Welcome back to our discussions. As we move into 2017, and as we move in January into our next 4-Week Challenge, we want to lay some groundwork on some practical steps you can take to be more successful at this creation stuff, because this, for you, is where the rubber meets the road. This is all about you, in 2017, in January of 2017, in the week after next, setting out to actually, and actively, and deliberately, create more of what you want in your life. There is nothing, there can be nothing, more important for you in the whole world than this. This is why you’re here. So let’s begin our journey. Let’s dance together into Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom.

If you commit to change, we will match your commitment. We’re talking about making a sacred oath to yourself to begin to consciously (and by that we mean knowingly, and by that we mean taking credit for it) to create new things. The two essential components of change are:
1. Understanding – understanding who you are, why you’re here, and how the Law Of Attraction works). And then
2. DOing something about it – actually committing to step away from that old version of you, committing to try new things and find out what works best for you, committing to develop new daily routines and to practice your new thinking patterns into subconscious habits.

As to Understanding, we have spent many hours and many words describing the fundamental and unchangeable truth about you, that at your essence you are not a flesh and blood space/time traveler, you are a time-less/space-less consciousness – an extension of the collective consciousness of Source. And as you choose new beliefs and expectations, you step into new versions of you in new versions of your world. That’s called the Law Of Attraction, and it means that You are God.

If you’re newly coming to these ideas, we encourage you to go back over some of our past materials until you get it, because forming new habits takes commitment and focus, and truly understanding who you are, is your very best launch-pad.

As to DOing something about it, well of course we’re not talking about taking action. You’re a thought-created human in a thought-created world, and changing you and your world means changing your thoughts. The mechanism of change is the same whether you’re aiming at a small changes or a big change. The magnitude is up to you. Small world-changes mean small thought-changes. Big world-changes mean profound thought-changes, and profound thought changes means that they’re automatic, and inbuilt and subconscious. We of course are going to encourage you to go 10X. And 10X of course leads to .. why not 100X? And, of course, there is no limit. .. More .to come.