Welcome to our discussion. We were talking last week about the different sorts of questions that you ask us, and that when you ask about what we call the Absolutes, the fundamental nature of things, who you are and what you’re doing here, what this thing called the Law Of Attraction is all about, we are delighted to answer you directly and comprehensively. But when you ask us about the physical and non-physical things in the worlds you experience, then we have to say, you tell us, because not only are you asking us about what you and you alone are creating, it is our knowing that in the next week, or day, or second, you could make a new choice and change it all.

And then there are those questions that have both absolute and personal aspects, and then we have to say .. it depends. The question we are posing to you this week is one of those questions. Can a “healer”, heal you? Our answer, we have to say, is that it depends upon your perspective. Are you the healer, or are you the person needing healing, or are you the observer of both? Let’s explore this together because that exploration will give us a insights into the nature of the universe, and everything in it. So here we go.

If you or someone close to you is very ill, and you have exhausted your options in the medical profession, is there an alternative? Is there a “healer” out there who can work miracles for you? Do some people have a special gift and the power to change others? If you are in this situation, this is obviously a big question, and before we dive into a longer answer, the short answer is, if you can find someone or some process that feels right to you, go for it without reservation. Seize any chance to choose optimism, and you will reverse the flow and healing must follow.

You see, it was reservations, and doubts, and worries, and fears, that got you into this dis-ease situation in the first place. That negative focus took you out of alignment with who you are, and there is no medical procedure, or miracle worker, that can buck that current. So choose whatever course feels best (be it with the medical profession, or some alternative, or even doing nothing), and start to imagine once again what life will be like in a healthy body. The path ahead for you is to get yourself more and more to a feel-good place. Nothing is more important.

There will be of course those who say “You shouldn’t be telling sick people that it’s entirely their own fault”. Well, even though that IS the literal truth of it, we would agree with that. In fact, if it is not you who is ill, but someone close to you, we’re going to make what may seem to be some very radical statements here. Because it’s not your “job” to tell them anything. As we progress here you will see that, in a very real sense, it has nothing to do with them. You alone are the creator of Your World and everything in it, everything in it. Whether this person in Your World gets better or not, is not up to them. It’s up to you .. but we’ll get to that.

If it is you that is ill, our intent here is very much to have you understand the nature of Your World and Your Physicality. When you know truly who you are, you will begin to see the power that you have to change anything, including things you’ve already created. From this place you can most easily step into a world of all possibilities. We will be encouraging you forward, not backwards to the thoughts that got you here, but forward to where you want to be.

Then there are those who say “You mustn’t give false hope.” Well you either believe in the Law Of Attraction or you don’t. If you don’t, then that’s an understandable and reasonable statement. If you do, then we would say once again, we’re not talking about that other person. We’re talking to you, and we’re talking about you. It is YOUR hope that is the important first step. Hope is the doorway to belief. Belief is the doorway to expectation. And expectation is the doorway to manifestation. If you begin to understand who you are and the power you have, then hope can be the start of your journey to a new world.

Then you might ask “How is it possible to choose optimism when I’m faced with the reality of this physical condition and the failure of all treatments to fix it?” We understand that when you’ve been practicing lifetime beliefs about your physicality, it can be hard to move to optimism in the face of what seems like mounting evidence of your mortality. But can you see that you’ve now changed the question from “Can I be healed?” to “How do I choose wellness?”, and this IS the important question. So let’s move into our longer story. Let’s look at what “healers” are

Is someone or something out there capable of healing you? This one has had an evolving series of answers to this question. Let’s begin back when he saw himself living in One World, a world solid and continuous, a world shared with every other living being. From a One World context, his first answer back then was a possible yes – these people seemed to exist. Then he began to understand the Law Of Attraction, and through us he knew that nobody can assert something into another’s experience.

So he then understood if you are sick, it is your own beliefs that are the important factor. You will always attract into your experience that which you choose to believe about yourself and your world. All dis-ease is the result of negative creative thought, and all cures are achieved by changing that flow of thought. Whether you get healed or not is always completely an inside job. To the extent that you believe in the process, it will work. To the extent there is doubt, there is no doctor or healer, on or off the planet that can heal you.

So what then is the role of the healer? This one thought it has to be as some sort of catalyst, an aid to the process. Well if you view your surroundings as One World, then that’s about as good an answer as you’ll get. But then that begs the question – are the healers powerless in this exercise? No of course not. By Law Of Attraction they have the same control over their world as you have over yours. Well then what determines their success rate has to be an inside job for them. So how can the healer and the patient both be calling the shots?

The truth is, you cannot find a good answer to this until you can step back from a One World view and start to recognize the degree to which all of your worlds are unique. You are not a tiny spec in a huge world. You are the creator of everything you experience. It goes like this. As you choose new beliefs, you step into new versions of you. Those new versions of you cause a matching world to wrap itself around you. You intersect with the versions of people and things you attract. What looks like a shared world is actually a collage of those intersections. But it is Your World, unique to you.

Firstly from your perspective, and from an infinity of possibilities, let’s look at just two. You go to a healer and you have chosen in Version A, to be highly confident of the outcome. You will be healed. In Your World Version B, you choose this as a last resort and you are not confident. Of course you will get what you expect. Now these are two different versions of reality, and both exist, both are “real”, both are valid. But by the nature of your consciousness, you are only aware of the one you choose to inhabit.

Now what does this Story look like from the perspective of the healer? It is the same. If you’re the healer and you’re confident, you will be successful and you will intersect in Version A. If not, you will intersect in Version B. You see it is not action that creates. It is belief. Of course you are action-oriented creatures in a physical world, and DOing things can help you believe (choose to believe) that a certain outcome will result. So we are fully in support of you DOing stuff, but only if it feels good, or at the very least, you allow yourself to anticipate that it will lead to feeling good. Once you are lined up with where you want to go, DOing is easy. It feels like inspired action. It’s like flowing with the current.

We know that the idea of multiple versions of reality can feel a little complex, but we encourage you to allow yourself to begin to understand it, because you can. It’s not complex. It’s just a little upside down perhaps from the way you’ve been seeing the world – as solid, and real, and continuous, and “out there”, and you have to deal with it as it is. It’s not necessary to be able to experience yourself in both versions at once (although that too is possible). For now keep it simple. The important thing is just to know that no-body and no-thing can assert into your experience things that are not a match to your vibration, and everything that IS a match will inevitably wrap itself around you.

The version you are in right how is your chosen Story. It is the particular way you are choosing to participate in this game of Life On Earth. If being a doctor or a healer is the game you have chosen, and you are enjoying that role, then we say play on. It can be a magnificent game. And if there are aspects of that game that are not to your liking, then we say choose to change those aspects. Expect something different. Or if another version of the game looks like more fun, then go play that one. Just recognize that You are the one who’s making the decisions here.

If it is you who is unwell, pick the course of action that feels best, be it medical or otherwise, and get behind it. Forget all previously observed facts. Choose what you want to believe now – because we promise you that those “facts” are from the world you used to live in. Now you have new choices. If it is not you but someone who is close to you that is unwell, you do not have to persuade them of anything. In Your World, YOU are the healer. Do you want to step into Version A, or Version B of Your World. It’s not up to them, it’s up to you. They will show up in your reality in the version that matches your choices.

And this principle applies to everything. For example, if Your World has within it anything that you do not want, the answer is always the same. If the planet is in trouble, if disease and famine are endemic, if war continues and corrupt governments prevail, and you wish to bring about change, you do not have to gather all those who agree with you into world conferences or days of focus and prayer. If that’s fun to do of course then imagine it into BEingness and go for it. But if it feels like struggle, then you’re pushing against things you do not want, and your cause is lost before you start.

It’s not about those others you see. It’s all about the version of Your World you are choosing to step into. We say again, first – be clear about what you want to INclude. Then imagine that version and step into it. You are not a tiny spec in a huge world. You are the creator of everything you experience. Choose a new belief and you will step into a new version of you. That new version comes with its own context – a collage of intersections with the matching worlds of others. This is Your New World, unique to you. Step into it. Dance within it. Rejoice in the magnificence of your creative power. Be what you came here to be. And now let’s move to our longer discussion and your questions.