You can choose the lie you want or the life you want. You can’t have both. We admit we’re being a bit cute with words here, but there is great truth behind these words. We’re going to make the case here for choosing the life you want, and give you some suggestions that can help you as you set out on that path. To begin, we’ll look with you at the assumptions that consciously or unconsciously underlie all of your thinking – the mostly unspoken beliefs that are the foundation on which you have built your particular Story. Then, if you’re still with us, we’ll work our way forward from those fundamentals, and give you three ways of approaching life that will support you on your journey.
So what for you is true about you and your world? What’s undeniable? What’s as “plain as the nose on your face”? What are the obviously self-evident common-sense facts that no reasonable person would ever question? Well the answers to these of course will be personal to you.

There are those of you who choose to take the world at face value – as a physical-only place where all questions must have a physical-only answer. The big assumption here is that if anything non-physical existed, you would be able by physical experiment to verify and measure it. The “scientific method” is the absolute bedrock on which of all your reasoning is based, even though the science of today is questioning the very idea of physicalness, wondering what time really is, and still trying to explain how this pesky thing called consciousness seems to affect physical things.

If that is you, then your undeniably common-sense self-evident answers to those questions above, are that you live on planet earth in one galaxy of many, formed perhaps from a big bang. Sustainable life is the result of a physical accident finding this particular planet where conditions by chance allowed it to evolve into higher forms. You are one of those – a human being born of certain parents on a certain day and time in a certain place in a certain country. You grew up, and you will grow old and physically degenerate until you die, when you and your consciousness will cease to exist. That is your Story.

Then there are those of you who believe in duality. You accept the reality of your physicality and your answers are similar to those above with the exception that you believe there is some part of you that is non-physical and therefore survives your death. You may believe there’s an all-powerful God who had a hand in the creation of life in general, and your life in particular, and the physical world around you, who has a particular purpose for that life or yours, and whose judgment of your worthiness affects your after-life. Your Story is a hybrid of a physical reality fitting within the context of these spiritual aspects.

Some of you in duality mode also believe somewhat in the Law Of Attraction – that you can somewhat influence your future by how you focus your thoughts. Well the Law Of Attraction says you can have, be or do anything, and there is nothing you cannot change. If you can have your world be whatever way you want it to be (and you can), and that other person over there can have it be whatever they want, (and they can also), then you cannot be sharing the same world. So if you see yourself in One World shared by everybody, you have an immediate problem, which usually gets resolved by watering down the Law Of Attraction until it somewhat means not much of anything.

Here’s the absolute truth about all of you. You are a non-physical consciousness. You are an always-connected part of the collective consciousness of All That Is. Your intentions and belief-choices define you. As you make new choices (a new Story), you morph into a new version of you, and a new matching version of everything and everyone instantly wraps itself around you. That’s what you describe as the Law Of Attraction at work. You are attracting, moment by moment, a version of a physical you, a physical world and a non-physical world, all of which are a match to your Story. The experience is real but the Story is a work of fiction. Everything is an inside job.

And then there are those of you who are starting to get it. You start to relinquish your traditional beliefs about the nature of physicalness, and you get that it’s possible to step into a new future-you, but for many, it’s hard to shake some of the remnants of that former belief system – for example, the solidarity of your past. You still see yourself essentially as that same human born of certain parents on a certain day and time in a certain place in a certain country. And that’s OK. There are no right or wrong Stories. There is just your Story. You can play this game in any way that you want to. In different versions of you, all equally valid and real, you are making an infinity of different choices.

But for this version of you, since you are asking us how to create more of what you want, we say, it helps if you will allow your creation tapestry to continue its evolution by letting go of those remnants. For example once again, if you are creating by your thoughts, moment by moment, the virtual reality that is your world, can you see that your past is as variable as your future. Memory is just another word for imagination. We know that this may be a big leap for you. Just start to get used to the idea of it. Let it be within you for a while and it will become part of you.

How does this help? Because you’ve been locked into the concept that your past determines your present, and to a large extent, your future. You “know” still that what you did 10 years ago, and 10 months ago, and 10 days ago, and 10 minutes ago, has led you inexorably to your here and now. Well if you’re beginning to understand who you are and the fundamental nature of “reality”, you will also be beginning to see that your “past” has no power to create anything. This is fantasy thinking. It’s only your beliefs that have that power, and those are choices. We say it’s as plain as the nose on your face. It’s time to rethink.

You can choose the lie you want, or you can choose the life you want. You can’t do both. We encourage you to choose the life you want and all of its delicious possibilities, and, to that end, we offer the following as three new thinking habits to develop.
1. Let go of the fantasy you call “reality”.
2. Be aware of your feelings.
3. Appreciate everything.

Number1. Let go of that fake “reality”. Loosen the death-grip with which you are holding on to your now-world. Spend more time in the stands watching even as you play the game on the field. Daydream more about what you want to be, and do, and have, and as you do that, you’ll identify more and more with that new equally valid version of Your World. And let go of that past of yours. Start to get inside you that it does not exist and never did. Try playing with a new past – one that more logically leads to that new different version of you and Your World. Even if you doubt yourself, do it anyway. If you practice it, it WILL become the new you. Believe the truth of who you are. Make it your new reality.

Number 2. Above all else be aware of your feelings. They are your personal infallible guide to knowing whether you’re heading in the direction you want to go (you feel good), or in the opposite direction (you feel bad). As we suggested last week, make a promise to yourself here and now that you will abandon the idea forever that your feelings are the result of circumstances. There is no possible circumstance that has any innate power to dictate your feelings. You dictate them, perhaps from an old belief system, but it’s time to know that and discard it. Feeling bad comes from believing one of those old lies. Choose life.

From Abraham this week: Fear itself is not the impediment to your joyful life. But, fear is pointing at the impediment to your joyful life. And just as the feeling of fear is within you, the impediment is within you also.
Fear feels bad. Worry feels bad. Perhaps you think, in those moments, you can justify why you feel bad. Well .. justify away. You can justify all you want, but the simple truth is, feeling bad means you’re right then and there, in that very moment, heading away from what you want, and that makes no sense at all. That impediment within you that Abraham is talking about, is just that old lie you’ve been practicing.

In our recent discussions, we quoted the words of Bashar .. “Waiting for circumstances to change so that you can feel good, is like waiting for your reflection in the mirror to smile first.” And the reason these words are so powerful, is that they speak to the fundamental, unchangeable, eternal, absolute truth about you – that as you have new experiences and new desires are born, you can choose new beliefs and expectations. When you do that, you step into a new version of you in a new matching context. That’s how the Law Of Attraction works. That which you experience as your worlds, physical and non-physical, are always a reflection of your choices.

Each morning this one goes around the bend .. in a very good way. Right outside this new house that he and Eva have moved into, there’s a path going up the hill, and each morning he and the dog climb up that path. There’s a bend halfway up, and just past that bend there’s a level area that stretches across the hill, and he walks across the hill and surveys the scene. He can see the Bay Bridge, and up and down the bay, and across the bay to San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, and beyond. And each morning he takes the time to think about and say to himself .. “This is the version of me and world I am creating”. He is looking, of course, at a reflection of himself.
And lastly Number 3. It’s very simple and so easy to do. Appreciate everything. Catch yourself as often as you can, and just go on a rampage about ordinary things and extraordinary things, about mundane things and special things, about your washer and dryer, about your connection with us, about sunshine and flowers and birds and bees, about the people in your life (as they are now and how you will create them to be), about present things, about your new “past” things, and of course your new future things. Appreciation is the slippery slope to feeling good – in the best possible way.

So .. choose the lie you want or the life you want. We say, question the lies. Bring them into the light and see them for what they are, and then choose the life you want. We say find your own “bend”, and go around it every day, by which we mean, develop your own routines for practicing more “truthful” thinking and less fantasy thinking. If you always think the way you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. To create something different, you have to take a stand with yourself. You have to move beyond intellectually understanding, to internally knowing.

Can you see that acknowledging to yourself the fundamental truth of who you are , and investing in it, and keeping it in the foreground and background of your thinking as an on-going ever-present awareness, puts you squarely on the yellow brick road to everything you want. It gives you a new perspective, and you get to see exciting new things you can create in this game of Life On Earth, and beyond that, without limit, whatever your heart desires. Even the power to change the rules completely, if that feels like fun.
So make that decision. Take that stand. And we. of course, will always be here to support you.
So let’s now get into our longer discussion in which we welcome your questions.