Welcome. Last week we began with this. To make a change in your life, you make a new belief choice, and then you line up with it – consciously and superconsciously. That’s it. The fundamental process really is that simple, but even simple processes are not easy to follow if you’ve developed some strong patterns of belief that sabotage your best efforts to make those changes. So today we’re going to really get into one of the really effective tools you can use to help replace those old patterns – positive self-talk. This is the how, why and when of Law Of Attraction affirmations – what works, what doesn’t work, and how to tell the difference.

First let’s be clear that the actual words are in themselves, inherently unimportant. The only purpose for the words is to kindle the thought, and the only purpose for repeating the words, is to practice that new and different creative thought into your superconsciousness, into the very fabric of your belief systems. If the words are not helping with that, the words are powerless. Affirmations are conversations designed by your conscious mind to teach your superconscious mind a new truth about you.

Secondly let’s also be clear that the supposed objects of your desire are also not in themselves, inherently important. They are simply what summons that creative force within you, and when that flows, life is fantastic. This is the main tent. This is what it’s all about – knowing your power and exercising it. From Abraham this week: You want the desire because it is the idea or the goal or the Creation that is responsible for a good amount of Life Force to flow through you. The main event is the Life Force that is flowing through you, not the manifestation. And if you don’t believe us now, wait until that manifestation has popped, and realize that its power to draw life through you will be greatly diminished. That’s why you keep wanting another goal and another goal and another goal.

Thirdly, let’s re-emphasize once again the importance of being consciously aware when you stray into “where’s-my-stuff” territory, because, words or no words, if you’re moving into lack, and doubt, and worry, you’ve heading away from what you want. And you can’t be consciously aware of this all the time, unless you’ve trained your subconscious mind to watch out for it and let you know. Once again affirmations can help if we design affirmations that promote that alignment, that facilitate a deep learning within you. Affirmations are conversations designed by your conscious mind to teach your superconscious mind a new truth about you, and part of that new truth can be an ongoing and ever-present awareness of how you feel.

Let’s recap the fundamentals. Most of you are focused on so-called “physical” things, so to you the most important thing about the Law Of Attraction is that it shapes everything you would call physical – you and the world around you. But it’s important to understand that it’s much more than some would portray it – as merely one of one of five, or five hundred, other various cosmic laws. It’s the universal and foundational principle that shapes every single thing you ever experience.
Also (and not often discussed) is the fact that it also shapes the very consciousness that’s you and everything spiritual you intersect with.

If there are other “cosmic laws” in your world, they exist because you choose to believe they do, and because Law Of Attraction surrounds you with your own personal matching context – the particular version of the world that precisely matches your tapestry of beliefs and expectations. There’s not one single thing that’s external to you that has any fundamental control over what flows into your experience. There’s no spiritual entity expecting things of you and judging you, or guarding over you. There’s no karma, luck, fate or alignment of the stars that can impact you in the slightest – unless by your beliefs you create the apparent existence of those things. You create it all.

When you choose new beliefs and expectations, and line up with them, you change, and your context changes. “Lining up” means getting what you know and expect consciously to line up with what you know and expect subconsciously and superconsciously. When you made those old belief choices that are no longer serving you, you practiced them into your expectation tapestry. As you discover new things you’re now choosing to believe, it’s important to practice those new choices into a new version of that tapestry. That’s where affirmations can play a key role. Affirmations are conversations designed by your conscious mind to teach your subconscious mind a new truth about you.

You see it’s your subconscious mind that’s really handling all the detail of your life. If it didn’t, you couldn’t function. It makes 99.9% of the decisions about you and your everyday existence. So if you’re desirous of stepping away from default creation, which is to say you want to deliberately choose a new story, (and to some extent, you all do), here’s what you actually need to do, what this whole discussion is all about. You have to teach your subconscious to tell that new story. You can speak positive sounding words about being affluent until the cows come home, but if your tapestry still has that old story about “money doesn’t grow on trees”, you cannot experience abundance.

So let’s repeat our definition of Law Of Attraction affirmations. They are … conversations initiated by your conscious mind to train your subconscious into telling a new story. So now let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of designing affirmations and using them. We’re going to suggest some guidelines and give you some examples, but remember, these are for you, and there’s nobody else with exactly the same story or the same world. So explore what works for you. Also remember, this is not about going through the motions, and not just about saying words. This is about making real changes. It’s about thinking, and imagining new things, and feeling good about it.

There are no “rules”, but here’s what we suggest as the three most important concepts:
1. Always something positive, never the absence of a negative.
2. Always first person, present tense – this is about YOU. I am …, I have …, etc
3. Say them, think them, and make sure you feel good about them.
When you’re feeling good you’re moving in the right direction. When you’re feeling bad, you’re moving in the wrong direction.

Some examples:
I’m a powerful creator. I love the way in which I confidently attract the things I want into my life.
My greatest joy is in deciding what I want and then consciously creating it in my world.
I’m stepping more and more into a world of abundance.
My life has become an adventure – an exciting, wondrous place of discovery.
I find myself more and more each day in the awareness of who I am. It’s a place of peace and power, and fun and freedom.

Sometimes you may feel these direct statements are too much of a shift to really feel good when you say them,. When that happens, you can soften them with:
I’m finding my way into … or, I’m in the process of … or, I’ve decided that … or, I’m on my path to …
Remember that nothing is more important than that you feel good.
I’m becoming a powerful creator, and these affirmations are really helping me to BE in that place.
I’m in the process of finding my ideal mate and it’s fun to be in eager anticipation.
I’m on my way to vibrant health and a life filled with adventure.

Sometimes detail can be juicy. Sometimes detail trips you up and you get into the dreaded “How”s. When that happens, step back from the detail and go general.
(Did we mention that nothing is more important than feeling good.)
Specific: I’m attracting to me my ideal partner, tall dark and handsome, who enjoys dancing and hiking, and sharing great food and good wine.
General: I’m becoming truly open to a new and special relationship in which we both discover the joy of true love.

Do you remember the story where the fairy godmother grants three wishes. Well you only ever need one wish, because then you can wish that every future wish will come true. There’s an exact equivalent to that in this affirmation discussion. Not only can you teach your subconscious new stories about you and your world, you can teach it a new story about new stories. Here’s a universal affirmation that will enroll that powerful servant of yours in the very process of making change easy.

I take a time-out many times each day to think about who I am and where I’m going, when I do some of my favorite affirmations. I’m discovering more and more the power of pivoting away from negative thinking and stepping powerfully and joyfully into the awareness of my creative power. THIS, is “living”!

Here are some suggestions from our friends Abraham that fall into that category of “new story about new stories”:
I’m being certain NOW. I’m being clear NOW.
I’m being precise NOW I’m being definitive NOW.
I’m being selective NOW. I’m being deliberate NOW.
I’m having fun now. I’m on my way NOW.
I’m living life NOW. I’m evolving perfectly NOW.
But NOW is really good. NOW is just right.

So HOW do affirmations work? They paint a new imaginary picture, and your subconscious begins more and more to see this new picture as the new truth about you and your world.
So HOW do you create affirmations? Follow the guidelines above and create powerful first-person present-tense pictures of the new you.
So WHY should you focus on this? Because it’s one of the most powerful tools you have for aligning yourself at all levels with what you want.
So WHEN should you do them? Four times a day is a good target. Once an hour is better. Twice an hour is even better. If you’re ever going to be obsessive compulsive about anything, make it this.

We encourage you into your Law Of Attraction affirmations. Be in anticipation of change. Watch for the small signs. Watch for the minor “miracles”, then the major “miracles”. Don’t watch from a “where’s my stuff” feeling of doubt, but allow yourself to be in quiet but eager expectation of the new doors that are going to open up before you, doors that simply didn’t exist in that old world of yours, doors that now lead you naturally and flowingly into life as you always knew it could be. Welcome to the new you in your new matching version of “reality”.

And now let’s move our longer discussion, and to your questions.