The Spiritual Law Of Attraction – The #1 Reason You Fail Is … vBook Chapter 45

Terah: The #1 reason you fail is ,, you’re fixated on reality. As we often do, we’re going to talk a little more here about the essential truth about you-and-the-world-you’re-in. Why do we focus so much on what is fundamental, what is Absolute? Is it important to know this? Well only you can answer that question. If your beliefs about life are serving you well, then all we could add would be to simply say, choose to be positive. The Spiritual Law Of Attraction, you see, applies no matter what Story you have chosen. You can’t “use” it because it’s like gravity. You cannot not use it. It applies to everything. If you always reach for that better feeling thought, you’ll do very well in this game of Life On Earth.

Then there will be those of you who want more than that. If you’ve been trying this method or that method for creating more joy in your life and not succeeding, or if you’ve been looking for answers and not finding them, then we offer all of this as nothing less than the ultimate foundation upon which you can build anything you want. We will not, and never would, be asking you to give up on all your beliefs. We will, however, be taking you to a place where you’ll be able to see which parts of that complex tapestry of beliefs and expectations of yours are no longer serving you, and helping you with some powerful processes you can use to make lasting changes.

All religions, spiritual philosophies and scientific enclaves have their own Story. Many are incredibly detailed. Some are exclusionary. Some are contradictory. Most start from the very common base assumption that there’s a world “out there”, a time-based physical world that’s shared by everybody. That world seems so obviously real that, if you think about it at all, you might say that that assumption is unchallengeable. The problem is that for as long as you hold this as your reality, you cannot answer the foundational questions about who you are and how it all works. In that shared One World, even the Law Of Attraction makes no sense at all.

The place we would choose to have you start from is story-less. If it’s the first time you have come to this, it may take a while for you to get your mind around it all because it will turn upside down much of the way you think about things. It has taken this one and those leading this community quite a while to understand all of this and integrate it, and we are all still expanding here as this unfolds. We encourage you on this journey. Here’s our promise. Once you’ve arrived in this place of true understanding, you will be able to step with confidence in any direction you choose, and there will never again be a question about life (or anything else for that matter), you cannot answer.

Here are the Absolutes. There are three.
#1 – You are a consciousness. You are an always-connected, timeless individuation of the collective consciousness of All-That-Is. It is your intentions and desires that create you.
#2 – Change is the only constant. As you have experiences, new desires are born and new belief choices are made. With each new choice, you step into a new version of you and a new matching version of your context wraps itself around you. You and your context are one.
#3 – 1 and 2 above are not a choice. Everything else is.

#2 is really a more fundamental way of describing the process you call the Spiritual Law Of Attraction. Let’s restate that in these simple words.
By what you choose to believe and expect,
you attract into your experience,
unique to you,
moment by moment,
wanted or unwanted,
a version of you and your world that matches those choices.

This world of yours, this you and the context around you, all of this is uniquely your creation. It’s not a shared One World “out there”. It’s Your World. It’s a movie playing in your mind. It’s all an inside job, and it’s a moment by moment creation. In that world of course you are intersecting with matching versions of other people and their worlds, and those intersections merge into what your senses tell you is a continuous One World. But this world of yours is simply the stage upon which you choose to have your experiences. Remember that you are a consciousness. Your thoughts are real. Your experiences are real. The reality is virtual.

How is it then that it seems so real? When you wake up from a dream, you know that you have returned to a place that’s clearly more “real” than the dream was. We’re going to repeat what we said last week in a way we have not said before. This context of yours is always going to be the most real place you can be, because it’s your twin. It exactly matches you. As you make a new choice and thereby step into a new version of you, you are always going to inherently sense that this new matching context wrapping itself around you, is more “real” than any other.

When you “die”, it will be a choice. Because of the way many of you have chosen to think of death, it may be a very big deal choice. But it’s still a choice. In principle it’s the same as any other choice. And just as it is with every new choice, you will step into a new version of you, a new matching context will wrap itself around you, and just as when you wake up from a dream, you will inherently sense that where you stepped from, is less “real” than where you now find yourself. You will have expanded into a new level of consciousness, and it will be as real as anything can be.

The important message here is .. just because your always-current context seems so real, doesn’t mean you can’t consciously and deliberately change it. Don’t let the seeming real-ness fool you. There’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, but the status quo will prevail until you make a new decision. You do that by imagining what you want and getting into eager anticipation. The extent to which you can make that imagined place real in your mind is the extent to which you step into the new version of you that matches that vision. That’s called allowing. That’s called alignment. It causes manifestation.

Can you see therefore that knowing that you’re in charge is a very powerful starting place? Can you see why it is we are encouraging you to loosen the grip you have on that so-called reality? The truth of who you are is not complex. There’s a divine simplicity at the core of all of this – as you might expect. We know that it’s not necessarily easy to integrate this when you’ve spent a lifetime thinking of the world as something you have to live in and deal with, but we suggest you begin now to step confidently into this new way of thinking. Try it on like a new set of clothes. Get used to being in this place. It’s the doorway to Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom. And as always, we are here to support you and answer your questions.