Hi there and welcome.  This community is all about answering the big questions we all come to at some point ..

Who am I?

What am I doing here?

How do I create more of what I want in this world.

If anything can be said to “begin”, it began like this.  In 1990, my life partner Eva Gregory introduced me to the teachings of Abraham through Esther Hicks.  Long story short, 18 years and 2000+ hours of Abraham later, some questions remained.  But then I came across Nina Ferrell who was also channeling Abraham (we call them Terah now to avoid any conflict with Abraham-Hicks), and we formed this community.

We set out of course to carry the message to a new and wider audience, but part of my personal motivation was to take advantage of what was now unlimited access to our friends Terah to get to a more complete understanding – to answer the questions behind the questions.

So there we were starting out in 2008 with Nina pointing me at numerous websites, and I became aware for the first time of just how many different and often contradictory stories there are. If you’ve been out on the web and you’re confused about all of this, believe me I know how you feel.  And so our particular mission became to discover what lies beneath it all – what is fundamental and independent of any particular story, because that’s where the absolute truth lies.  When we start from there, we can go in any direction we want to go.

As you might expect, the absolute truth at the core, at the Source of it all, is elegantly simple. In terms of conventional thinking, it’s somewhat radical, and it’ll likely turn upside down the way you look at the world, but it’s not complex.  And we’re not asking you to suspend logic, because once you get it, you’ll see how logical it is.  Once you get it, there’s no question you cannot answer.  It gives you the confidence to make some changes, to develop some new habits of thinking, and thereby change the world you experience.

What we found is that as you answer those big questions, what opens up is that the Law Of Attraction isn’t like one of many arbitrary laws.  It’s fundamental.  It’s a description of the way in which everything you experience, physical and non-physical, is a match to you and your chosen beliefs and expectations.  And this is what we’ll be sharing with you.

Also along the way we learned a whole lot about what channeling really is.  We learned that everybody channels.  You channel.  It’s as normal and natural as having breakfast.  It turns out that learning to channel consciously is more a function of unlearning what you can’t do than it is learning to do something new.  We’ve been teaching this now since 2008 and we’ve never had anybody through our program who hasn’t consciously channeled.  So if you’d like to open up to that, we’re here.

So once again welcome .. from Terah, from me, and Marybeth and Rachel and the others in this community.  There’s a ton of free information on this site, and we have lots of open conference calls, so I encourage you to come to these and bring your questions.  Come join us on our journey, and let’s have some fun – because as it turns out, that’s what it all about.  I look forward to our intersections. 

Robin Retallick

And now a few words from our friends, Terah.

So who or what is Terah? We are a consciousness, created by our intentions and desires, even as you are. We are the God that is you. We are your creation. You are our creation. Yours is a space/time world. We, who exist beyond that context, come into your experience because you ask us to, not with precise words, but by the shape of your desires. We are not here to dispense divine wisdom from on high, but to offer you what we see as the nature of things from our perspective. This intersection of our worlds is simply an example of the way the Law Of Attraction works.

What is the Law Of Attraction? It is the way everything flows. It is the way everything manifests. We encourage you as always, into believing, into knowing, into the certainty, that there is nothing you cannot be, do or have, and there is nothing you cannot change. You shape your world and the partners you play with. Your physical companions are, in a sense, your creations, even as you are theirs. By your beliefs, and by your expectations, you create second by second, the virtual reality that is your own personal Life On Earth.

We see each of you living within infinitely variable versions, and we revel in your experiences. Ultimately of course we know that All Is Well, and although it may seem uncaring to say so, we remain above your triumphs and disasters. We encourage you likewise, to the extent that you can, to treat those two impostors just the same. And we remind you that your purpose for being here, the reason you chose this very focused game of Life On Earth, is to experience within it, the joy of creating new and wondrous things.

Finally here, we want you to know that we have compassion for you far beyond any concept you can have of what that word can mean. When you reach out your hand, we reach out to yours and we are with you. And in that touch will come the knowing that it is simply you coming home to who you are.