The Law Of Manifestation – Are You Planning Your Future … Really? vBook Chapter 9

Let’s talk about what some call the Law Of Manifestation.  You’ve probably heard the line from the song “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” What this implies is that you may plan, but circumstances beyond your control will intervene. So what does planning achieve? Well we would say everything or nothing – it depends on whether your planning process involves truly choosing your expectations. You may write things down and put them on the wall, but it is your thoughts that rule the day.

This one has some friends who take time out each year to plan for their “best year yet” – which we commend to you all as an excellent thing to do – as long as your planning is from a Law Of Manifestation perspective which is the subject of this discussion. These friends had their plans down. Then the year actually happened, and like the year before it, it fell far short of their desires. There were serious health issues, work related issues, and someone close to them transitioned. Let’s call him Jim.

Jim’s transition happened because that was a part of their expectation set. Of course there’s a story about it. He had a family history that predicted it and so he believed he would follow the family pattern and die at a relatively young age. Be clear that nothing in any of Your Worlds happens because there are people “out there” making decisions. It is this one’s friends who believed that Jim would follow the pattern, and they intersected with the version of him (and everything else) that aligned with their choices. They created Jim. They wrote him into their screenplay. They assigned him his role in their movie. And we are not talking vague concepts here. We are telling you the literal truth of it all.

Think about your last year. You may have had your plans for the year designed and documented. Then it happened, and you discovered what your REAL plans for the year actually were. And now there’s this year. What is your declared plan for this year? And what is your REAL plan for this year? Your written plan is what you say you want, but your expectations are your real plan, and no amount of writing on the wall can buck that current.

Part of the problem with most planning methodologies is that there’s usually a lot of commitment to DOing stuff to ensure the plans come to fruition. This one was reading a quote from Zig Ziglar- one of your gurus,- who said “You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” There is much about this statement that we would agree with, but as with many of these truisms, we would add .. yes you were born to thrive (to win if you like), and participating fully in that destiny is all about that last piece – the expectations. The Law Of Manifestation tells us it’s all about getting yourself to that place of expectation. Everything else is optional. Everything else is only useful if it helps with the expectation. It is the expectation that creates.

And while we’re on this subject, we would have you understand that working at things because you have to do them – what we call struggle – is truly optional, and not recommended. You may say that if I can just push through this, then the end result will be wonderful. Can you see that any end result attained in this way will be contaminated with the struggle? If this is your expectation of the way things work, then you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of it. You are attracting it. What is occurring in Your World is all part of your REAL plan.

We are not suggesting you just quit every struggle immediately. We do suggest that to the extent that there are things unwanted, that you reset your expectations about life. We say make some real plans, and recognize for each of you individually, that in a very real sense, there’s nothing and nobody out there but you and your screenplay. Obsess less about the physical world. Practice less “reality” thinking and thereby allow yourself to step back and see it for what it is. Then those struggles will disappear, and then the things you want to do will magically become downstream flow – not just the end result, but the DOing of each and every bit of it.

Find a path to a change. It matters not whether that path is the choice of a feeling that leads to a new expectation, or a new expectation that flows to new feelings. They are just different sides of the same coin. Each of you will have a different path. And as you experience breakthroughs, and you will if you set that as your goal, rejoice in those. Obsess about those. Plan for more of them. Keep the momentum going. The better it gets, the better it gets. You are standing at the doorway to a totally new world. Push it open and step through. And if we can help, we are here of course to answer your questions.