Welcome to our discussion on how to “use” the Law Of Attraction to become wealthy, and stay wealthy. Some of you will say that it’s not about money, and of course you’re right. Some of you will say that it’s absolutely about money, and of course you’re also right. To all of you we say, money is just the label we’re using. If you prefer to focus on something else, be it relationships, or physical wellbeing, or abundance in all things, or happiness, or world peace, or a government that works, then declare your focus to yourself and follow along.

We’re going to reverse our usual order of play and begin today at the business end of things by outlining the two things you must do to start money flowing to you, and keep money flowing to you. And by the way, this is the whole story, because if you do these things, everything else is effortless. Everything else falls into place serendipitously. Not only will these two steps work for you whatever your desires are, but we’ll be a little audacious here and declare that you can’t possibly change your world without them.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves because we’ll be discussing more about that at the end. However there’s one huge myth that we want to tackle up front here. It’s the “you must work hard” myth. It’s sometime labelled as perseverance. It’s sometimes called getting or staying motivated. It’s a myth perpetrated by almost all of the self-help gurus as part of their particular success formula. What they all declare under a variety of names is the concept that you have to get into action. You have to force yourself to some extent to DO some things you don’t want to do.

We say, struggle is optional, and not recommended, because it’s not about physical action. The world is full of hard working people who spend their whole lives struggling to make ends meet. And at the other end of the scale, there are a whole lot of rich people who don’t do much at all, but have everything. If your desire is to join that latter group, then our desire is to help you get there, and the first thing to understand is that it’s not about DOing stuff. It’s about how you think. It’s not about rowing upstream against the current. Everything you want is downstream. It’s about throwing the oars overboard and drifting into prosperity.

If that sounds good to you, then here are the two essential elements:
1. You have to feel good. Your thoughts control your feelings. You might not have previously chosen to believe that you can control your thoughts, but you can. Therefore by definition, you can control how you feel. When you’re worrying, or angry, or jealous, or in regret, you’re spending energy creating what you don’t want. Nothing is more important than feeling good, and therefore nothing is more important than choosing to think in ways that feel good.
2. You have to practice thinking more about what you want, than what-is. The two operative words here are “practice” and “more”. If you’re spending almost all of your time observing what-is, you’re practicing status quo, and the more you practice status quo, the more “real” it becomes and the more “inevitable” things become. It’s time for some new thought habits.
So now let’s get into some examples as we explain these two concepts that are extremely simple, but will probably take some strong commitment and focus to implement in your daily life.
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