moment, unique to you, a world that is the sum of your chosen beliefs and expectations. If there are certainties in your expectation tapestry, they will certainly be in your version of the world. If there are probabilities, they will be there most of the time. If there are possibilities, they will appear some of the time. If there are improbabilities, they will appear occasionally. If you know that some things are impossible, they will never exist for you. What you have decided about each and every thing has set the boundaries within which your experience plays out.

So where in all of that tapestry of yours do Law Of Attraction “miracles” fit? We’ll it cannot be the impossible bucket because you have declared to the universe that this particular circumstance can never occur, and your word is law. Therefore these miracles of yours must be in the improbable bucket, or you might even say, the highly improbable bucket. So if you’re looking to create a miracle (and why not), now the question becomes, how do you create things that are highly improbable? Let’s look first at what you’re creating already and how you’re creating it, and see if we can uncover for you a clear path to creating anything you want, “miracle” or otherwise.

Notice in that law Of Attraction definition the words “moment by moment”. Now look around you. Listen around you. Feel around you. This is the moment by moment world you are creating. How much focus, energy or attention are you putting into maintaining this illusion of yours? None. When you woke up this morning, there it was – instantly. It was there because you had no doubts. You knew that the world you went to sleep in was the one you would wake up in. This was one of your certainties. So now the interesting questions are .. when, and how, and why, did you decide to believe that this was a certainty?

If you see the world as something external to you, as something that is independent of your choices, then your answers will be along the lines of .. as you grew up you experienced what-is, you learned about it, you came to understand the way it works, and that’s why you believe as you do. You might be thinking to yourself .. this is not rocket science. Every rational and reasonable person knows this. It’s self-evident. Well we agree that it’s easy to drop into this way of seeing things, but from a broader perspective, it’s not at all rational. If you “know” you’re living in one shared world, then you cannot fully know who you are, and you will never understand the Law Of Attraction.

Our answers would be .. in one version of events, the one you think of as your “past”, because of choices you made, you were born, and you began to experience a version of a space/time virtual reality. You had experiences, you made more belief-choices, and so the cycle continued. With each new choice, you step into a new version of you and a matching context (world) wraps itself around you.

In other words, your what-is was created by those choices of yours. And of course it always matches those choices, and so it supports the belief that those were “right” choices. In other versions of you, you made different choices, and they likewise were “right” choices. Flat earth or round earth, it’s always Your Earth, and on each version of it, the “rational” majority will always believe as you do. Your what-is reinforces your choices and so it’s easy to slip into the idea that it’s not really a choice at all, that it’s just what-is, and you have to deal with it as it is. But it isn’t and you don’t. You’re creating it all.

Here’s an exercise you can do. Put something in place that you will notice when you wake up tomorrow morning – a piece of paper on the floor or a string around your finger – whatever works for you. Then at that moment, just observe the world around you – that version of your virtual reality that you’re creating on the fly. Is that a “miracle” or is that a “miracle”? Just recognize that you truly are, you already are, a miracle worker. As our friends expressed in those quotes we used earlier, everything’s a “miracle” when you know the truth about who you are and how you’re creating it.

So now back to the question of creating the highly improbable. What makes it improbable? You decided it was, and as surely as you decided it was, you can undecide that it is. Now we know that when you’ve long been practicing One World thinking, it takes a particular focus to step away from those deep-seated habits of thought. But here’s the good news. You formed those habits by making the same choice over and over, and you can form new habits by making new and different choices over and over.

You can have the lie you want, or you can have the life you want. You can’t have both. You can stick with the lie that there’s a world out there that you have to deal with, and you can hope for luck or miracles or that somebody or something “out there” is looking out for you. Or you can truly know that you’re the miracle worker because in every moment you are creating Law Of Attraction miracles.

You can make new choices, and new choices, and new choices. With each new choice you inhabit that new version of you and your world. You and your world are an inseparable unity. It’s your personal, moment by moment, virtual reality. There is truly, truly, nothing you cannot be, do or have. So let’s together create some minor and major miracles in your life and in our intersections in this space we share. That’s why you’re here. That’s why we’re here. Let’s dance.