Welcome back to our discussions. There was a question our friend Mike asked last week on Tuesdays With Terah. He’s dog-sitting Elmo for a friend, and Elmo’s health has been diagnosed to be in decline, and transition in the near future seems inevitable. So we gave Mike some ideas on how to soothe himself, and Elmo, by choosing some better feeling thoughts. Now as we head toward our 4-Week Money Challenge in January, we want to set you up for success, and we’re going to get a little outrageous here. We’re going to ask you to fairly and squarely face the facts. We’re going to ask you to face reality as you may never have chosen to face it before in your life.

We watch as all of you get caught up in this game of Life On Earth, and you all do to some extent. It is, after all, a magnificent game you have created for yourself. As you month by month, day by day, and moment by moment, construct your particular version of so-called reality, you attract onto your stage all those other players who are a mirror-match to your expectations. This highly complex game of yours has millions of small sub-plots, and as you follow the twists and turns, you get so mesmerized by it that many of you start to see it as something external to you – external and beyond your control.

And so this week we’ll be winding our way back to the foundation of all things, to the “reality” that your thoughts create you and your world, and the “Elmo”s that show up in it.
We say, face the facts, and they are, …
that there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have,
and there’s nothing you cannot change.
And now let’s go into this in more detail.

Because of your choices, some of those players in your game are perhaps showing up as atheists. They choose to believe that there’s nothing beyond what is physical, and they assume that if anything non-physical actually existed, they would be able to verify its existence by purely physical observation. Of course, challenging that assumption there’s this pesky thing called consciousness, the origin and mechanism of which defies physical explanation, so that has to be consigned to the bucket labelled “Everything yet to be explained”. But if you have faith in that bucket, this is at least a logical belief-choice. Many make this choice. Some are happy with this choice.

Then there are those of your players who are theists, those who respond to that seemingly innate sense within you all that there’s something beyond the physical, by choosing to believe in a God – mostly described as an all-powerful entity of the male gender who’s in charge of everything.
Of course there are many competing and complex theologies, but these stories all contain answers that lead to questions that cannot be answered. And so theists must accept that they cannot fully comprehend the mind of God and must therefore have faith in the theology they have been taught.
Many make this choice. Some are happy with this choice.

Then there of those of you who have chosen to believe in the Law Of Attraction, which is perhaps more clearly seen as a complete answer when viewed from our vantage point (we have less distractions).
And yet all of this is accessible by you, and verifiable by you.
If you are among those who have recently discovered this community, we say, welcome. It’s no accident that you are here. We encourage you to take in some of the earlier chapters in our story here wherein there is much detail about all of this.

The Law Of Attraction may seem radical at first in that things may seem upside down from the way you are used to seeing them.
But it’s not complex. In fact it’s elegantly simple.
And it’s a framework that leaves no questions unanswered,
it doesn’t require faith in anything,
and you don’t have to suspend logic.

Just briefly, here’s the essence of it.
You attract into your experience, unique to you, wanted or unwanted, moment by moment, that which you choose to believe and expect.
That which you know (choose to believe) is impossible will not exist in your world. What you believe is improbable will happen rarely. What’s possible will happen sometimes. What’s probable will usually happen, and your certainties will always happen – like, for example, your sun will rise in the east.

Here’s what may take a little time to digest. If you can choose your world to be any way you want it to be (and you can), then so can others, and so if you are sharing One World, the Law Of Attraction makes no sense at all. And so we come inevitably to the principle that the world is not “out there” at all, although it appears to be. It’s all an inside job. It’s like a movie playing in your mind, and into it you attract the versions of things and people that match those expectations of yours. They appear in your movie even as you, in different versions, appear in theirs. Your belief-choices are the threads from which you weave your unique tapestry of expectations, and that tapestry becomes the screenplay for the movie.

So, for those of you here who are with us on this journey, there are two questions of significance:
1. Do I really believe it? .. and
2. Can I really change things?

If you have doubts about whether this Law Of Attraction stuff is really the way things work, we say remember that there is no right or wrong way to approach life. We say, follow your heart. We say choose right now what feels good to you right now. Choose what makes your heart sing. And as a plug for our Law Of Attraction model, we would simply observe that it is our knowing that as you strip away the details of any particular version of your Story, you will arrive back at what is foundational about you, at that which is eternally (timelessly) true about you.

You will discover that which you’re not at choice about – what we call the Absolutes. You discover what reality really is. You discover that you are an awareness, an always connected extension of the collective consciousness of Source. You discover that your choices create you and the matching context that surrounds you, and that new choices mean a new you and a new context.

And if you’ve decided that this is truth for you, then the question becomes .. OK, but can I actually pull it off? Can I change my thinking in such a way that I can change my reality? We of course say, yes you can. And as a first step down that path, we recommend you face reality, the absolute realty of who you are, and loosen your grip on that so-called reality you’ve been clinging to. We’re going to be working with you to encourage you into the awareness that you can change anything. We’ll be offering you processes that can change your habits of thinking, and we’ll be there with you as you step into that new version of you, and discover that a new version of the world has miraculously wrapped itself around you.

And today we’re going to use Elmo as an example of how you make decisions. Mike has agreed to help us in our session today, and as we get into our longer discussion we’re going to explore with him the origins of the Elmo story. We’re going to explore the version of his backstory he likes to think of as his past, and we’re going to look at the belief choices he made that he wasn’t even aware he was making, because those choices got him to this version of his world. And we’re going to give him the best answers we can possibly can, to the questions he is asking. And .. we’re going to ask him to face reality.

And we’re going to introduce the idea of 10X. Theos, as channeled by Eva his partner, has been encouraging this one as he meditates on what he wants, to up the ante to 10 times the level, and he has found it a particularly powerful way of thinking. He was talking about it yesterday with Giora in this community, and Giora’s words were “If you think about a big thing, you get into more excitement, and this means you are in a better state anyway.” To which we say “Bingo”. It’s not about picking a high enough number. It’s all about finding ways to get into eager anticipation, and this is one way that really helps. So you’ll be hearing more of this idea of 10X.

Good. And now we’d like to expand on this in our conference room chat, and then we’d like to know if you can face reality. Remember of course, that one size definitely does not fit all. Each of you must find your own best path to thinking differently, so for some of you, this will be powerful. For some, it already has been. What works for you? We welcome your thoughts and your interaction