Our Mission

This is a community for those on a journey, for those seeking to understand the game of Life On Earth, the way the Law Of Attraction works, and how we can all apply that understanding to create more joyfully.

We invite you to join us on this journey.

As with many of us, you may have come to the Law Of Attraction through the teachings of Abraham by Esther Hicks. Some of you will have seen the DVD The Secret, or read the works of Napoleon Hill, Neale Donald Walsch, Jane Roberts or one of the many others who have taught these concepts. Our intent is to build on this foundational work, to take you beyond the basics, answer your questions and support you every step of the way as you learn how to create the life you want.

In this community, you will see that we are offering some new definitions and descriptions of the way things are. When we move beyond familiar wording, it is always to give you the best possible description of the true nature of what-is, and yet you should know that even these new ways of expressing things are always going to be, in part, a simplification of a Universe that is infinite.

Many belief systems exist. We all have them, and although we do not detract in any way from those that have particular beliefs, we feel it is our special journey here to explore from the basics, the Absolutes as we call them. These Absolutes sit beneath, and are independent of, all beliefs. From this perspective, we exclude nobody. From this starting point, we can explore who we are as creators in a realm of all possibilities.

Beyond describing as best we can the nature of the consciousness that we call Terah (our close friend, advisor and collaborator), we will not get into detailed descriptions of spiritual entities or other belief systems. Also on these pages you will find no date-specific predictions, or any other type of predictions, for it is our knowing that you alone create Your World and you are continually making new choices. We will leave the stories and predictions to those for whom they seem important.

The information here is from Terah and other non-physical entities whose intent is to help those of us trying to understand the laws of the Universe, the rules of the game. They collaborate with us by merging somewhat with the consciousness of those who are “channeling” their message – a process perhaps more accurately describe as translating. The message is an ancient one and yet it’s a message that many of us have forgotten. It has simplicity and power. It offers us direction as we sometimes dance and sometimes struggle with the contrast that makes up our life on earth.

We are building this community to carry these teachings to a wider audience – to those of you on the leading edge for whom the awakening process has begun – those for whom as Terah says, the alarm clock has begun to ring. Our intent is that within the resources of this club you’ll find the answers you seek and the particular support that’s just right for you. We intend for you to have whole new levels of access to information and guidance about consciously attracting into your experience, those things that you desire.