Welcome to Day 29, Call #13, the closing call of our 4-Week “Make More Money” Challenge. We’re going to wrap things up here today with some discussion about the nature of this physical context of yours, and we’re going to start by posing the question .. what does it mean to “know” something? Today we want to challenge you to think about who you are and why the hell you’re here. And then as you peel back the layers of logic and rediscover yourself, your true self, we want to encourage you to go forth and play this game of Life On Earth a little differently – more and more from the perspective of a master creator, and less and less as a struggling participant. Let’s begin here.

In our Bucket Process, and in the spreadsheet we offered you in this challenge, we suggested you think about the degree of probability or certainty with which you rank certain ideas. Let’s think right now about what it means to “know” something, because you “know” millions of things. Knowing is sort of even beyond certainty isn’t it. If somebody asked you if you’re certain that the earth orbits the sun, you’d think the question was silly, because the answer is obvious. With the exception perhaps of some weirdo fringe believers, everybody knows that. There are certain topics almost all of you have agreed upon, and you stored those away as the unchallengeable facts of life.

So think about some of those things you just plain “know”. And think about how you came to “know” them. Can you get a sense of the thinking processes and the belief-choices that are always involved with “knowing” things? And can you also see how “knowing” anything about the physical you and the physical world, depends upon the idea that it’s One World, that it’s out there, and that you’re all sharing it. In the version of history most of you have adopted as your backstory, there’s a saying attributed to Jesus Christ – “be in the world but not of the world” – and there’s a whole range of interpretations of what those words mean. And almost universally they’re based on the idea of a One World, and almost universally they miss the point.

If you were looking at a map of Earth, and somebody asked you where you were from, you wouldn’t say THE country, you’d give a name to the particular country you were born in. In that context the words “the country” are meaningless. There is no “the country”, and for exactly the same reason, there is no “The World”. We have often encouraged you to preface your declarations about life with the words .. “In this world that I am creating .. dot, dot, dot”. And that’s a very useful technique, because it gets you out of One World thinking and into the idea that you’re the source (little “s”) of it all because, in truth, you ARE the Source (capital “S” Source) from which everything emanates. There is no “The World”, it’s “Your World”.

So we say, by all means be IN Your World. Why would you not? You chose to dive into this space/time so-called reality because it’s an exciting adventure with huge possibilities. It’s out there on the “far out” end of the spectrum of contrast and desire. So we say have at it. Dive in. But we also say that those words “be not OF the world”, are an exhortation to be less “knowing” that you’re in “The World”, and more awareness that this is a virtual reality you’ve created.
There is no “The World”. There is only “Your World”. And what you “know” about it doesn’t come from experiencing it. What you “know” is what creates it. Your thoughts are what shapes it into what it seems to be.

Over these 4 weeks, we’ve offered you this perspective. It’s our Theory Of Everything. It’s simple and it explains who you are, why you’re here, and how you can create different outcomes in this game by simply deciding what new things you want, and choosing to believe them into your experience. We acknowledge that our Multi-World idea is at odds with the One-World assumptions of atheists, of most scientists (Quantum Physics notwithstanding), and of the theologies of almost all the organized religions. That does not interest us much us at all, because those of you who resonate with us have already looked at those other stories and found them incomplete.

However, as we nominally finish up our challenge (and of course it’s never really finished), what DOES interest us a lot, is moving these elegant truths from the realm of being simple but not so easy to internalize, to being simple AND you can align with them. There’s this yellow brick road you can step onto, and it will take you exactly where you want to go. What makes it not so easy, is that your subconscious knowing is holding you back. Like the atheists and the scientists, you are trusting that what seems real, IS real. Well, you cannot trust what you “know” to be a valid starting point, because as we all went through a little earlier, what you “know” is just a choice you made. And now you’re making different choices.

Do you agree that everything can change in an instant? Do you KNOW that everything can change in an instant? Do you know that if you will just release all resistance, if you will just get out if the way, that money will flow to you in more ways than you could possibly imagine? Do you find that you can consciously accept that idea, but your real inner “knowing” is that it’s simply not that easy? Can you see it’s that inner knowing that is the resistance you need to release? That inner knowing is exactly what you need to get out of the way. That’s the inner knowing that can’t be trusted. So don’t be ruled by past decisions. Trust who you are. Trust your inner guidance. Trust yourself and the power you have to change anything.

And let’s be clear here that we’re not asking you to take anything on faith. We’re suggesting nothing more than feeling in your heart if these words make sense. And if yes, then set an intention. Commit to new focus. Try out that yellow brick road and see for yourself. We often say the better it gets, the better it gets. In other words, the more you trust yourself, the more you find yourself to be trustworthy, because you’ll begin to see the world changing before your eyes. You’ll see it responding to your new thoughts and your new story. You’ll step into that ongoing and ever-present awareness we’ve been on about. You’ll step into that place of Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom, and you might even step into that particular version of you and your world where everybody believes in the Law Of Attraction. What a hoot!

We’ve added to our original spreadsheet with some new columns for you to record on a 1-5 scale whether you agree with those listed belief statements.
We encourage you to get that list, and review it, and see where you are now. We’ve picked just a few key ones out of that list to look at here today.
Once again, the A answer is your intellectual agreement,
and B is what you “know” at that deeper level.

From the first section, – what you “know” about money,
1-5 do you agree with the following?
#5 It’s scarce or hard to get – it doesn’t grow on trees.
A consciously .. and .. B subconsciously.
#6 It takes more hard work than I’m prepared to commit to. A and B.
#7 You have to know how-to stuff that I don’t know. A and B.

From the second section – what you “know” about you about money
#3 It’s too late in life for me to start making real money now. A and B.
#4 You have to be cleverer than I am to make money. A and B.
#5 I get more pleasure from the thought of giving things than using money for myself. A and B.
#6 I’ve tried imagining abundance and it doesn’t work for me. A and B.

And the third section, we’re just going to read as affirmations.
Follow along in your heart.
There’s nothing I cannot have, do or be. There’s nothing I cannot change in an instant. My conscious and subconscious expectations create me and my context.
My world exists only as my unique creation. It’s an inside job.
It’s all about how I choose to think. Action by itself manifests nothing.
Alignment is when my conscious self agrees with my subconscious self.
Alignment with a new belief-choice changes my world. Action is just a sideshow.
There’s nothing I cannot have, do or be.

And now we’ll close our Hangout with our short poem.
You can choose that life’s a breeze,
Choose your “HAVE”s and ”DO”s and “BE”s,
Everything is as you please,
Money it seems DOES grow on trees.