Welcome. We had some discussion this past week about “believing” and “creating” being one and the same thing. And as we talked a little about how creating new things can be like choosing to believe the unbelievable, to some of you that sounded like too much of a mental leap. So we’d like to explore that a little here today by talking about “reality”. Then we’ll revisit two powerful techniques for changing that reality of yours, and we’ll talk a little about what you want to change. We’re going to talk about starting with some simple things, and working up to creating a new galaxy or two. Here we go.

You’ve probably many times heard supposedly practical advice statements like the following. “You have to face reality”. “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. “You can only do so much”. “You have to be prepared to work hard” (as in you’re going to have to do a lot of things you don’t want to do). Well as you know we usually say phooey to all of that, but today we’re going to suggest a new twist. We’re going to suggest that if you’d like to change some of that “reality” of yours (and you all do), facing reality can be an excellent place to start, but only once you truly understand what “reality” is, because once you get it, those words “facing reality” take on a whole new meaning. Let’s start here.

If you’re sitting in that world that’s out there external to you, the one you’re sharing with everyone else on the planet, it’s logical and reasonable that you observe it and learn how it works. You choose strategies for dealing with it, for surviving and thriving within it, and for maximizing your chances of success and abundance and happiness. This is the predominant cultural conversation in this one’s world and yours is probably similar. How-to succeed is the big question. Your Internet is full of advice on this and that, and the biggest section in your libraries is the how-to section. The news media deals with what’s out there, and you react accordingly.

In this world you make decisions for what you think are good reasons. Whenever you are choosing consciously, you always decide for a course of action that will bring you what you perceive is the maximum benefit. Most of your decisions of course are subconscious, and those are all based upon the logical conscious decisions you made somewhere in that “past” of yours, and practiced and stored away so that you don’t have to spend your conscious CPU cycles making the same decisions over and over again. You decide the way the world is, you choose how to deal with it, and then you go about living Life On Earth.

You keep abreast perhaps of what foods are good for you, or for your pets. Perhaps you read the polls about the coming elections and get a feeling for which party is going to be successful. Perhaps you’re hoping your sports team will win the championship, and you sit nervously through the big games that are the deciding matches. You order something online and you wonder if you’ve made a good decision and when it will arrive. You have an outdoor event coming up and you study the weather forecast to see how it’s going to turn out. You lose your car keys and you try retracing your steps mentally to see where the hell you could have left them.

All of this makes perfect sense in a One World reality. The problem is, you’re not in a One World. It’s not even a reality. So let’s look at the realm you’re really in. Let’s see if we can wean you off that invalid concept, and give you ways of looking at things that will have you stepping into the truth of who you are. We are not of course trying to talk you out of that life you’ve chosen. You chose it for a reason and that reason remains. It’s just that when you ask us how you can make things better, the best answer we can give you starts from the fundamentals of who you and why you’re here. So let’s begin.

You are a timeless consciousness. Your intentions formed you out of the collective consciousness of All That Is. You have experiences and you make choices. With each new choice, you step into a new version of you and a new version of the context that surrounds you like a virtual reality. In that virtual reality are the versions of everything and everyone that are a match to those choices you made. It’s not a shared One World. It’s Your World, and there’s not a soul in heaven or earth that can assert anything into it that is not a match to your choices.

Can you see then, that if you are the moment by moment creator of your world, it makes no sense at all to be thinking that it’s out there and you have to deal with it as it is? You can take all that conventional wisdom you know and throw it out the window. There is no world “out there” but the one you’re designing. There are infinite versions of those people in Your World, and the one you intersect with is the version that matches what you’ve chosen to believe about them. Whether foods are good or bad for you is what you’re choosing to believe. Who wins the championship or the election is not decided by anybody but you. Your car keys are where you expect them to be.

Let’s look at those car keys, and if you can get your mind around this, you’ll never think about losing things in quite the same way again. If you’re creating your world moment by moment, what does it mean to lose your car keys. It’s not like they exist as some solid object somewhere in that ongoing physical world of yours. They will appear where you expect them to be – maybe here, or over there, or in that pocket. Or if you fear they may be lost forever, then they may never re-appear. If retracing your steps helps you believe you’ll find them, then retracing your steps is a good idea. Whatever actions you take, it’s powerful to acknowledge what’s actually going on.

And that is our essential message here today. If you know what’s going on, it empowers you. You don’t need a reason to choose some belief. It does not need to be supported by what you know of the world, because that’s ass-backwards. What you decide about the world, BECOMES the world. What you decide should be on one basis only. What is it that you want? What is that makes your heart sing? What forgotten dreams do you want to dream again?

So now let’s talk a little about stepping into that creative role, and we’re going to revisit both our “About Face” process, and our “Letting Go” process, not only because both are powerful tools for pivoting away from negativity and launching you into the world you want, but also because they’re useful exercises that can help you see how you’re viewing “reality”, and what “beliefs” really are, and how you can change what you think of as possible and impossible. More …