The Power Of Law Of Attraction – It’s YOUR Story, So Make It A Good One! vBook Chapter 57

Whether you’re here because you’re simply curious about the nature of things, or whether you’re here with some more pressing question because you want to change something about your life, we will be talking about both, because they really are the same topic. Our Story is that we, like you, are a consciousness. We have not focused ourselves quite so narrowly as you and so our perspective is different. That is what we bring to this gathering – our perspective. We’re here because you’ve summoned us. It’s a command performance. You’re here because we’ve summoned you. We’re all equals here in these brief intersections. We’re all in this together.

By what we have come to call the power of the Law Of Attraction , there is nothing you cannot be, do or have. Now think about this. When we say “nothing”, what do you think? Do you immediately see only possibilities that live within that tight set of boundaries you have, or do you really see your power as limitless? And if you do see it as limitless, does your hyper-present “reality” press around you so strongly that you shrink back from expanding your vision and get consumed by solving today’s problems? Well then let’s talk about changing your life, and we’ll cover both the pressing stuff and the gloriously expansive stuff. It’s all part of Your Story

Your Story is magnificent. Your Story is unique to you. Your Story is your creation. And if it seems sometimes as if we are trying to talk you out of your Story, we assure you we are not. Yes we sometimes seek to loosen that death grip you have upon so called “reality”, upon things as they seem to be. But that is not to move you away from your Story. It is to have you be in Your Story in a new way, because you are not just the lead character in this movie of yours. You are the author. You are not simply reading a script, you are the director. And beyond that, you are the writer of the screenplay. And beyond that you are the re-writer, and re-writer, and re-writer, of that screenplay.

The screenplay as it reads right now, is the product of the choices you have made – choices about what YOU want and what YOU believe. And in case you’ve already put a box around this, let’s be clear here. Are you in a space/time realm? Your choice. What ARE space and time? What YOU have decided they are. YOU – not a God somehow separate from you, and not you and some other beings making a committee decision. Just YOU. Are you on planet earth? Your choice. What IS planet earth? What YOU have chosen it to be. Is it a round planet, or a flat one? You tell us. Are you a human being? Your choice. What IS a human being? What YOU have decided it is.

Are there other humans here? Your choice. What are they like? Your choice. And, you might be thinking, but surely if there are other humans here, they must also be at choice. They must also be affecting this reality I’m in. Yes they are and they do, but only within the boundaries you have set. Whenever you make a new belief-choice about anything, it changes the You and the matching world you’re inhabiting. In that world, if you’ve decided there are other humans, then you’ll intersect with versions of them at different points. Those matching versions bop in and out of Your World, even as you, in different versions, show up in theirs.

Are there plants and animals? Your choice. What are plants and animals? What you’ve decided they are. You might be thinking, but in the park there’s that huge tree. I never decided about the shape, or the type, or the place for that tree. It’s just there, and it was there before I got here. So it seems, but YOU decided this world of yours had trees, and now wherever you go in the world, there’ll be trees. They’ll always conform to what you believe about trees, and when you find a new one, it will be a match to whomever you are when you find it. Once found, you’ll probably make some more belief choices about it – like where it is and what it looks like. Choices move boundaries.

You are, even as we are, a time-less consciousness that’s an always connected extension of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You’re an intelligence and an awareness. The shape of you and your matching context are determined by your desires and intentions, and by the creative belief-choices you’ve already made which have resulted in a huge tapestry of expectations. If you make no new belief-choices, nothing fundamentally changes. Sure, there’ll be some details that’ll change within the boundaries you’ve set, but the general status quo will prevail. To make a significant shift, you have to make a significant new choice. And you can.

From our friends Abraham: You have to begin telling a new story. You have to tell it the way you want it to be before your life will start actualizing around the way you want it to be.. Everything you or anyone else is living .. is in response to the story [you] are telling. Period. That’s All.. You ARE your point of attraction, and if you want something to shift in the story .. you have to find a way to tell it that shifts your emotion as you’re telling it. Which means you .. have to leave what everybody else thinks OUT of the equation, and only put IN the equation what YOU think – the vibration you’re offering, and the vibration of the source within you.

In other words, changing things means making new conscious choices about what YOU want to believe, and then focusing on the new end-results of that belief in as many feel-good ways as you can dream up. As you do that, you re-weave that inbuilt and mostly sub-conscious expectation tapestry of yours. When you’re in alignment, and by that we mean, when your conscious desires and beliefs match your subconscious desires and beliefs, manifestation is immediate. When you woke up this morning, time and gravity, the bed, the floor and the walls were all there, without focus, energy or attention, because, and ONLY because, at all levels, you knew they would be. That’s alignment.

Here’s a new Story you can all start to tell. By the power of the Law Of Attraction, I am the master of my Universe. I am eternally here and now. I am eternally choosing new and wondrous things to explore. No matter which world I choose to wrap around me, I am always at choice. I am on this magnificent adventure playing this wonderful game on a space/time world called Earth. It’s My World, and I’m mixing it up with my invited guests and we are each of us learning all over again what fun it is to create in this focused way. There is no limit to what I can choose. I am here to experience the abundance that is my birthright. I am here to play this game for all it’s worth. I am here for the sheer joy of it.

As Bashar tells it: You are all story tellers. You are all story writers. You are all story livers, living your own story, alive in your story and sharing your story with all others who are also sharing theirs. As you live your stories, we, and many more, can also experience, through you, the opportunity to know your story and to know the multi-dimensional magnificence of All That Is, in all the stories it is. All the stories together make up the prime story of All That Is. And through your stories, your unique individual stories and our individual stories, and the individual stories of all beings in creation, does All That Is know itself. Answer that call. Answer the call to adventure.
We say, indeed. It’s your story so you might as well make it a good one. Stay in the remembrance of who you are. Don’t let so-called reality fool you. Rewrite that screenplay. Enjoy the movie. As always we welcome your questions, so let’s move to our longer discussion and then we’ll mix it up with you and have some fun together.