From The Universe through Mike Dooley:
Do you realize that today you may or may not receive certain phone calls, compliments, e-mails, surprises, letters, or visitors? Do you realize that today you may or may not receive word of good or bad news? Do you realize that today you may or may not encounter certain challenges, triumphs, problems or victories? And to think, you’re the one who decides.
Those words from the Universe are very clear. You are the decider. You decide by what you choose to believe. There is nothing you cannot be. do or have.

From Theos through Eva Gregory:
As an aspect of your life does not feel good, there is something much greater wanting to be expressed. It’s your indicator that it’s time to release your focus upon what is not working and to focus upon the greater vision that is before you.
From Theos comes the reminder that your feelings are your guide, and to always choose the path that feel good. So why does it seem so hard to create what you want?

From Abraham though Esther Hicks
You don’t want to get too heavy on noticing what’s coming, because then your notice of what’s coming, is dominating your vibration.. When you react to what’s happening, that creates an environment that brings more of that.
The answer to why it seems hard lies within those words of Abraham. It is your attention to so-called reality that leaves you messing around in the margins of your life with little room to make a real difference. You have a deeply held belief that What-Was and What-Is define most of What-Will-Be.

Abraham continues with:
Your singular work is to create an environment that brings in [the] good stuff. It’s a delicate balance. It takes practice, and [if you practice] you’ll get better at it. If you’re lazy, you’ll never get better at it.
We would say rather that it’s not that you’re lazy or a procrastinator, it’s that you have doubts, because it is our knowing that none of you will continue for one second doing what you’re doing once you know there’s no benefit to it, and there’s not one of you who comes to a clear understanding of truth that does not immediately take a different course in eager pursuit of happiness.

Our intent is to guide you toward that clear understanding of truth, and then to new ways of thinking that create that environment that brings in the good stuff. What you describe as “hard” is the letting go of doubt and the changing of those deeply held beliefs. It takes practice, but if you make a commitment to change, and you practice different ways of thinking, as Abraham says, you will get better at it. And the better it gets, the better it gets.

So here you are on this journey. You’ve started to relinquish your old beliefs about the nature of physicalness, and you get that it’s possible to step into a new version of you, but most of you still find it hard to shake off your attachment to What-Was and What-Is. Your dominant “knowing” about who you are is as that creature that’s described on your passport and your driver’s license, and practicing different ways of thinking means coming to a clear understanding that this is NOT who you are. It’s just your Story, and by the way, that’s totally OK. You can play this game in any way that you want to. In different versions of you, all equally valid and real, you’re creating an infinity of different Stories.

When you choose to go right at the fork, an equally valid version of you goes left. Both versions exist although by the current nature of your consciousness, within each version of reality you mostly perceive only one. Right now, you’re probably aware of only one version of you, and you don’t have to try to visualize all those other versions. All that’s important to know here is that as you make a new decision, you step into a new version, and a matching version of everything and everyone wraps itself around you. What that looks like is our classic definition of the Law Of Attraction. You step moment by moment into a version of you and your world which matches the sum of your chosen beliefs and expectations.
But for this version of you, since you are asking how to create more of what you want, we say, it helps if you will allow your creation tapestry to continue its evolution by letting go of those parts of it that no longer serve you – like the part that says money doesn’t grow on trees, or the part that says that particular person in your life is always doing things wrong, or the part that says that pain in your hip is getting worse because you’re getting old. So let’s examine what’s true about it and what’s just a made-up Story, and as we describe the view from where we sit, we encourage you to be with us in your mind. Join us and see things from a different perspective.

In truth there is no “past” because time is just an artifact of your Story, but you’ve become so familiar with the concept of things happening in a sequence, that it’s difficult for you to imagine timelessness. So we’ll be careful with our words here. Here are some true things about what you might think of as your past. There’s a “you” that first existed only as a consciousness created by a desire. That version of you existed as we all do in a context that matched your chosen beliefs. You had experiences, and new desires created a new version of you in a new context, and through a gazillion iterations of that loop you wandered into this game of Life On Earth.

We want you to get a real sense of that, because it’s the only truth there is about your past. And now we’re going to head into the fiction part, but before we do, here’s another truth about you that we want you to keep in mind. There’s nothing in this fictional Story that you cannot change. You are the decider, and as you begin to feel your way toward making changes, we always recommend starting with things that seem possible, because as you have some successes, your confidence will grow. And as confidence grows, creating new things gets easier and easier. So if it seems hard right now to change your world, just relax into this. Let yourself have some optimism, because, after all, you’re an always-connected extension of Source energy.

Now we get to the made-up part. It’s your Story. You’re a human being born of certain parents on a certain day and time in a certain place in a certain country, and so on and so on. And you’ve been practicing that Story until it no longer seems like a Story at all. It’s become a self-evident reality. And before you were born, the earth existed and it has an ancient history with dinosaurs and all sorts of things. And a more recent human history with countries and migrations and wars and religions with prophets and a Jesus Christ born 2000-odd years ago. Now we want you to get a sense of this – that it’s all made-up fiction. Good, and now we can talk about making change easy.

One of the ways of letting go of the power of What-Was and What-Is, is to create a new version of your “past”, one that more easily puts you in a present from which you can ease yourself more confidently into the future you want, and then practicing that new version until it becomes the truth – not “truth” as something Absolute of course, but as with all of your What-Was and What-Is “truths”, something you choose to believe.

What‘s the point of rethinking your past? Because you “know” that what you did 10 years ago, and 10 months ago, and 10 days ago, and 10 minutes ago, has put you on a certain track, and if you look ahead of you, you can see where that track leads. Well if you’re beginning to understand who you are and the fundamental nature of “reality”, we suggest you also be begin to see that your “past” has no power to create anything, or put you on any fixed track. This is fantasy thinking. It’s only your beliefs that have that power, and those are choices.

Here’s a powerful exercise you can try. Think of something you want to be, do or have – let’s say by the end of next month – something that’s a stretch for your belief systems. Now think back to your so-called past. What is there in that past that makes it a stretch (perhaps it’s something simple, or a whole lifetime of happenings)? Now re-invent that past. Make up a new Story, then begin to make that your new reality. You might think, that’s silly because you “know” you just made it up. Well here’s the important point to all of this. The ONLY difference between the version you just “made up” and the “real” version, is that the “real” version is the one you been practicing. We say practice the new one.

One of our friends here, as she tried this process, found herself sinking into fear as she began thinking of all the feel-bad things in her past that she wanted to get rid of. So we asked her to tell a new story without those memories. And she could, and she did. She told us a wonderful feel-good Story of her past. Then when we asked her to start to practice that Story, she had difficulty. She described this new version with words like “made-up” and not the same as “the real story”.

Can you see what’s going on here? She was holding onto that old past as “fact”, and she was seeing her new version as fantasy. And of course we understand that. When you’ve spent a lifetime, hundreds of times a day, practicing that “What-Is” is the truth and you have to deal with it, it takes a little focus, well maybe a lot of focus, to step away from that and see yourself as the author of this Story of yours. But you can because it‘s ALL made-up. It’s ALL fiction, and you can rewrite it.

Some things are going to feel easier to create than others? Why is that? Well here’s a simple statement of fact. It’s as simple to create a galaxy as a hot meal, but it may not be as easy. In our longer discussion today, we’ll pick apart these two different sorts of creation to see what’s similar and what’s different about them, and as we do that, our intention is to challenge you to let go of the way you normally look at things. We want you to start seeing things in a whole new light – as they really are, instead of the upside-down way they appear to be in your space/time world. If you can begin to get your mind around this, you’ll never again look at things in quite the same way.

Here’s the only two things that are timelessly true about you. You’re an always connected extension of the collective consciousness of Source, and, what you choose to believe defines everything you experience.
Here’s what true about you and your world. Nothing. You made it up.
You made it up for the thrill of being in this focused space/time adventure.
You made it up and now you’ve lost yourself in your dream.
Now it’s “time” to find yourself again.

You are the creator so if something is hard, it’s not made hard by something Absolute. It’s not God that makes it hard because you are the God in this discussion. It’s not somebody else or the Law Of Attraction that makes it hard. It’s you. You’re not only creating your world, you’re also creating how you create it. Do you get the significance of that. You’re not only playing the game, you’re creating the rules, and you’ve gotten so engrossed in this fantastic game you’ve created that you’ve forgotten your divinity. Overcoming doubt and choosing to remember who you are might seem hard. Choosing new beliefs over those well-practiced old choices might seem hard. Let’s choose easy.

Choose to commit to spend time seeing yourself as a time-less consciousness.
The better it gets the better it gets.
Choose to spend time being in the stands observing yourself in the game.
The better it gets the better it gets.
Choose to spend time declaring to yourself that What-Was and What-Is is just a Story.
The better it gets the better it gets.
Choose a new What-Was Story as an easier path to a joy filled What-Will-Be Story
The better it gets the better it gets.
Choose to know when your feelings dip and choose that better feeling thought
The better it gets the better it gets.

So, in your mind, start to let go of that fake “reality”. Loosen the death-grip with which you are holding on to your What-Is world. Spend more time in the stands watching even as you play the game on the field. Daydream more about what you want to be, and do, and have, and as you do that, you’ll identify more and more with that new equally valid version of Your World. And let go of that past of yours. Start to get inside you that it does not exist and never did. Try playing with a new past – one that more logically leads to that new different version of you and Your World. Even if you doubt yourself, do it anyway. If you practice it, it WILL become the new you. Believe the truth of who you are. Make it your new reality.

Choose first, second, third, and always, that which feels good, because without that, you’re stepping away from who you are. Above all, make this game your own .. because it is. This is your life. This is your world. You’re always at choice.