“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.“
John Lennon
What this implies is that you may plan, but life goes on and circumstances beyond your control will intervene. Is that true, and if so, what does planning achieve? Well to answer those questions, you have to know what deliberate creation is. So let’s talk a little about planning, because whether it’s simply deciding short term what you’ll have for lunch, or deciding what you want your life to look like, to some extent you all make plans, and therefore it’s worth spending some time to understand what it takes to create a world, and a life within it, that matches those plans.

In the current version of this one’s virtual reality, the game called Life On Earth, (yours is probably similar) there’s something called “conventional wisdom”, and it’s certainly “conventional” because most of the characters in his game have a One World view of things. Atheists and spiritual gurus alike, start from one very big assumption – that the physical world is real, and external, and even though there’s some disagreement about whose version of history is accurate, they all agree that only one version can be.

We of course would say that that when you start from that place, you find yourself inevitably in a world of complexity and empirical laws. In a One World, there is no Theory Of Everything, there are no logical and simple answers to the big questions about who you are and why you’re here, and even the Law Of Attraction defies rational explanation. We say, there is no world “out there”. It’s an inside job. You’re not a space/time creature, you’re a consciousness. You think, and it is your thoughts that create the virtual reality that is Your World, and everything in it matches what you chose to believe and expect.

When you’re coming at things from a One World perspective, it makes perfect sense to study it, and learn how it works, and develop some strategies for dealing with it. Commonly accepted good strategies become “conventional wisdom”. Conventional .. maybe. Wisdom .. not so much. When you begin to understand it’s not One World but Your World, what constitutes wisdom starts to be a very different thing indeed. Strategies for success may be similar, but the logic of why you choose one over another, and the way you go about it often gets turned completely upside down.

We’ll get into a few examples of convention wisdom as a way of exploring this, but before we do, it’s worth establishing where you are on the subject of “reality”. If you’ve been following our discussions in this community, you know all about how you create Your World, unique to you. You know, intellectually at least, everything is an inside job. The question is .. how much is that knowledge a part of your ongoing awareness? As we said before, most of the characters in this one’s game have a One World view. We also said Your World was probably similar.

Think about that. If it’s true, then all that means is that both of you currently expect your worlds to look like that. Do you see what we’re getting at here. Let’s do a little exercise. Take yourself back to when you woke up this morning. Now think about your day as you’ve moved through it. Think about the trail of thoughts and actions, and decisions you’ve made since then. Ask yourself this question. To what extent am I treating this world as “real”. The answer cannot be close to zero, or you would not be in it. You would be one of us disembodied entities. The answer is closer to 100%.

Even this one and those of you well-practiced in the understanding of who you are, never-the-less get mesmerized and caught up in your game. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why you chose it. It’s just that this community, and our involvement in it, and your involvement in it, is all about discovering ways in which you can create more of what you want, which means create more joy in your life, and to that end, we’re simply advocating for a little less being mesmerized, and a little more same-time awareness of who you are. This is not at all about getting out of the game. This is all about getting into the game in a new way. So let’s look at some conventional wisdom.

“Hope for the best, but plan for the worst”.
From a One World perspective, this makes a lot of sense. Stay hopeful, but have plans in place so that if it all goes south, you’re ready to make the best of it.
But what if it’s Your World (and it is)?
Well whether it makes sense or not is how you feel about. What’s important is not the action plan, because actions don’t create. Thoughts create. Your beliefs and expectations create.

If planning for the worst has you focused on what you don’t want and dwelling on that, then that’s what you’re creating. If planning for the worst helps you to feel better, if it gives you a foundation for focusing on what you want, then it’s good. It can be good in one minute and bad in the next. Be aware of how you feel, and just remember that ..
Practiced hope is the doorway to belief.
Practiced belief is the doorway to expectation.
Practiced expectation is the doorway to certainty.
Certainty = manifestation

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”
Zig Ziglar
There is much about this statement that we would agree with, but as with many of these aphorisms, we would add .. yes you were born to thrive (to win if you like), and participating fully in that destiny is all about that last piece – the expectations. Everything else is all about getting yourself to that place of expectation. Everything else is optional. The plan is only useful if it helps with the expectation. The preparation is only useful insofar as it leads to you expecting what you want, because then the execution (the DOing part) becomes inspired action. And then you are in the flow.

Think about your last year. You may have had your plans for the year designed and documented. Then it happened, and you discovered what your REAL plans for the year actually were. And now there’s this year. What is your declared plan for this year? And what is your REAL plan for this year? Your written plan is what you say you want, but your expectations are your real plan, and no amount of writing on the wall can buck that current. If you don’t expect success, there’s no amount of action on the planet that can bring it about. If you do expect it, then no action is necessary. You may get into action of course, you’re in an action-oriented world, but it will be easy. It will be fun.

Struggle – is truly optional, and not recommended. You may say that if I can just push through this, then the end result will be wonderful. Can you see that any end result attained in this way will be contaminated with the struggle? If this is your expectation of the way things work, then you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of it. You are attracting it. What is occurring in Your World is all part of your REAL plan.

Make some real plans, and recognize for each of you individually, that in a very real sense, there’s nothing and nobody out there but you and your screenplay. Obsess less about the physical world. Practice less “reality” thinking and thereby allow yourself to step back and see it for what it is. Then those struggles will disappear, and then the things you want to do will magically become downstream flow – not just the end result, but the DOing of each and every bit of it. Nothing that you want is upstream. Everything you want is downstream.

Find a path to a change. It matters not whether that path is the choice of a feeling that leads to a new expectation, or a new expectation that flows to new feelings. They are just different sides of the same coin. Each of you will have a different path. And as you experience breakthroughs, and you will if you set that as your goal, rejoice in those. Obsess about those. Plan for more of them. Keep the momentum going. The better it gets, the better it gets

So to step away from default creation (staying with all of those past belief-choices of yours) and consciously and deliberately create a new world (step into a new version of you and your matching context) ..
the “how” is .. choose to believe and expect new things. It’s nothing to do with the facts. It’s nothing to do with the past. Those were your old creations. Expect new things – for no reason other than that’s what you want.
the “why” is .. because that’s who you are and what you came here to experience.
the “when” is ,, now .. and now .. and now .. and ..

You’re standing at the doorway to a totally new world.
Step through.
That’s all it takes.
And if we can help, we are here of course to answer your questions.