Welcome to Day 15, Call #7. At this midpoint of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge, let’s review what we’re on about here. We’re on about who you are – fundamentally and foundationally. And we’re on about building on that foundation to discover that there’s nothing you cannot be, do or have. And you “be”s it, or “do”s it, or “have”s it by, firstly, choosing to believe that you can, and secondly, by practicing that choice deep into the fabric of your consciousness. Our particular focus in these four weeks is to have you apply that knowledge to create prosperity in your world, for you, and for whomever else you want to include in that. But of course, it always it begins with you.

You might be thinking .. why do I need to go into all of this complex consciousness stuff to get what I want? Can’t it just be simple? Isn’t it all about mind-over-matter, being positive, seeing the glass as half full, being a Pollyanna instead of a Scrooge? To which we say .. it’s not “all about” that, but yes, that’s an excellent place to start. If you choose to always reach for that better feeling thought, you’ll do very well. So why do we keep bringing up this complex story about reality? We do it because consistently finding better feeling thoughts, is not so easy to do. Maybe it works for the small stuff, but then along comes something Trumpian, and the world dumps on you.

Then we come along and say .. you can have it all. And then your questions start. And if your only philosophy is that starter version, there are no adequate answers to those questions. That starter philosophy might appear to be simple, but when the chips are down, it does not provide a logical or reliable chart with which you can navigate through life. We’re going to paraphrase an Abraham quote from this week, because it IS the simple truth. It’s not that you’ve learned what to expect from your experience of the reality you’re living in. It’s the other way around. You’re living the reality you’ve created by what you’ve chosen to believe and expect.

We encourage you to see that this is not a complex idea. A huge idea, maybe. An idea that may take some time to assimilate, maybe. A radical idea, maybe. An idea that turns totally upside down much of the way you think about the world, maybe. An idea that challenges alike the beliefs of atheists and those of most religious faiths, maybe. But at the core of it all, it’s elegantly simple. You’re living the reality you create by what you choose to believe and expect. In other words, by Law Of Attraction, wanted or unwanted, what you attract moment by moment into your experience, is a world uniquely designed by your thoughts. What you expect, becomes.

So how do you create something new? You make a new belief choice and practice it until it has been woven into the fabric of your consciousness. Here’s what we mean by that. Let’s take prosperity as an example. You’ll be walking past a store, or flipping through a catalog. Your eyes will see an expensive item that might appeal to you, but without conscious thought, you walk right past it or flip the page. What made the decision to do that? Your subconscious made that decision, because what it “knows” is that you can’t afford it. You think you’re consciously reading that catalog, but you’re not. You’re scanning it subconsciously and waiting for your subconscious to say .. pay attention!

Now let’s say you receive the great news. You’re about to get a windfall. You won the lottery or your great aunt has died and left you a fortune. Now what happens when you pick up that catalog? Unless you make the decision to start reading it consciously, and you could, and you might, but unless you do, nothing will be different. Your well trained subconscious will be excluding you from things you want even though they’re now eminently have-able. And so it is with the catalog of your life. Your expectations are woven into that tapestry, and your dutiful subconscious is flipping you past the very have-able things you want. And of course the truth is, everything is have-able.

So how did all these old sub-optimal belief choices get made? To understand that, let’s look at two versions of your life story. We’ll call Version 1, the One World version. Your parents mated. You were conceived, and born a flesh and blood human being, in a certain country and city, on a certain date and time, into a space-time physical world. Then you grew up, and you learned about the complexities of the world, and what you needed to do to survive and thrive. You did the best you could to be happy. And today, you’re still doing the best you can to be happy.

Then there’s Version 2. Let’s call it the Non-Physical Version. You were excited about the idea of creating new things, and to be on the leading edge of that, you chose to focus the shape of your consciousness into a limited thinking-mind, and a powerful background status-quo-mind that you could train to handle the mundane details. So instead of being able to see timelessly across all versions of you and your universes, now you see just this one version as it progresses through time. The focus is narrow, and the contrast and the desire is intense. What a hoot!

And along the way, some of you got so caught up in that mesmerizing One World story, you forgot why you chose it. And now, if you don’t feel like God, it’s because you’ve over-practiced the idea of being a human. If you don’t feel you can change the world, it’s because you’ve over-practiced the idea that there’s a reality out there you have to deal with. It’s been .. PRACTICE .. PRACTICE .. PRACTICE .. PRACTICE .. and more PRACTICE, You get the idea. This is why it seems so “REAL”. So now to change a few things, it’s time, just a little, to practice the truth. But first you need to accept the truth for what it is. Everyone (and you’re in that group), everyone lives the reality they expect.

Continued …