Law Of Attraction Techniques – 50 Ways To Leave Your Old Life Behind! vBook Chapter 60

From the song by Paul Simon ..
“The problem is all inside your head” she said to me
“The answer is easy if you take it logically
I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free
There must be fifty ways to leave your lover”
For a bit of fun we thought we’d start with these words and extend the meaning just a little.

If you have a problem, it’s all inside your head, because you and the world around you are created by your thoughts. Think about the enormity of that concept. There’s nothing “out there” that’s causing this problem. There’s just the way you think. And there’s nothing “out there” that’s causing you to think that way. There’s just what you choose. Everything in your world today is the result of what you chose to think yesterday, and the yesterday before that, and so on and so on. You can live with that, you can go on creating by default from that old blueprint, or you can choose a new thought today. What a novel idea! What a fantastic idea! Now hold THAT thought and let’s explore this a little.

The answer IS easy if you take it logically. You could study from a thousand books about life, and creation, and science, and religion, and philosophy, and you will not find an explanation of who you are and what you’re doing here that’s as comprehensive, and simple, and logical, as the one we always describe to you as The Absolutes and The Law Of Attraction. How do we know that? Because we have a different perspective. Our vantage point allows us to see “over the fence” so to speak, to see things outside of the narrow focus you have chosen. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can test that for yourself.

We’d like to help you in your journey to be free with some Law Of Attraction techniques, because if this new day for you is not better than yesterday and the day before that, if with each new day you’re not finding new things to create and expanded ways to create them, then you’re holding yourself apart from the adventure you came to here to experience. You’ve attracted us because you’re looking for answers. We’ve attracted you because we love sharing the view from where we stand, and we love intersecting with beings like you in this focused world of yours, discovering new possibilities, and opening up the game in new and exciting ways.

There ARE 50 ways to leave your old life behind. Or 500, but who’s counting. If you’re looking for change (and all of you, in different ways, ARE looking – that’s the nature of the game), and you’re getting bogged down by “what-is” (and once again all of you seem to have moments when the mountain looks insurmountable), it’s useful to have in your pocket some different techniques you can pull out and pivot away from negative feelings. As we often say, nothing is ever more important than reaching for that better feeling thought. So how do you do that? Well we mightn’t get to 50, but let’s put together a starter list of Law Of Attraction techniques, a really practical “how-to” list for choosing to feel good.

(1) Live life from within the question “What do I want NOW?” And never, never, never, define the answer as the absence of things you don’t want. Only positive answers are allowed. And remember it’s not the words. It’s NEVER the words. It’s the thought behind them. Make that thought positive. Let it be delicious.  And here’s the secret behind the daily calls that happen in the Create Your Life program offered in this community. (2) Regularly, once a day, ask yourself .. what was the most fun thing that happened in the last 24 hours? Re-live it. (3) And then ask .. what’s going to be the most fun thing that happens in the next 24 hours. Pre-live that.

(4) Collect and re-live good stories about yourself. That thing used to be screwed up but now it’s flowing again. That person used to be off the wall, and now they’re really nice to be with. Whatever successes you’ve had, collect them. Bask in them whenever you want a boost. Know your power.

(5) Appreciate things. Appreciate everything. Do it internally. Make lists. Be obsessively compulsively appreciative. (6) Appreciate the ordinary good things in your life. (7) Appreciate the extraordinary good things in your life.

(8) Acknowledge who you are. (9) Appreciate who you are. Receive every compliment joyfully, and acknowledge it easily, and confidently, and deservedly, and watch how you start to get more of them.

(10) Appreciate others – give compliments readily at all three levels – Level one compliments – what they have – a nice dress, nice tie, nice car, nice dog. (11) Give Level two compliments – what they are – good looking, nice hair, pretty eyes. (12) Give Level three compliments – who they are – caring, loving, thoughtful, considerate, a joy to be with, and watch how you start to receive more compliments exactly like that.

(13) Appreciate your emotional guidance system that lets you know when you’re heading in the wrong direction. (14) Cultivate an ongoing ever-present awareness of how you feel so you know which direction you’re going. (15) Appreciate your powerful subconscious and enroll it as a new ally in helping with that awareness.

(16) Learn who you are off by heart and repeat it often to yourself:
I am a time-less extension of the collective consciousness of the Universe.
I am eternally at choice about everything.

(17) Learn the Law Of Attraction off by heart and repeat it often to yourself:
Whatever I choose to believe and expect,
consciously or subconsciously,
I attract into my moment by moment experience.
What I believe .. becomes.

(18) Get on a roll with this. Make up your own list of feeling boosters and internalize it. (19) Notice what works in this situation or that situation and make a habit of using what works for you.

(20) See regularly in your mind’s eye that door ahead which has engraved upon it the following words – “Beyond this door, your new glorious world awaits you”. Push the door open, and step through into that place of Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom.

Well we didn’t get to 50, but you get the idea. What will be the end result of all if this? A day-by-day growing awareness of who you are and the unlimited power that you have. A day-by-day growing confidence in your ability to have, be or do anything – with ease and without struggle. Let’s return to the original theme of Paul Simon’s song, which is often in your human experience a difficult subject – ending a relationship. How can you do it gracefully? Answer – in the same way as you “how” anything. By focusing on what you want. By imagining the having of what you want. By refusing to see and dread the “inevitable”.  By picking some Law Of Attraction techniques that work for you .. and using them.

Because nothing is inevitable, and because here’s what will happen. You will step into a new version of you, and a new matching version of everything and everyone in your experience will wrap itself around you. What that will look like is that one of two things will magically happen. Either your partner will transform into the person you originally fell in love with, and you will be in love with them all over again, or they will (and here’s the operative word) PAINLESSLY, vibrate out of your world and someone new will vibrate into it. And that is exactly what we mean when we say, throw the oars overboard and drift with the current. Nothing you want is upstream.

From Abraham: You came into this time/space reality for the exhilaration of creation. And once you get your leg’s under you .. and realize what emotions mean, and start paying attention to how you feel, and start promoting for your own well-being with your own thoughts and every word .. then watch the cooperative Universe .. reflect back to you how you feel about you. It’s an art.. It’s your job .. the art of feeling about [yourself] the way Source feels about [you] and then allowing the representation of that self-awareness and self-appreciation shower down around [you]. When you start appreciating and really meaning it .. then you’re there.

Amen – and now we move to our longer discussion and your questions. No question is off limits. No question is too big or too small. This is your conference call. Claim it for yourself.