Welcome back to our ramp-up to the 4-Week Challenge in which we’re going to explore with you in-depth the idea that not here on this earth to do some particular thing. You’re here to decide what it is you want to create, and to set about doing just that. If we look at the “what” and “how” questions of your life, “What” is clearly up to you. “How” in one sense IS your job, and in another sense it’s definitely not. “How” you practice thinking things into BEingness IS. “How” you physically orchestrate circumstances, and events, is NOT. So November is going to be our play-space – a full month wherein you declare one of your “what”s, and together we practice being creators.

So today we’d like to explore with you the purpose of your life, and we’d like to do that from two seemingly different perspectives – the cosmic perspective, and the you-here-and-now perspective –
 From the cosmic perspective, when you understand that you’re not here to do any particular thing, you begin also to understand that you can do anything, and, to extend that in a way you may not have thought of, you can do .. everything.
 From the you-here-and-now perspective, when you give up on your “should-do”s and “must-do”s, you begin to free yourself up to do whatever you want to do.

From Mike Dooley and the Universe – a cosmic perspective: You are not on earth to make things happen. You are not on earth to spread the love. You are not on earth to make it a better place or to learn acceptance of the things you cannot change. You are not on earth to find your soul mate or your purpose. You are not on earth to put the needs of others before your own. And you are most certainly not on earth .. to suffer, pay penance, be tested, or judged.. You are on earth ..because .. you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits. And when you can grasp this .. you will also grasp how unlimited you truly are.

Amen. And we would add a little to those words “you wondered what it would be like, even fleetingly, to believe in limits”, because this is the crux of it all. When you play a game, any game, you do it for the fun of it. You mix it up with your friends. You make decisions. They make decisions. You try new things. It’s exciting. It’s an adventure. And the game has limits that you call rules. Without rules, the game doesn’t exist. So here you are in the game of Life On Earth. What Mike’s Universe is describing here as “limits”, are the rules of this game.

We would say that you did not set out to even fleetingly choose to believe that anything about you is limited, but, as with any game, you chose to accept those “limits” because that’s how you play the game. In other words, you’ve created this game, and you’ve stepped into it, to mix it up with others in this special context, to create new things from this very focused perspective. And along the way, some of you forget who you are, and start believing in the absoluteness of those rules and limits. You start being absolutely and literally UNrealistic, by analyzing the very game you created, as if it’s somehow external to you, and you just have to learn how to deal with it.

From our friends Abraham, another cosmic perspective: What is the reason that you came forth into this physical experience? You wanted more. You wanted more exposure, more opportunity, to have more feelings. So the meaning of life, it sounds strange to say it, but the meaning of life is LIFE! It’s to feel life pouring through you, to feel the exhilaration of a new idea coming to fruition. To feel yourself not right on it and then work yourself until you are on it. To have a new idea occur to you and to recognize you are not a vibrational match to it, and then to deliberately become a vibrational match to it. All of that is fun and all of that is life. So the meaning of life and the reason for life is for the thrill.

From our friend Bashar: The highest purpose of your life is to be yourself to the best of your ability and live each moment as fully as possible.
At first these words from Abraham and Bashar sound a bit like circular definitions, but here’s what they’re getting at. At the core of your being, you’re a creator, and there’s nothing that can be more fun to do than simply bringing new things into existence. And there’s no better place to do that than this focused space/time playground.
Again from Bashar, here’s some word about your “Purpose” as he talks about two important concepts – the role of your emotional guidance system, and your Higher Self.

Excitement is a “sign” that the activity you are contemplating is aligned with your Higher Self, and this alignment is what causes the excitement. This naturally leads you to what you are “meant” to be doing – what your Soul “hopes” your will free-will chooses to do. This is your “Purpose”. So this is the simple yet effortlessly-effective way to find your life’s “Purpose”.. Excitement serves as a “compass” – to let you know when you’re “on course” – when you are doing or contemplating doing exactly what your Higher Self would just love to have you be doing.
Let’s pry this apart a little here because it contains some important concepts.

Is there really a Higher Self somewhat separate from you making separate decisions about what it wants you to be and do? No. With each choice the here-and-now conscious thinking you has ever made, you’ve added to that tapestry of expectations that defines you and your world. Remember that being physical, you tend to see things in boxes with borders and boundaries, whereas non-physicalness is a boundary-less realm. So there really is no separation between you, and that tapestry, and your Higher Self. What your Higher Self wants for you is simply to have everything you’ve already put on your wish-list.

Your “purpose” is to create whatever it is you want to create, and you’ve already made some decisions as to what that is. When you’re heading in that direction, you’re excited and having fun. In other words, the more you’re aligned with the essence of who you are, the more joyful and alive you feel. The less you’re aligned, the worse you feel. Your feelings and that alignment are synonymous. If you’re fulfilling your purpose, you’re feeling good, and vice versa. Which is why we always say, nothing is more important than choosing to feel good.

So that’s the view from the cosmic perspective, from the grandstand. Now take a moment here if you can (and you can if you believe you can), without diving back onto the field, let’s look at you from a here-and-now perspective. And we say, when you give up on your “should-do”s and “must-do”s, you begin to free yourself up to do whatever you want to do.

Just recently, one of our members was talking about where she was and didn’t want to be (running her business), and where she longed to be (in a different country with her son and grandchildren), and we made the outlandish statement that both of those places were the same thing, and that if she could have the time her life being where she was, she would effortlessly be wherever she wanted to be. What on earth were we talking about?

Well IF you’re a timeless consciousness (and you are),
and IF you’ve chosen to be here to create new things in this focused realm (and you have),
and IF your circumstance do not dictate how you feel (and they don’t),
and IF it’s how you interpret your circumstances that dictates how you feel (and it is),
and IF your interpretations are a here-and-now choice (and they are),
and IF you’re feeling bad you’re heading away from what you want (and you are),
then we say, if you’re feeling bad, choose to interpret your circumstances differently.

And if you do what happens? Firstly, the better it gets, the better it gets, which is to say every small choice in that positive direction makes a huge difference. You literally step into a new version of you, and then automatically by Law Of Attraction, poof, a new matching version of your context wraps itself around you, and off you go again, but from a new starting place. As you journey down that road, you start having the time of your life wherever you are. It doesn’t mean that you give up on that new country and the grandchildren, it means just the opposite. It means literally that you step into a context that has everything you want.

So how can that now country and the old job, possibly be the same context as the new country and the grandchildren? We say stop. Get back off the field and into the stands. We say stop with those sorts of “how”s. Those “How”s are not your job. The extent to which you cling to the notion that the world is “out there” and you have to deal with it, is the extent to which you hold yourself apart from who you are and what you want. The extent to which you perceive that the rules of the very game you invented are somehow now ruling you, is the extent to which you condemn yourself to rowing upstream.

When you’re at peace with where you are, you can go anywhere. When you’re choosing to have the time of your life being where you are, you ARE everywhere you ever want to be. And yes, maybe it sounds a little crazy, but you’ll discover your children and your grandchildren have somehow been miraculously caught up in this tornado yours and wherever you are, you’re all dancing together. It’s the difference between putting up with where you are and struggling on, to choosing to be in joy. It’s the difference between yearning for things wanted, and choosing to be deliciously aware that everything is racing towards you in miraculous ways.

Now you don’t have to quit your “should-do”s and “must-do”s cold-turkey. We’re not advocates of the jump-and-the-parachute-will-appear approach. Just be easy with all of this. Be easy on yourself. Simply start to appreciate everything you can about where you are. Be obsessively compulsive about it. Become a Pollyanna about life and take a stand on choosing to feel good. We want you to give up on the notion that circumstances control you, because then doors will open before you that you never knew existed, and in these four weeks we’re moving into, we’re going to be heading towards those doors.

So let’s take a moment right now to get quiet. We’re going to take a few moments here and explore the shape of that “what” of yours, What is that new thing you want to create? Let’s start with some very general questions. As we went through last week, being in alignment with your desires means four things – Peace and Power, Fun and Freedom. Let’s think about these in turn, and of these, which beckons most to you right now. Is it Peace? Is it Power? Is it Fun? Is it Freedom? If these are four doors in front of you, which one would you most like to step though right now? Is it Peace? Is it Power? Is it Fun? Is it Freedom?

What is it like to feel Peace? It is the “knowing of who you are” instilled into every fiber of your consciousness, on-going and ever-present. And out of that comes an unflappable calmness. It is when unwanted things are not devastating. They’re interesting. They don’t take you down, they spur you on. They allow you back into the question “What do I want NOW? That’s unflappable calmness. That’s peace.
What is it like to feel Power?. The simple truth is, how you choose to think creates everything you experience. Your power is enormous. That’s how everything exists. You think it into existence. We want you to know that power, feel that power, and revel in that feeling.

What is it like to feel Fun? Once you get into alignment with what you want, once you BE there in your mind, the Universe conforms. And when the Universe is conforming, the journey becomes entirely different. You find yourself flowing with the current. When the Universe is conforming, life is the joyful exciting ride you came here to experience. Fun is life as it was meant to be.

What is it like to feel Freedom? Once you get into alignment with what you want, the Universe lines up with you. And when the Universe is aligned, you find yourself flowing with the current. Life becomes once again a choice. You stand on that threshold, and now which door do you choose? You choose whichever feels best right now. And that’s the feeling of absolute freedom.

Now the truth is of course, that you can‘t have one of these without the others coming along as a bonus, but often you’ll find yourself really wanting one of these in particular. So we say, start there. And that may be as detailed as you get in that “what” of yours. Or you may go from there into the exquisite detail of something very specific. It’s all up to you. You can’t get it wrong, but you might find it useful to explore some of the ideas we’ve been discussing with you on how to choose that better feeling thought. Your natural state is well-being and so as so as you relax away from your resistance, you bob to the surface. By Law Of Attraction, you have to.

Remember that every small step is a giant leap. Every ten minutes of what might at first seem like wasted thought, is a step towards a better ten minutes if you will just let it be so. Acknowledge yourself, and move forward. Appreciate yourself, and move forward. Try something else and move forward. You cannot do these things without making a difference. Expect that difference to appear because the better it gets, the better it gets. And of course, we are with you. You only have to write our name into your dance card, and when the music starts, and it will, we will be there.
And now we move to our longer discussion and your questions.