Welcome to Day 29, and the Final Call #13 of our 4-week Challenge – Creating The Relationships Of You Dreams. Once again for a bit of fun, we’re going to explore some excerpts from our instruction manual – A User’s Guide To Life On Earth. As we usually do, we’ll begin with some excerpts from the Introduction which will serve to remind us all of who we are at our essence. And yes we know there are some of you whose minds get a little boggled when we take you back to your origins, so let us assure you that we’ll also be offering you some simple practical steps you can take to align yourself with what you want, which means creating the life you want.

So why are origins an important place to start? Because although the concepts behind creating new and different experiences are simple, there’s often a lot of inertia built up around the ideas you’ve been practicing. Overcoming that inertia takes intention, and focus, and commitment, and it helps you to stay the course if you’re confident you’re on the right track. So we’ll revisit how we all came to be, or more accurately, how we all come to be ..now, and now and now, because time only exists within this virtual reality you’ve created. And then we’ll move to tips and techniques about changing your world and your life within it.

So here we go – the Law Of Attraction explained as you may never have heard it explained before.

Life On Earth – A User Guide – Introduction.

This User Guide is for those about to play one of the infinitely varied versions of the virtual reality game called Life. In this manual, we will begin with the foundational instructions that are generic to all versions, and then, because it seems some of you conscious entities already playing in the version called “Life On Earth”, have lost your instruction manual, much of what follows will be specific to that particular version.

Life On Earth is a much sought after version of the game because it’s high-contrast and enormously captivating and exciting. However, therein lies a potential trap, and we caution you that conscious entities like you have been known to get so mesmerized by it that they forget who they are, and yes, we know this is going to sound incredible, but some actually lose sight of why they started playing in the first place. (If you’re already in the game, you may identify with those words.) So before you start, or if you’ve already started and all else has failed and you’ve lost your way, remember this sacred principle. Read The Frigging Manual. And here it is.

To be continued…