Welcome. As we look back at our recent discussions, and as the team here has been strongly focused on making new breakthroughs in their lives and in this community, perhaps it’s time to redefine the key things you can do that allow you to stop beating your way through the underbrush, and step onto the yellow brick road. So let’s talk about success .. success at doing, being or having whatever you want .. success at living the life you want to live. Because, and here’s our promise to each and every one of you. You can! To each and every one of you we say .. you’re all equally and completely worthy, you’re all equally and enormously powerful, and your pasts are all equally and totally irrelevant as restrictions on where you can go.

This one has been getting YouTube viewing suggestions from the others in the team here, and as he’s gone through those videos about the Law of Attraction, he’s noticed two things. Firstly there are some really good ideas and processes that these people have devised to help you change your point of attraction, and it’s really useful to take any of the ideas that feel good to you and put them in your tool-bag for living life. But then these gurus almost universally begin from a place that describes you, and the world you inhabit, as some sort of fixture, and therefore, by definition, they’re tacitly accepting the idea of limits.

You might well say that limits are OK and you prefer to keep it simple because the things you want are relatively simple things – maybe more money, maybe a new and better relationship, or maybe better health. And of course if you’re finding that this is a good base from which you can confidently create what you want, then we say .. have at it. We would just add that what seems to be keeping things simple can get to be very complex when you start asking your “how” and “why” questions about the Law Of Attraction, and we submit that the deeper you go into the fundamentals of everything, the simpler it gets, and the easier come the answers.

And so we are proponents of building on the foundation of understanding the unchangeable nature of you at your core, which then frees you up to understand the things that you can change, which is just about everything. When you start from that place, nothing is inexplicable, all questions are answered, and you can, without limit, go wherever you want to go. Here are our key suggestions:
1. Understand WHAT you are, and from that place,
2. Understand how the Law Of Attraction organizes everything that exists everywhere, and
3. Develop a set of mind-actions that help you create a new habit of existence, and
4. Commit to success.
Let’s look at these in some more detail.

1. Understand WHAT you are.
You’ll note we use the word WHAT you are rather than WHO you are, and that’s for a reason. We want to make the point that you’re not a physical human being with limits. We want to move you away from the concept that birth and death are the beginning or end of anything important, because they’re not. We know you to be as we are. You are an extension of the time-less collective consciousness of Source defined by your desires and intentions. What you think of as you, is an individuated entity operating at the fingertips of the arm that us the total YOU, and that fingertip-you is engaged in this space/time experiment called Life On Earth.

So the first important thing to recognize is that your essence is consciousness. You’re a thought-based life form. Because of the way you’ve immersed yourself in this physical adventure of yours, most of your awareness is focused in the physical plane. But that, like almost everything else, is a choice. As a part of understanding what you are, you can begin to be aware of the whole of you. If you meditate, or engage, for example, in exercises like the one we call About-Face, you can begin to acknowledge the truth of your origins, and then to sense your origins, and then to build an ongoing awareness of who you really are. You can learn to be you, and we recommend you do just that.

And there’s that word ongoing again. The second important thing to recognize is that in this finger-tip version of you you’ve chosen to step into, you have a low-speed conscious thinking processor, the part that’s engaged with us here, and a high-speed subconscious processor that’s thousands of times faster. The conscious you makes new decisions. The subconscious you learns how to do everything automatically. It breathes you. It walks you. It talks you. It drives the car. Without it, you couldn’t function. It’s a powerful force that always attempts to keep your world just as it is, just as you’ve trained it to do, and it will override any change you make consciously, unless and until you teach it some new tricks.

Your subconscious is always “on”, and true “ongoing” awareness is therefore only possible when your subconscious is the part of you that’s being aware. Remember, we’re talking here about a no-struggle yellow brick road to success. So we’re talking about change. And if you’re starting to really understand what you are, you’re starting to get that you’re in a thought-based game, not an action-based game. What creates it and maintains it as it is, are your conscious choices that you convert into subconscious patterns. What makes success effortlessly possible, is choosing new beliefs that serve your new desires, and practicing them into your subconscious tapestry of expectations. That’s called alignment.

And while we’re talking about alignment, we simply must talk about how you feel. When you’re aligned, you know it, because alignment feels good. Misalignment feels bad. And so how you feel is your infallible guide as to whether you‘re heading towards what you want, or way from it. Nothing, nothing, nothing, is more important than feeling good.
And can you see that in a thought-based game, what’s in front of you physically cannot dictate how you feel? Feeling good is a choice. Feeling good IS the game. We say learn to live life ongoingly within the two big questions .. How do I feel? .. and .. What do I want NOW?

2. Understand how the Law Of Attraction organizes everything that exists everywhere.
In many ways, this force of nature you call the Law Of Attraction is much more fundamental and way more powerful than that label suggests. Quite simply it’s the fundamental organizing principle of all things that ever existed in every realm that ever existed. This is how your Universe works. It’s how our Universe works. That lifetime of choices you have made has formed you, and the physical you and your physical worlds (and for that matter, your non-physical worlds) are the mirror of your tapestry of expectations. And they’re self-reinforcing because they alone are the indomitable force that shapes and maintains that illusion of yours that has wrapped itself around you.

In other words, your belief-choices establish their own positive feedback loop, and as you lock into, and align with, knowing this or that thing to be true, the version of this so-called reality you’re in transforms itself into compliance with those choices. Whatever decisions you come to consciously, and practice into alignment with your subconscious, become your “truth”, and .. look around you. Your world lines up with that truth. Whatever you choose to believe, becomes your reality. What you believe, becomes.

3. Develop a set of mind-actions that help you create a new habit of existence.
In your physical world, you’re in DOing mode from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Physical-exercise keeps you fit physically. But fundamentally it’s not about physical things is it. As we’ve been discussing, this physical world of yours is just the set you’ve built for your movie. Change is not about action. Success doesn’t come from DOing things. Success comes from thinking things, thinking the right things, thinking new things, and then getting into alignment with them.

Of course you’re DOing creatures, and so there’ll be some DOing involved, but unless you’re thinking is right, there’s no amount of DOing on the planet that will bring success. And here’s the important part. If you’re thinking IS right, the DOing will be easy. There will be no struggle, and there’s no power in heaven or earth that can stand against you. And so we say, develop a set of mind-actions that help you create a new habit of existence.

Get yourself organized mentally. Find the ways of thinking about things that work for you. Find the mind-exercises that help you pre-pave your day by day existence, and the ones that help you stop digging when you’re in a hole, and climb up and out and moving forward. Get yourself whatever physical props you need to help with that – be it audios you play, or popup reminders, or vision boards, or luxury places you visit and wrap yourself in, or whatever. As an assist to that, our friends in this community are going to be compiling over the next days and weeks, a list of things you can use – things they’re using and trying out and having success with. Stay tuned.

4. Commit to success.
Commit to change as if your life depends upon it, because it does. Do it because there’s more to life than living a status quo existence. Do it because there’s much, much more to this Life On Earth adventure than just existing. This is your fantastic experiment. This Petri dish of yours is a world that seems to have limits when there are none, that seems to have an inexorable train of events called time, when time is just one of your inventions. It’s your virtual reality. It isn’t real. In a thought based world, only thoughts are real. You’re here for your experiences which exist in the realm of thought. Those are real.

So we say, commit to success with energy and enthusiasm. Commit to not giving up. Commit to knowing you can. Commit to finding ways of avoiding holes. Commit to actions that support your new habit of existence. Commit to finding within you that voice that has your inner wisdom. Commit if you like to finding us within you, because that’s where we live. Commit to the time it takes to practice new habits. Commit to teaching that subconscious of yours about ongoing and ever-present awareness of who you, and how you feel, and what you want. Commit to coming to these intersections and asking your questions, and bringing your ideas and finding new answers. Commit to spending some time each day getting quiet and learning to be you.

Take a stand with yourself. Commit to being aware on a more ongoing basis of the pattern of your thoughts, because those thoughts are powerful. Every thought you think, and every word you speak that echoes those thoughts, these are the building blocks of your world. So commit to discovering the things you want to change. Commit to choosing something new to focus on, and think about, and believe new stuff about it, and let those beliefs flow into expectations until they are woven into the fabric of your total consciousness. When you totally expect “miracles” to happen, they do. They must. And so there’s nothing ever that’s really “miraculous” is there. It’s just you doing your thing.