Chapter 04. The True Purpose Of Your Life .. And Other Fictions!

From Tut, The Universe, through Mike Dooley.
It’s so tempting to look at your present life situation, at whom you’re with, at where you work, at what you have and have not, and think to yourself, “This was obviously meant to be… I’m here for a reason.” And to a degree, you’d be right. But you are where you are because of the thoughts you used to (and may still) think, and so you are where you are to learn that this is how life works — NOT because it was meant to be.

Don’t give away your power to vague or mysterious logic. Tomorrow is a blank slate in terms of people, work, and play, because it, too, will be of your making. You [may] again have that sense that it was meant to be, no matter who or what you’ve drawn into your life, [but] nothing is meant to be except for your freedom to choose and your power to create.

All of you at some stage, or at many stages, ponder the meaning of life. And as you cast about for answers, many of you feel that there’s something beyond this physical thinking you that knows what those answers are. We agree. There is. What then is the purpose of life? Well let’s look at this from two perspectives – life in general and your life in particular – and let’s first define what “life” is, because we’re certainly not talking about “life and death” in the way you earth creatures commonly talk about it. From our non-physical perspective, there are transitions, but there is no such thing as death. And there is no concept of time, and so life exists timelessly.

As we discussed in Chapter 2, everything that exists is within the collective consciousness of All-That-Is, or Source. From the non-physical perspective of our question, you could describe Source as timelessly “alive”, and everything that emanates from it is likewise timelessly alive. These emanations are the individuations that are, for example, you, and us, and the other conscious entities you intersect with. The reason in general that we all exist, is that the essential nature of Source is such that that desires form within it. Desires lead to choices, and to experiences and to new desires, and so life evolves. You and we are all parts of Source experiencing itself.

You exist because you were born out of one of those desires, and you made choices, and you had new desires, and you evolved to the conscious entity you think of as you, and you mix it up with the other conscious entities you attract into your virtual reality. So after a gazillion choices, here you are in this adventure called Life On Earth – an illusion which exists solely for the purpose of having experiences, making new choices and joyfully creating new things.

Some of you choose to believe there’s something god-like, separate from you, omnipotent and all-seeing, that created you and put you here, and you further choose to believe that this god-like entity must surely have some divine purpose for your life, and if you can just find out what that purpose is, and accept it, and get into alignment with it, then all will be well. You will have found your groove. Things will flow, and life will at last be meaningful, and joyful, and fulfilling.

At this point we have parted company a little, because if you’re seeking to know your life’s purpose, and if you push that decision off to some higher power, then you’re happiness depends upon really knowing the mind of that god-like entity. We would just say this. If you’ve chosen to believe that there’s a God that has a purpose for you, and if that feels right to you, and if it feels good to you, then for as long as it continues to feel good, go for it. You always have the freedom to make these choices. As Abraham through Esther Hicks is wont to say .. “You are so free you can choose bondage”, and indeed you can.

But we would suggest you may be a bit like Alice in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
Alice speaks to Cheshire Cat.
`That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
`I don’t much care where ..’ said Alice.
`Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.

We know where you want to get to. You’re all joy-seekers. You’re looking for a path to peace and power, and fun and freedom, and it truly doesn’t matter which way you go. Our intent here is to share with you our perspective, which in turn can become part of your perspective. We invite you to see that there’s a greater context within which you are free to make that choice, or any choice at all. That “something beyond this physical thinking you” of which we spoke earlier, that knows what you’re doing here, is what some call your higher self. We would describe it more as a connection – the always present connection you have to the universal consciousness of All That Is.

You all have a Story, and for each of you, your story is unique to you. There may be similarities to the stories of others, because, after all, those with whom you intersect are always going to be a match to you. But your story is your story. It’s a story about a physical world and a non-physical world. It’s an adventure with a past and an adventure with things to come. You created it and you stepped into it. You’re here to experience the excitement of mixing it up with those other characters you’ve attracted, including us. You’re here to create new chapters with new the plot. You’re the author, director, and the leading actor all in one. You’re here on the leading edge of creation.

Whoever you are, we can tell you some things about your story. Mostly it’s a work of fiction, but there are some things you didn’t make up and you cannot change. Like any work of fiction, it has a non-fictional foundation. That you are a part of, an always-connected extension of Source, is non-fiction. That the Law Of Attraction organizes everything is non-fiction. (It orchestrates everything in our experience and everything in your experience.) Those are The Absolutes about you and us, and every consciousness in every realm. But everything else, EVERYTHING else, is fiction, and all of that can be re-written – even your so called “past”.

There’s something else that’s fundamental about your story. There are parts of it that are wanted and there are parts that are unwanted. That’s also the nature of life everywhere, in every realm, and it’s certainly true about this game of Life On Earth. You all experience contrast. And as we respond to your questions about how to create more of the wanted bits and less of the unwanted bits, we find that it helps if we can persuade you to lessen, just a little, your grip on the “reality” of it all. Our intent is to encourage you into an increasing and ever-present awareness of the context of your existence.

We’re going to discuss some examples of fictional elements that you might have in your story, but before we do that, let’s be clear once again, that we are not trying to talk you out of any part of it. No story is inherently better than any other. No story is more worthy than any other. All stories are created equal. You chose this experience for the fun of it, and neither we nor any God-like entity sits in judgment about any of it. You chose to be here in this Story, and we delight in these intersections we have with you where we are, in effect, engaging in your story through these interactions,

So let’s look at those examples.
Do you believe or disbelieve that your life has a particular purpose and if you can find out what it is, things will flow?
Do you believe that your physical body will age and deteriorate eventually causing your death?
Do you believe that you’ve had past lives and prior relationships with others living now”
Do you believe that the world is a purely physical world and after death there is nothing?
Do you believe that something non-physical is looking out for you and orchestrating things for you?
Do you believe that you live in one shared world with everybody else on the planet?
Do you believe that the alignment of the stars when you were born tells you what sort of person you are?

As you heard these examples, did you find yourself thinking “Yes I believe that” or “No I don’t believe that”. Those are belief choices. None of them is right or wrong. They are simply choices, and they are self-sustaining, because having made them, Your World, unique to you, conforms. Making a belief-choice is a conscious act, but then when you practice them deeply and permanently into your subconscious tapestry of expectations, they become your Story. They become the screenplay of your movie. Mostly you never consciously revisit them again. They’re just the ever-present, always-there, “facts of life”. Let’s spell this out in some detail here.

We called those belief choices “self-sustaining”, because, once made and aligned with (which means practiced into subconscious solidarity), by Law Of Attraction, they attract the physical and non-physical “reality” that wraps itself around you – which in turn “proves” that the choice you made was right. Do you see how that works? You make a choice. The world conforms. That proves the choice was “right”. And pretty soon you’ve forgotten all about the choice, and then .. that’s just the way things are. Well, we’re here to remind you that the world “out there” is actually “in here”. It’s all an inside job. When you make a new choice and align with it, you create a new reality.

So think about your created world as it is right now. If those past choices of yours are serving you, we say play on and have fun. If they’re not serving you, if they’re causing some of that “non-wanted” stuff in your life, we encourage you to see them as variable. You’re not trapped by any of them. You can choose and choose again.

Now we know we’re using words like “play on”, and “have fun”, calling life a “game” and always encouraging you to “lighten up” about everything. We’re doing that consciously and deliberately, even though some of you react quite strongly to those words because you think it makes it all sound trivial. You say things like.. “Surely there has to be some more lofty or divine purpose to it all.”

We say, when you to get that place of understanding, to the state of ongoing awareness of your own divinity, you will find that there is nothing more fulfilling than putting your hands in the clay of all-that-is and creating new things. Your true purpose, the very reason you eagerly chose to be here, is for the joyful experience of creating in this very focused space/time world. Knowing who you are is truly profound. It’s the doorway to that place of Peace and Power, and Fun and Freedom we talked of earlier. And there IS nothing LESS trivial, or MORE purpose-full, or MORE important, in heaven or earth, than being in that place.

Do you want to step into a version of the world where all your relationships are loving, and fun, and mutually supportive? You can.
Do you want to have enough money so that no decision you want to make is ever constrained by whether you can afford it? What fun .. and yes, you can.
Do you want to enjoy vibrant health for all the time you choose to be here in this virtual reality? You can.
Do you want to be in a state of ongoing and ever-present awareness of who you are and the power that you have? You can.

And now let’s get to a few seemingly more outlandish desires.
Do you want to be able to defy gravity, to levitate, to fly? You can.
Do you want to be clairvoyant? You can.
Do you want to be consciously aware of more than one version of your reality? You can be.
Do you want to be independent of time? Would you like a rewind button that lets you go back and explore different scenarios. You can have one.
Can you see that all of these are just belief choices, and you’re always able to re-choose any of them. Are you beginning to see the power that you have, and are you beginning to recognize that having fun exercising that power is the very reason you exist?

So our encouragement to you all is to hold your beliefs lightly – even those “core” beliefs that seem so fundamental to who you are. They are all choices you made. They are all choices you can revisit. You are the master of your destiny, and if you want to, you can move a little each day more and more into the awareness that you are never a victim of circumstances. You are the story teller, and yes, this story is in the fiction section of the library, but it is a magnificent story. Writing it and telling it, and rewriting it and retelling it, is why you are here.