Is there truly NOTHING you cannot be, do or have? Our answer is yes, and it’s an unqualified yes. This week, this one mixed it up a bit with a Law Of Attraction guru who was coming from a One-World perspective, and who answered this question with .. Yes .. but. It seems that in this one‘s version of things, this One-World focus is not only the prevailing societal conversation, but it also permeates the fabric of your religions and most of your popular explanations about the nature of things. So we thought it might be useful to revisit this topic of “reality”.
So welcome to this discussion in which we explore what your real options are in this world. Let’s start from the place you all start from when at some point, or at many points, you ponder the meaning of life and ask two big fundamental questions. Who am I? .. and .. What am I doing here? As we progress here, our intention is to leave none of you behind – be you atheist or materialist, be you a follower of a particular religion or spiritual philosophy, be you agnostic in that you’ve decided that the questions are unanswerable, or be you a believer, for example, in some version of this thing you call the Law Of Attraction.

We’re not going to ask any of you to suspend logic (because the picture from our perspective is entirely logical) and we’re not going to ask you to take anything on faith (because each of you should always make your own belief-choices and your own decisions about what seems plausible). But we will warn you up front here that this model of reality we’re proposing may at first seem highly radical in that it will challenge you to entirely rethink the way you see the world.

Now we understand that for some of you, this radicalness may at first look like complexity, but we encourage you to get beyond that because the opposite is true. As you might expect from a “Theory Of Everything”, this model is in fact (1) elegantly simple, and (2) able to provide complete answers to every question you might have. We also recognize that for others of you, who’ve spent a lifetime exploring many different and complex models of reality, the very simplicity of this might be unsatisfying in that it seems too much of a short-cut. And to those we would say .. do you want answers or complex discussions? We offer answers.

So here’s the radical idea. Most of you in this one’s version of reality, atheists, agnostics, followers of religious teachings, believers in the Law Of Attraction, most of you, start from the assumption that you live in a One-World – a solid, space/time, physical, ongoing reality that you share with everyone else. In fact, most of you see that as so self-evident, that you never challenge it. We offer an alternate model – one that is equally possible and one that no one can disprove – that this world of yours is what you dream into existence. It’s your own personal movie playing in your mind, and you write the screenplay by what you choose to believe and expect.

From our friends – Abraham: “This reality that humans claim and cling to, is such an arbitrary thing. You are billions of people with billions of different perspectives of life experience, literally creating billions of different worlds and yet pretending that it’s all one big world that you are all sharing equally. And it’s not even close to that you see. You are on these vibrational islands with Law of Attraction spinning on your individual vortexes, giving you exactly what you are a vibrational match to.”

From Bashar: “Your physical reality is just a holographic reflection of what you most strongly believe to be true.”

From Bentinho Massaro: “Want a happy world? Then it is absolutely crucial .. that you give up your focus on ‘the world out there’ as if it actually exists.”

There’s a consciousness that’s you that makes all your decisions. Then there’s the virtual reality that provides your experiences. It presents to you the physical-ness that’s you, and your physical world and your non-physical world. There are no boundaries between these. If you choose to change the consciousness that’s you, everything else changes. These choices you make are the ONLY things that determine what’s in that world of yours. Everything is a match, and there is no-thing and no-body that exists in heaven or earth that can hold you apart from things that you match, or can push things at you that you do not.

You’re an always-connected extension of the collective consciousness, the pure positive energy, of All That Is. There is no God beyond you that creates it all. You are creating, moment by moment, second by second, everything you experience. If you’re aware of it, you’re creating it. If you’re aware of it right now, you’re creating it right now. There’s no committee that designs and maintains the earth as something external to you. It didn’t exist before you and it cannot survive after you. What’s in your so-called past, in your history books and your paleo-scientific journals is a nice backstory, but it’s only relevant insofar as you make it so by granting it the power to influence your here-and-now.

So what’s the downside to a One-World belief? Three things.

Firstly, when you try to make sense of it, when you try to answer questions, because you’re trying to force-fit a solid model of reality over a thought-created virtual reality, the answers get to be long, and involved, and illogical, and you end up with having to take things on faith. You end up with half answers, or non-answers.

Secondly, in a shared world, it’s clear that what you can create depends on what those other people in that world decide they will create. Your desires are in competition with theirs. Now you’re in the mindset of .. there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have, .. except .. or but .. or unless! Now you’re in the place of needing to gather like-minded people around you, of promoting days of world prayer or meditation. At best, you have declared that it’s not just up to you. At worst, you have watered down the Law Of Attraction to mean not much of anything. Then something comes along that knocks you down, and some of you just give up on the whole idea.

Thirdly, for as long as your mindset is One World, a world that’s “real” and “existing” and “out there”, you internalize it as something it isn’t. You make it solid and unchangeable. You put that pottery piece in the oven and take away your ability to put your hands on the clay and re-mold it to a new shape. This is a self-reinforcing mechanism, and it can really impede you by holding you apart from the experience of who you really are, and the true power that you have. The less “real” you choose to believe things are, the less you will see them as solid and unmalleable. Less “real” begets more-in-charge. Less “real” turns your boat downstream. Everything just gets easier.

There is, you see, no boundary between you and Your World. What’s “out there” is a reflection of you, because it’s not “out there” at all. It’s all an inside job. When you make a new choice, you are stepping into a new version of you, and a new version of your world wraps itself around you with new matching versions of everybody and everything. Whatever you believe is real, is what you will experience, but it is a mirror, and it is only a mirror.

We could here go further into the concept that there are infinite versions of you and everybody else, that when you go left at the fork, there is another equally valid version that goes right, that you perceive only one version at a time and that other version of you is perceiving a different one. But let’s keep it simple for now with these two truths. It isn’t “real”. And you are the decider.

As we often do, let us also add here this really simple and powerful statement. If you will let your feelings be your guide, and if you will remember to always reach for that better feeling thought, you will be right on the path that leads to the experiences you want. The rest of this is just detail. Is it relevant or important detail? That is for each of you to answer of course, but we would say for most of you .. yes, it is
So now let’s look at what to do with this understanding. The extent to which you allow yourself to step outside the mental confines of this context you have created, is the extent to which you will build an ongoing awareness of who you really are and the power that you have. Be in the stands even as you are on the field. Spend time with the thought that this is me and my creation, and I can change it all. Become familiar with it. Let it become part of you, and watch the world change. People and things that used to be in Your World will disappear, because what you are is no longer what they are.

Remember that beyond everything we have explained here, you are a part of the time-less infinite All That Is. The individuation that is you is always at choice. Everything is an option. If you have concerns about that so-called world of yours, those concerns are what holds you apart from what you really want. All that is necessary to change anything, is to choose to believe in, and expect, different things. That is how powerful you are. What you believe, becomes. Remember also that you are creating us, even as we are creating you, and we are delighted to answer your questions as we dance together here. It is a joyful experience.